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With a break in Sched, it's time to Vent.

Posted on: April 22, 2010 5:05 am
Ok. So the Orioles come into their first off-day since Opening Day with a 2-14 record. Worst in the majors. The O's are getting little to no runs in each game, and that includes games against pitchers like Justin Vargas and Dana Eveland. It's absoutely terrible and I for one am fed up with the way Trembley is running this team.

So, after the M's swept up last night, Trembley decided it was time to vent. Well Tremb, your not the only one.

"I've been in a position where I'm a really nice fella and I'll cover. I'll get questions point blank and I feel like I'm a damn presidential press secretary sometimes instead of telling it what is it. I have to smooth it over," Trembley said. "I'm not smoothing it over anymore."

Really Dave? Maybe this should have started, oh say, a frikin week ago. Teams go through dry streaks. You know, a maybe 5 game period of bad hitting or bad pitching, but not like this. The hitting has been there for 3 games so far that I've seen, and in those games the O's are 2-1. This isn't just any dry streak, its a slump in the middle of the desert. So Dave, Stop acting like such a nice guy. Do that when we are winning, this isn't little leagues. In fact, it's probably the farthest from the Little Leagues considering we are in the hardest damn division in baseball. Get your ass in gear, and motivate these guys.

"The whole thing has gone totally different from what we want. It hasn't been acceptable," Trembley said. "I'm very patient but I will tell you the truth. I didn't have anyone come up to me afterward and disagree with what I said."

Of course it's far from what we want. What we want is to be within striking distance of .500 baseball. What we want is some hits to support these great outings by our pitchers, and they get screwed because they give up 2 or 3 in a game. At the rate we are going, Guthrie and Millwood will become the first 20 game losers to ever have ERA's under 4. I too am a patient person, I kind of just laughed off the first 10 losses, now it's getting very, very annoying. I mean, you have 27 outs to work with. In those 27 outs, you can only manage 1 run and a handful of hits?

Look, unless we go out in this series against Boston and New York that includes 12 games against them total and we become a wrecking ball, I seriously believe it's in MacPhails best judgement to fire Trembley, and fire Crowley. I personally blame them for this start.

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