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NFL Picks Week #12

Posted on: November 20, 2008 6:03 am
Edited on: November 25, 2008 5:35 am
  • Week #1 record = 11-5
  • Week #2 record = 10-5
  • Week #3 record = 11-5
  • Week #4 record = 6-7
  • Week #5 record = 7-7
  • Week #6 record = 9-5
  • Week #7 record = 10-4
  • Week #8 record = 7-7
  • Week #9 record = 8-6
  • Week #10 record = 10-4
  • Week #11 record = 11-4-1
  • Week #12 record =  9-7

Overall record = 109-66-1

In what could be a defining NFL Week 12, we’ll find out where the Ravens and Eagles stand.

San Diego needs to beat the surging Colts to stay in contention. Which team is a bigger disappointment, Jacksonville or Minnesota?

Is Miami for real, or can the Pats continue their inspiring Brady-less run for the playoffs?

Can the first-place New York Jets go to Tennessee and do what no team has done this season: Beat the Titans?

Will Buffalo right itself for now with a win at Kansas City?

Finally, how good are the Cardinals, and can the Giants get by possibly without the services of Brandon Jacobs?

Thursday, Nov. 20

Steelers Over Bengals (Steelers Won)

Sunday, Nov. 23

RAVENS Over Eagles (Ravens Won)

Browns Over Texans (Texans Won)

Cowboys Over 49ers (Cowboys Won)

Buccaneers Over Lions (Buccaneers Won)

Jaguars Over Vikings (Vikings Won)

Bills Over Chiefs (Bills Won)

Patriots Over Dolphins (Patriots Won)

Bears Over Rams (Bears Won)

TITANS Over Jets (Jets Won)

Broncos Over Raiders (Raiders Won)

CARDINALS Over Giants (Giants Won)

Panthers Over Falcons (Falcons Won)

Redskins Over Seahawks (Redskins Won)

Colts Over Chargers (Colts Won)

Monday, Nov. 3

Packers Over Saints (Saints Won)

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Posted on: November 24, 2008 8:28 pm

NFL Picks Week #12

good job again!

Since: Nov 23, 2008
Posted on: November 23, 2008 9:44 pm

NFL Picks Week #12

First of all, we all know the steelers will beat the bengals.  Cinci has 1 win and Pitt has 7!!!!!!  It also already happened but we could make a pretty dang good prediction.  Ravens over Eagles Idunno.  Ray Lewis is playing hard and hitting hard.  He broke Mendenhall's Shoulder for gods sake.  Joe Flacco is playing pretty well but i dunno if he can beat the Eagles defense.  Philly has big lineman that can get to the qb quickly and drop him like a sack of potatoes.  it'll be a real challenge to see if he can get the ball to his receivers fast enough.  Obviously the browns over the Texans.  The Texans stink, have stunk, and always will stink.  theres just no escaping it.  The Browns used to be pretty awful too but when the got Edwards, Quinn and Anderson, Shawn Rogers, and that big o line theyve improved.  Not much more to say about cowboys and 49ers.  its just a huge mismatch.  Of course the Bucs over the Lions.  Detroit doesn't have any wins!  Jeff Garcia will look too continue the Lion's trend and I can garuantee he will succeed.  Not so sure about Jags over Vikings. Adrian Peterson? hes the no.1 rb in probably all the fantasy leagues.  The Vikings have some serious skill, but the Jags have an incredible secondary.  Rashean Mathis always fills it up on even the best Quarterbacks.  Bills over Chiefs...YEP!  Marshawn Lynch is unstoppable!  Trent Edwards is almost perfect, and theyve got some great recievers.  The chiefs just suck. not much else to say.  Patriots over dolphins.....CORRECT!!!  Matt Cassel is probably the best backup qb ive ever seen.  he can go deep throw short or call his own number and scramble out of the pocket.  of course hes not as good as Tom Brady, but hes pretty dang good.  Yes the dolphins have improved some from last year with the addition of Pennington and the strong play of porter, but they still only won 1 game last year and its pretty hard to come out that kind of ditch.Im not sure about the Bears over the Rams.  I mean their two pretty forgettable teams.  The Bears though have a great defense which is something the Rams dont have.  Chicago has Urlacher, and thats a huge bonus.  The Rams have absolutely nobody that cann fill it up, get in the backfield, or intercept the ball with any cosistency.  I am smellin an upset... Jets over Titans.  Brett Favre is unstoppable! hes got so many wepons like Justin McCareins, and Jericho Cotchery.  The Jets D is pretty much breaking down their opponent every game  from the Linebackers, the D lineman, and the defensive backs.  Yes the Titans have the Running backs, the quaterback, the recievers, and the defense to destroy any team the opposes them but all great teams have to lose at some point and I think the Jets are the second most talented team in the Nfl behing the Jets, and they will upset the Titans.  The Broncos and the Raiders both have horrible defenses, but Denver has Forte and Pittman in the backfield and Cutler taking the snaps.  Look for the Broncos offense to dominate the Raiders.  The Cardinals and the Giants are two pretty evenly matched teams.  Kurt Warner is in the Top Ten qb's in the NFL, and he has plenty of wepons in Larry Fitzgerald and Anquain Boldin.  and With Tim Hightower in the backfield, they could have an excellent game.  On the other hand, Eli Manning seems like a machine inside the pocket.  He has a very quick release to his recievers and he has great backs in backfield to back him up.  This will be a very hardfought game, but I will agree and go with the cardinals.  Im gonna have to disagree and choose the Flacons in this one.  Matt Ryan is playing amazing and is seemingly a shoo in for ROTY.  But the real story here is MICHAEL TURNER.  Arguably the best back in the NFL right now, Turner is a huge threat when he runs to the outside.  his strength gets him the short gains, and his speed gets him the long gallops.  yes the Panthers have a great D, but I think the duo of Turner and Ryan will beat Carolina.  Redskins over Seahawks.....Again two pretty forgettable teams.  When Seattle lost Alexander to Wahington though, their season pretty much went down the crapper.  Clinton Portis is also arguably the best back in the Nfl right now, and he occasionally shares the carries Shaun Alexander.  Look for Washington to beat Seattle with Campbell in and out of the pocket and These two premiere backs.  We cannot forget about the Redskins D though as they have also played extremely well all year.  Colts over Chargers.....Yeah.  Peyton Manning is just too good. he hasnt thrown a pick in his last 7 TD passes.  Thats impressive even for Manning.  Josheph Addai also has some serious speed.  he can slip through tackles like its nobodys business.  Then youve got Marvin Harrison who is still great but is becoming a falling star, and Wayne who is unstoppable and will remain unstoppable for many years to come.  And the Chargers defense has been horrible ever since they lost Merriman.  They are slowly climbing back up, but it wont be in time for week 12.  Packers over Saints....I gotta agree.  Aaron Rodgers is playing with such confidence, he could be ina couple years the next Brett Favre (exaggerating of course).  but He is still playing great.  hes got plenty of deep threats in his receivers and a great defense to cover for while hes off the field with Al Harris, and many more.  Drew Brees is good at pumping up his team, but that might be all hes been good for.  Hes not throwing a good amount of touchdown passes, and Reggie Bush isnt helping either.  David Patten is still playing badly, not getting many targets or touchdowns.  the Pack should give New Orleans a nice wake up call.  Thats it for my analysis on your picks.  Nice Job Dude!!!!!!!

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