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The Wilpon Era.

Posted on: February 5, 2009 6:03 am

Good, not great …And that’s ok with them. The sad truth of the Mets ball club right now is that with these owners, as long as they do enough to keep people coming into Citi Field, they don’t care about winning championships. If we had an owner in the mold of George Steinbrenner, Manny Ramirez would already be a Met. The Mets could make themselves the unquestioned best team in the National League if they were to do one more thing, and that’s signing Manny Ramirez. Unfortunately for Mets fans our beloved owners don’t care about being the best, they just care about being good enough.

It’s hard to call Fred and Jeff Wilpon cheap when the Mets will have the highest payroll in the NL, but it’s easier once you look uptown and see the other New York team spending 70 million more dollars. If you’re a Mets fan it probably made your stomach turn to see Jeff Wilpon blame Omar Minaya for not wanting Manny Ramirez, when you know full well that Minaya would sign Ramirez tomorrow if given the go ahead from Fred and Jeff. If it isn’t a money issue, then we have to question whether or not Minaya actually still has full authority when it comes to baseball related moves, because his affinity for Ramirez has never been a secret.

It is true that the Mets biggest weakness last year was their bullpen, and it has been greatly improved. That cannot be argued. What can be argued is will the offense be as good as it was last year. Last season the Mets offense scored enough runs to win the division, but it took a renaissance of sorts from an aging slugger. If Carlos Delgado reverts back to his 2007 performance the Mets lineup is in for a world of trouble. It’s hard to go into a season with championship aspirations with a questionable platoon in left field and a total black hole at second base. If you compound that with a sub par season from Delgado you could be looking at another disappointing finish. All because the Wilpon’s did not want to spend the extra cash to go for a championship.

There’s a serious offense problem that has spanned two Septembers and if the Mets don’t fix it get ready for more of the same.

I don’t know about the rest of you but the thought that a player the caliber of Manny Ramirez is out there, and the Mets aren’t interested, makes me almost physically ill. It’s pure insanity to think the Mets can’t raise their payroll when they’re going to be making more money than they ever have before. If the Madoff scheme has really cost the Wilpons so much that it becomes a detriment to the on field product they should sell their share in the team or at the very least say so.

If you can afford to make it to Citi Field this season I want you to add up how much money you’ve spent. On your ticket, on your souvenirs, on your beer and your food. Add it all up while you watch Fernando Tatis play left field and Luis Castillo play second base. Add it up while you think about the three superstars the other team in our city signed this off-season. Add it up when you think about the twenty million dollars a year the Wilpons will get from Citi Bank and the money they’ll save on revenue sharing because of the new park. Add it all up and try not to make yourself ill while thinking about what could have been.

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Posted on: April 20, 2009 8:51 pm

The Wilpon Era.


1. Los Angeles (LW --) Week 2 record (7-0)

This team demolished the and the at home, en route to a 6-0 home record to begin the season.  All the attention is on , but fantasy owners know that had a monster week including a monster two home run game Sunday.  This team's offense has been scary, and they lead the National League in both Runs (82) and Runs allowed (40)

2. Florida (LW --) Week 2 record (7-0)

The mainstream media is quick to point out that the Marlins 11-1 record comes with an asterisk of beating the 6 times, but this team has also swept the Atlanta and lost only once to the .  Next week starts off good for the fish with a series against the buccos, but toughens up quickly with New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

3. San Diego (LW --) Week 2 record (5-2)

When this team swept the Giants last week, I thought that was a nice way to start the season, but reality is to hit them in the face in New York.  I was wrong.  This team has travelled across the country and smacked both the defending champs and the (in many worlds) NL east favorites, the Mets around.  Bullpen is still shaky, but looks like he's the real deal, with a perfect save percentage.

4. St. Louis (LW --) Week 2 record (3-3)

Tony LaRussa fans aren't surprised by their hot start, but as a midwest teams (despite the history) they are often overlooked, as is he.  The patchwork infield, rotation, and just about everything else on this team just seems to work.  continues to absolutely dominate.  The series with the was one to keep an eye on, and we're lucky enough to have the same two go at it next week in the Lou.

5. Chicago Cubs (LW --) Week 2 record (3-2)

' walk-off HR was huge for a team that has achieved essentially what folks expected from them, in a weak division.  Still, they're tied for first with the Cardinals and their schedule is favorable, with series against the Natty and Arizona.  The +10 differential (vs St. Louis +21) is the big reason why they're here.

6. New York Mets (LW --) Week 2 record (3-3 )

The bullpen certainly looks better, but this team really needs some help offensively.  When you've scored exactly 1 more run this season than the lowly Nationals, you have some work to do.  leads this team in batting average, which is not a good sign.  This team will come around, but from the looks of it, Citi field will deflate many of their slugger's numbers.

7. Philadelphia (LW --) Week 2 record (2-3)

Having Harry Kalas pass away gives them a bit of slack, along with facing a hot San Diego team.  With ' walkoff HR, I expect this team to get on a roll and start playing like defending champs.  is going oppo which, to Philles fans, is a sight for sore eyes.

8. Cincinnati (LW --) Week 2 record  (4-2)

Have to love what you've seen from their pitching staff, with good starts from , Edison Volquez, and .  The young hitting nucleus of and will carry them throughout the season.  Underappreciated pickup in , who has produced offensively everywhere he's been.  Would love to see more consistency from this team, but that's to be expected with a young squad.

9. Pittsburgh (LW --) Week 2 record (3-3)

How about them bucs?  Nice to see them looking decent for the time being.  That pitching staff (pinch me if you've heard this for a number of years) looks like it could develop into one of the league's best.  Nearly swept the slumping Braves, but get a real taste of competition when they face our # 2 team and #3 team.

10. Atlanta Braves (LW --) Week 2 record (1-5)

This ranking is more reflective of how poorly they played this week than it is their entire body of work.  A 6-6 record isn't bad in such a tough division, but when being swept by the Marlins and nearly swept by the aforementioned Pirates, they do not get a pass.  This team is filled with talent and this is supposed to be the year they compete again, but their offense must get it going.  The return of should help matters, but I don't expect him to be healthy for long stretches of time.

11. Colorado Rockies (LW --) Week 2 record (1-4)

This team is in need of an identity and some home cooking (and maybe another start).  Every game of theirs was on the road this week, including an embarrassment of a series against the Dodgers.  They will be on the road some more next week with a rematch of the 07 NLCS, and they've fared well against the D'Backs of late.  They have another shot at the Dodgers next week, but this time after spending the night in their own beds.

12. Milwaukee (LW --) Week 2 record (2-4)

Tough week for this team with a trip to New York and a scrappy Reds team that came to Miller Park with something to prove.  The offense is there, but the pitching is suspect at best.  has alternated good starts, but after that the rotation has been dissapointing.  Rumors they might go after will quickly fizzle after this team sinks lower in the central.  Help is on the way, however, with series against Arizona, Pittsburgh, and Houston.

13. Houston (LW --) Week 2 record (3-3)

Much better showing this week than in week 1, a series win over the surprising Pirates.  Somehow Cecil Cooper has earned an extension, but this team seems to be a shell of itself from the dominance in the middle of this decade.  Michael Bourne is a pleasure to watch in center.

14. Arizona (LW --) Week 2 record (2-4)

Only one team has a worse offense than the DBacks, and they just finished beating them 2 of 3 in a series.  This team was nearly no-hit by the 57 year-old .  They strike out way too much and can't deliver any timely hitting so far.  I don't think this team will stay down here for the majority of the season, but when you go to SF and only score 2 runs in 3 games, you have concerns. 

15. San Francisco Giants (LW --) Week 2 record (2-4)

Another year, another miserable Giants offense.  Wholloped in LA including losses of 7-2 and 11-1, they bounced back with stellar performances on the mound against Arizona.  They have an opportunity to avenge two road sweeps when they face the Padres and Dodgers in the next few days.  looks like his mechanics are a back, and that's a great sign for all fans of baseball.

16. Washington Nationals (LW --) Week 2 record (1-4)

Absolutley dreadful.  Manny Acta says he's going to blow up the bullpen and he should before the Nats brass decide to hand him his walking papers.



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Posted on: April 18, 2009 10:40 pm

The Wilpon Era.

Well written! I certainly agree that the Willpon era has left something to be desired, but I believe that for totally different reasons.

What kills me about the Wilpons is that no matter who is the GM or the Manager, this team has never been able to get out of his way. Since my first year as a Met fan in 1985 this team has invented ways to get to the brink of winning only to break your spirit in the end. Through the last 24 years the one constant has been the Wilpons who just spent a gagillion dollars on a new stadium the pays honor to the wrong team. That right there shows that the ineptitude that has characterized this team has trickled down from the top the whole time.

The only shining moment in 24 years has been 1986. The best team in MLB tried to piss it away, but they got lucky enough to play Sox and the Met's ineptitude could not defeat the curse of the Bambino. During this time good old Kieth was busy introducing two of the games best young players to the joys of coke. Within a couple more years Gooden (who was dominating like Sandy and Gibson for his first three year) ended up in rehab and a shell of his former self. Staw was doomed to streaks of greatness when contract negotiations heated. This was followed up by 10 years of the worst the worst signings in baseball history. After years of being pimp-slapped by the Braves we finally get to the big dance only to be smacked by the Yankmees (just turn the knife a little to the left please). Finally we get to 2006, and despite losing to one of the most pathetic championship teams ever we think we have a young team poised to be a dynasty. Then the Marlins, yes the MARLINS, punt out of the post season on the last day of the season two years in a row (finish the job and turn the knife to the right now).

Sorry, that rant came out of no where :-)

As far as Manny goes, the only reason I would have considered signing him is because he was willing to sign a one-year deal. There is a reason that Cleveland let him go and Boston tried trading him almost every off season after they signed him. This guy is a cancer that has little or no respect for the game or  the team that pays his massive check. Forget about his abhorrent behavior last season because that was not the first time that everything did not go to poor Manny's liking, causing him to pack it in for the year. The only reason he played the roll of team leader for the dodgers last year was is hope to cash in, and if he did he would be coasting toward retirement while pretending to be injured.

Just look at his stats over his career and tell me if he has earned his HUGE salary more than half those seasons? There were plenty of seasons where his production was no where near what it should have been for "the best right handed hitter of this generation" especially when being surrounded by a solid offense and a good hitter's park.

I really do not want the Mets to start building a team George's way. Besides an utter miracle in 1978, the only way the Yankmees ever won was when George got suspended, and someone with baseball knowledge built a team instead of a collection of over priced, former stars.


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The Wilpon Era.

Great post Tartans. Great writing.

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Posted on: February 11, 2009 12:28 am

The Wilpon Era.

As always, TARTANS, great post, well written.

I completely agree. They seem to be satisfied with "competitive" rather than "Dominant"

Personally, I've never been "unhappy" with the ownership. They've gone and gotten Beltran, Delgado, Santana, & Pedro, which have all been considered big moves at the time. Now they've gone and gotten k-rod and Putz. But they've essentially just replaced Wagner with K-Rod and Putz is their only major addition this offseason. (rotation is the same, with more question marks now. Maine back to form? 5th starter? Good Ollie or Bad Ollie, Pelfrey the real deal? Last year everyone ASSUMED Main and Ollie would put up about 15 wins each. Now what do we expect from them?)

Last season, some time in August I think, I was posting about the Mets OFFENSE not being clutch, or letting up after scoring early, letting bad teams hang around, not putting the finishing touches on the games. The BP CERTAINLY cost them wins, but I argued that the bullpen might have been under less pressure if they had a 6 run lead like they should have, rather than missing out on 3rd base runners with no outs....on and on I went about it.

People BLASTED me for it! I think many of them would be the ones begging for Manny now. I'd LOVE him. If they don't get Manny....fine. But make another move. Abreu? Orlando Hudson? something to make us better. We need a spark, a guy to keep the offense chugging. The Phils have guys like that. The Mets don't. I think the end results last season were a combination of all the things I mention.

Get Manny. Get SOMETHING else, something solid, something helpful. Tatis/Murphy? Sure, fine, if we get Hudson, I'd be ok with that. Castillo? Sure, fine. I'd be ok with that, if we got Manny, or SOME other kind of pop in the lineup.


s-Murphy/Schneider....IF Castillo gets back to form, might not be terrible, IF Church comes back to what we saw in April 2008, should make the bottom of the order better, IF Delgado is the 2nd half Delgado, or even just more consistant through the season, Beltran and Wright will get more pitches, etc etc etc.

Who knows what we will get out of Tatis and Murphy. SURE, if we're optimists, we'll get a great clutch professional hitter platoon in LF, but really? Do we know what either will give? Abreu is suspect in the field, unless Citifield has like 10" padding on the OF walls, but he's a solid hitter. (A little overrated, in my opinion, but he WOULD make the club better, making Murphy and Tatis more valuable off the bench, etc)

Thanks for reading my rant. I'm ITCHING for BBall season to start. I just watched Ken Burns baseball (5th inning I think) and now I'm all jazzed up.



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The Wilpon Era.


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