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How You Become A Fan of...

Posted on: August 25, 2008 1:53 am

I started this as a thread on the Mets board. In one of sadurtimes' blogs he wrote about how he become a fan of his favorite teams. So I thought I would start a post/blog on it. I always find it interesting on how people became a fan of said team. Those fan who live out of area, I find the most interesting usually. So here is how I became a fan of my favs.

Mets - The first World Series I saw on TV was between the Phillies and Royals, which was also the first time I saw baseball played, and I fell in love. The following spring I signed up to play little league. It was at that time I choose the Phillies and Mike Schmidt as my favorite team and player.

But growing up in upstate New York we didn't get much Phillies news. So when the Mets brought up Darryl Strawberry in May of 1983 I started following him and when the Mets called up Dwight Gooden in April of 1984 I was hooked on the Mets and then the Mets called up Lenny Dykstra in May of 1985 and he NAILED the coffin shut! Never to look back and now and forever will bleed Orange and Blue!

Redskins - One of my best friends father growing up was a huge Jets fan, and was always asking me who my favorite football team was and always trying to get me to pick the Jets. Instead he and my friend made me hate them. I no longer hate them, but I still don't like them. The Giants were no different in my eyes. I liked the Bills but they sucked and as a kid you want a winner right!

Well it just so happens that for my 6th grade class trip we went  to Washington D.C. and seeing all the sites was one thing, but I saw a ton a fans wearing the Redskins colors. That was how I picked the Redskins. They also happened to win the Super Bowl a year later in January 1983 over the Dolphins.

Devils - I started following hockey to help fit in with my wife's father and brother. They liked the Bruins. I went with the Devils because that was the team that shared the Mets TV channel. No other reason, of course it didn't hurt watching them take their first Cup in 1995.

Pistons - I don't follow Basketball, in fact I hate it, maybe because it was always the one sport I always sucked at. My gym teacher hated the fact that I could play baseball but not able to make a simple lay-up. If I had to pick it would be the Pistons. During the 80s it was all Lakers and Celtics and when the Bad Boys entered onto the court it was all over for the Lakers and Celtics until Micheal Jordan.

College - Army and Syracuse - Army football because of my older brother being in the Army and Syracuse football becuase they were the only D1 school that made any news in upstate New York. I went to Siena college so they'll always have a soft spot, plus Siena helped get me drafted by the Dodgers. I enjoy collage basketball more then I do the NBA and for b-ball I follow Syracuse and Siena.


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How You Become A Fan of...

how I became a fan of the detroit tigers:

My Dad isn't a sports fan, however my mom is a sports fan. she took me to see game 5 of the 1984 world series in detroit. This is the first professional game I can remember going to. I was hooked and have been a fan ever since. even through the Terrible years

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How You Become A Fan of...

The Mets-  Way back when...I was in high school, the Mets made it to the World Series.  They were going up against my friends favorite team the Orioles.  He liked Boog Powell.  The Baltimore team was loaded with pitching and hitting and fielding.   The Mets had ecked their way in I think.  We were in classes and the principle announced for the whole school to go to the cafeteria to watch the World Series.  I have been hooked ever since.  Good times and bad, i have been a Mets fan.  I was living down in Florida at the time of Doc Gooden.  I would stop by this pub-eatery after work and in the men's room, there would be the news clipping from the Mets.  That was kinda cool for a fan like me.  I even got the wifey to Shea Stadium for the last game of the 2000 season.  The Mets won and we saved the fan appreciation bat.  I am sending it to my daughter in Canada.  She is a Met fan too.

The Rams- Like i was saying.. I am an older fart now...and I have been a Rams fan since the days of the Fearsome Foursome.  They never won a NFL title back then, but they sure were fun to watch, with all them one armed tackles by Deacon and Merliln.  I was a strange sort of young man in that I was at home watching the Democrats on tv out in California.  Bobby Kennedy had just finished speaking and boom.  Rosey Greer, one them foursome guys, tackled Sir Han.  The one who shot Bobby.  I stayed a Rams fan and they finally won a titlle.

LSU-  I was born in Louisiana.  After the parents moved me to New York the only football i could watch for any team was replays of ND on Sunday mornings.  There was not much coverage for college ball with the exception of maybe one game on Saturday.  Army was close to us but did not get to attend any games.  Again, the only game for them would be Army-Navy.  Bowl time, New Years Day, was the time to see teams playing.   I watched LSU in the Orange Bowl against Nebraska.  Somewhere around 1970 also.  They did not win the game, but gave the number one team in the nation all it wanted.  I have been following LSU since then.

I think the year 1970 would be what got me hooked on following teams so much.

I still got the Knicks listed, but they better change their ways soon.  LOL

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How You Become A Fan of...

Oh yeah....

College - West Virginia University (WVU Baby) 04 Grad. I have to say WVU sports are fun to watch. Recently we've been blessed with basketball and football. Between Belien's run and shoot offense with the 1-3-1 defense to Huggins taking over and making Alexander a complete stud. As for football coach Rod gave us a great couple of years he's gone now but Pat White at the helm and Devine running we should still be the favs in the Big East....Lets GO .....Mountaineers....

Country Roads..... Take Me Home ..........To The Place ........I Belong ................West Virginia ..........Country Roads..........  

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How You Become A Fan of...

I've been a sports fan since about 1987. Which, is when I was first really able to start understanding the in's and outs of sport. Unlike most people who claim to have a family member (normally Dad) as main influence of their sport team selection I didn't. My father's a sports fan that follows sport very closely but he uncommonly doesn't have a favorite team. The man introduced me to WFAN at a very young age to and from different sporting events but still to this day if you asked me who he likes more Yankees or Mets, Giants or Jets, Devils or Ranger, Knicks or Nets I couldn't tell you and the God's honest truth. I guess it's safe to say he routes for the home team whomever that is at the time. Anyway my point is my teams are all local teams but  based solely on my own choosing.

Giants- Die hard Giants fan ever since 1987. Unfortunaly for me the Giants won the superbowl the previous year but I must admit I don't remember it and it was prior to me taking up football as a hobby. My reason for become a Giants fan begins and ends with two letters....LT. If you wonder why not a Jets fan to be honest I didn't even know they exsisted during that time. It had been about 20 years since they were in the superbowl and although the Giants weren't considered the Yankees a 7 year old doesn't choose a team like them. Some may call this front running but truth be told my earliest memories of football are Joe Montana and company beating up on my team every year so I believe I get a pass.

Mets- Mets have alway been my team although baseball didn't really become a passion of mine until the early 90's. Unfortunatly I don't remember the 87 world series so I'm still waiting for a world series as a fan. The reason I was so drawn into baseball was the likes of Straw, Doc, Hernandez, Carter, Greg Jefferies (first sports jersey I ever got still have it) and my favorite HoJo. I used to think those resturants were his. Being a Mets fan hasn't always been the easiest especially living in central Jersey with so many Yanks fans but we've been looking better of recenet years and hopefully can pull one off soon.

Hockey - Truthfully don't care but I'll root for the Devils in a pinch ( home team)

Basketball - Same as hockey ( Nets as long as they stay around)

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