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Pac 10 Predictions: Week 9

Posted on: October 22, 2008 9:08 pm
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UCLA at Cal: Slick Rick is up to his old tricks. The Bruins have been a lot more competitive in recent weeks, and they've won a few nail-biters. Cal seems easy to figure out, they can score with the best of them but they seem to lack the mental toughness to succeed on the road. Luckily, this one is at home. Cal, 30-20. Notre Dame at Washington: Charlie Weiss v. Tyrone Willingham, Part 2. Weiss and the Irish rolled last time, 36-17, and with all the turmoil on Montlake, the Irish need only show up to match that winning margin on 3 years ago. Notre Dame, 41-13. Oregon at Arizona State: Both teams had a week off to lick both their literal and figurative wounds. Justin Roper may return for the Ducks. Health doesn't seem to be the problem for the Devils, they just can't run the ball and can't score. Oregon, 27-14. USC at Arizona: Will the Trojans fall victim to another road night game? This should be a great battle between the conference's best offense in the Wildcats (113 points scored last 3 games) and the conference's best defense in USC (10 points allowed last 3 games). The key will be whether the Trojans can effectively pressure Willie Tuitama, who's O-line has been susceptible to the pass rush. USC, 28-20.


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Posted on: October 26, 2008 2:22 pm

Pac 10 Predictions: Week 9

predictions from week 9: Fresh LA 4-0, zbarms 4-0, duckbill 4-0, roundy 4-0, husky 4-0, jcoug 3-1.

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Posted on: October 23, 2008 3:42 pm

Pac 10 Predictions: Week 9

I don't know what happened on my other entry, but here are my predictions:

UCLA 20 at Cal 31

Notre Dame 34 at Wahington 24

Oregon 30 at Arizona State 24

USC 44 at Arizona 20


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Posted on: October 23, 2008 3:38 pm
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Pac 10 Predictions: Week 9

My top prediction is that the Cougars won't lose this week or give up 60 points - unless that scrimmage with the intramural champs goes really poorly...

  1. UCLA @ Cal - Bears should win this by a bunch. UCLA - I wonder if their marketing department has any other great campaigns left in them...that Fresno State one was awesome. This game shouldn't be close, but I am guessing it will be a little closer than most people think. Cal 38 - UCLA 34
  2. Notre Dame @ Washington - If Jake Locker wasn't hurt I would pick the Huskies by 7. I think that the Irish are overrated. Either way this is a home game against a storied opponent. I think the pups step it up and beat the Irish. UW 28 - ND 27
  3. Oregon @ Arizona State - I think that this will be another high scoring affair. Rudy Carpenter isn't lying on his back all day and thus he will be dangerous and pick apart the Ducks Secondary. The stable of Ducks Runningbacks and backup QBs won't let the Ducks fold and pulls out a close win in the closing seconds. UO 42 - ASU 38
  4. USC @ Arizona - The Trojans come out with their A game and beat Tuitama and a tough Wildcat team in a game that isn't close from the beginning. USC 47 - UA 17

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Posted on: October 23, 2008 12:26 pm

Pac 10 Predictions: Week 9

UCLA @ Cal: The Bears should stomp all over the Bruins in this one, but they haven't been consistent all week, with Riley or Longshore at QB. Best is back and it shouldn't be that hard to just hand him the ball. UCLA has been up and down too, but their upside is well below Cal's. If Cal has it's head on straight this shouldn't even be close.  Cal 31 UCLA 20

 Notre Dame @ Washington :The Irish have flirted with looking like a Top 25 team this season, and with their reputation a bowl game is in reach so they'll pour it on the Huskies. Notre Dame 38 Washington 13

Oregon @ Arizona State: The hard part of the season starts for the Ducks with this game with the Sun Devils on the road. No idea on who the QB is going to be, but as important as that is, it really has not been the biggest problem for Oregon. The problem with the Ducks has been on the defensive side. The Ducks D stands up and shuts the Sun Devils down. Oregon 27 Arizona St  23

USC @ Arizona: This is the Pac-10 game of the week. The Trojans haven't even had to work up a sweat in their games since the Beavers upset them, but they might have to work a bit this time. Tuitama is a quality QB, and the Wildcats can run the ball too. Can Arizona do anything against Sanchez and Co? If USC doesn't get one or two of the big plays they have recently, Arizona has a chance. USC 31 Arizona 23


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Posted on: October 23, 2008 10:37 am

Pac 10 Predictions: Week 9

Fresh LA, I stand corrected.

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Pac 10 Predictions: Week 9

UCLA @ Cal - Tedford says he expects Best to play this weekend. If he does this will be no contest. Heck, UCLA is the only Pac-10 team NOT to hang 60 on WSU. Plus Cal is at home. Cal 35-24

Notre Dame @ Washington - Oh how I would love for UW to pull this one out, and I would not be surprised if it happened. Being a realist though, without Locker this is not a competitive team. The Irish are not as good as everyone would have you believe. They struggled against Stanford and had their hats handed to them by Michigan St. They will win this game though. Notre Dame 28-17

Oregon @Arizona St. - This is the toughest game to call this week. Will the Ducks have Roper or not. All indications are yes, he is healthy just trying to win his job back. I think that Belotti is pulling a Shanahan, Roper is clearly the best QB on their roster. The only thing that makes me think Sun Devils is that they are at home. But, not enough to go out on a wire and pick them. Oregon 28-27

USC @ Arizona - Do not expect the Trojans to look past this game. The have already had their "gotcha" game this season. They are going to put an old fashioned beat down on the Wildcats. Too fast, and too many athletes. The 'cats will keep it close early, but Sanchez et al will sizzle late. USC 45-20

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Posted on: October 23, 2008 1:34 am

Pac 10 Predictions: Week 9

UCLA - Cal

Best game of the week, imo.  Bruins getting better as the season goes on, but still not good enough to hang with the best.  Cal should win this one, but they really need to figure out their quarterback situation. If they can just stick with one QB, they shuold be excellent, but this switching back and forth and with the QB playing while looking over his shoulder is not good for the team.

Cal 34 UCLA 23

ND - Washington

Will Washington win a game this season?  Oh wait, they get to play Wash ST later.  Ok, maybe one win for them.  No Jake Locker, no wins.

ND 38 Washington 10

Oregon - AZ State

AZ State's offense has looked horrible, and so has Oregon's without a decent QB.  If Roper is back, this game should be decisive.  Without Roper, the Ducks struggle but still win.

Roper: Oregon 40 AZ State 16    no Roper: Oregon 24 AZ State 23

USC - Arizona

This is our toughest game of the season, I predicted this before the season, now it's here and is looking difficult.  Zona is coming off a big win against Cal, and they get to play the Trojans at home, where they have been great, and the Trojans usually slip up on the road, if at all.  I'm worried about this one, but not too much. 

And husky, the Wildcats have the Pac10's best offense?  Check again.  USC is 8th in the country in scoring, and Arizona 9th. 

USC 41 Arizona 21

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