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Consensus, Stats, and Top LOCKers for March 7

Posted on: March 7, 2011 2:17 pm
Edited on: March 7, 2011 6:32 pm

Consensus, Stats, and Top LOCKers for March 7 

Overall Record for : N/A
Overall record to date:  N/A

The LOCK records below are updated through Sunday's results for the LOCK Thread "season", which was tracked by east coast bias and killtee from mid-December to today.

TOP LOCKERS PLAYS FOR MONDAY (Standings are updated through Sunday):

Top LOCKers need to be .500 or better and have to have at least 5 LOCKS made to be in the LOCK Standings.  If you are not .500 or better with at least 5 LOCKS made, you did not qualify to be at the top of the Standings yet.

Current LOCK God(s)
ISUG04 (6-1) -
GBFAN (12-5) - 

LOCK Elite (60% or better, at least 5 LOCKS made AND more than 1 game over .500):
vinceferragamo (5-1) - 

J12 (4-1) - 
LawDawg72 (5-2) - 

dbronco (4-2) - 
coldone (12-7) - 
spartanram (8-5) -
NEGRIL JA. (6-4-1) -

LOCK All-Stars (Between 51% and 59% at least 5 LOCKS made AND more than 1 game over .500 but also showing a profit after juice is factored into the equation):
minn930 (17-12) - 
SOCCER 1OCKER (14-10-1) -
USC Holmey (7-5-1) -  
redbandit (8-6) - 
LFYT = "LOCK For Your Team"
LAYT = "LOCK Against Your Team"

Other top LOCKers without the minimum 5 LOCKS:

Other Notables and those with 12 or more LOCKS made:

BrooklynNY09 (21-19-2)  (Wow!  42 LOCKS!)  - T.B. Lightning (-125)
CUTTER260 (13-15) - 
$$$maker (11-11-1)  -
TopCatDawg (7-12-1) -
NCAA GURU (8-9-2) -
StraightWager (9-8) -
PennState2011 (6-9-1) -
cmc16211 (6-7) -
docksquad (6-7) -
ReggieDunlop (5-7) -

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Since: Aug 19, 2006
Posted on: March 7, 2011 3:46 pm

Consensus, Stats, and Top LOCKers for March 7

I am going to go ahead and lock my DOG O THE DAY...

VCU +4.5 over OD LOCK

This is a rivalry game and I like to take the dogs
VCU needs this game more than OD.  OD is probably in the tourney at large anyways.
VCU socres more pts, shoots better in 3's and FTS.
As some of you know from before, I think guard play is a huge factor in college.  With that said VCU has 3 GOOD guards who can all shoot and average more that double digits
VCU has 4 players that average over double digits.

Ad the ML to a parlay to juice it up!

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Posted on: March 7, 2011 3:42 pm

Consensus, Stats, and Top LOCKers for March 7

good stuff holmey, thanks for this

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Posted on: March 7, 2011 2:30 pm

Consensus, Stats, and Top LOCKers for March 7

OK you guys.  I got a Blog page up with the Top LOCKer Standings etc.  I will add the LOCKS from the Top LOCKers as they come in and when I can.

Here is a note -  For whatever reason, the "Top LOCKers" are considerably fewer than in years past.  In fact, based on past parameters, they are almost non-existent.  I had to lower the parameters for making the Top LOCKers list by quite a bit.  You can look at the last blog post I made last year to see what last year's parameters were and how they compare to this year's.

For this year, we have the "LOCK God(s)" category, just like last year.

Then we have the Top LOCKers, and the parameters for that are as follows:
- 60% or better
- At least 5 LOCKS made
- At least 2 games over .500 (mainly because I didn't think people who are 3-2 should eb included in the "Top LOCKers")

After that, we have "LOCK All-Stars" with these paramters:
- Over .500
- At least 5 LOCKS made.
- At least 2 games over .500
- Also have to show a profit after juice is factored in (mainly because someone who may be 21-19-2, for instance, and is losing money overall because of juice should not be fatured as an All-Star).

After that I had to include some other people because the list would be pretty short so I just put a lot of the regulars who seem to have made a lot of LOCKS here just to het their names on the board.  These results for this year are a little eye-opening especially when you compare them with the Blog post from my last one from 2010. 

Also please keep in mind that I am not purposely targeting or not including anyone on the Blog posts.  I am just providing information and trying to help you guys make betting decisions.  If you are interested as to what your LOCK record is at this point, please just ask and I will post it here for you.  If you don't want it out in the open, please make sure you want it in a PM response.

Thanks everyone.

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