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The Greatest Of All Time Team Needs Cornerbacks

Posted on: April 11, 2008 10:05 am

Ok, here is the deal, every Friday I will post a new Blog in which we will choose the greatest player ever at a certain position. Until the next position is posted CBS members may vote for who they think the greatest ever is, at the end of the voting I will calculate every ones votes and will add that player to The Greatest Team Ever. I hope lots of you participate because I think this could be fun. I will try to post a running tally in a comment every day.

13th Position- Cornerbacks     Vote for the best Cornerbacks of all time!! Please post your vote in a comment, if you wish to give some insight on your choices feel free to do so. Please start your post with the players names, and please make sure that you are naming someone who played the positions being voted on for that week, as those are the only votes that will count..........So who are our Cornerbacks?

Please remember to rate this blog entry, and all comments as I appear to be losing value points for doing this blog, I happen to believe a lot of you enjoy it however, so I will continue even though I may be a rookie by the time it is over!


QB -

RB -

FB-                     Jim Brown                          Cleveland Browns                    29 votes                 753+ views




LT-                     Anthony Munoz                 Cincinnati Bengals                     42 votes                 933+ views

LG-                     John Hannah                     New England Patriots                18 votes                 927+ views
( Steve Hutchenson ) My Choice              

C-                        Mike Webster                    Pittsburgh Steelers                   46 votes               4122+  views

RG-                     Bruce Matthews                Houston Oilers                            14 votes                 927+ views

RT-                     Forrest Gregg                     Green Bay Packers                      7 votes                 933+ views
( Walter Jones ) My Choice

K-                       Adam Vinatieri                  New England Patriots                21 votes              1165+ views

P-                       Ray Guy                               Oakland Raiders                         34 votes                809+ views
( Sammy Baugh ) My Choice

PR-                     Devin Hester                      Chicago Bears                             26 votes              1213+ views
( Brian Mitchell ) My Choice

KR-                     Gale Sayers                         Chicago Bears                            24 votes              1213+ views

ST1-                   Steve Tasker                       Buffalo Bills                                 28 votes               879+ views 

ST2-                    Bill Bates                              Dallas Cowboys                            7 votes              879+ views



DL1-                    Joe Greene                          Pittsburgh Steelers                  26 votes              1361+ views

DL2-                    Alan Page                             Minnesota Vikings                    16 votes              1361+ views
( Jerome Brown ) My Choice


MLB-                  Dick Butkus                           Chicago Bears                            24 votes             1496+ views
( Jack Lambert ) My Choice




FS-                       Ronnie Lott                            San Francisco 49ers                37 votes                763+ views

SS-                       Ken Houston                         Houston Oilers                           13 votes                763+ views

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Since: Nov 16, 2007
Posted on: April 11, 2008 7:19 pm

The Greatest Of All Time Team Needs Cornerbacks

This is a deep position. Stats don't carry much weight here. The really good corners often don't have the gaudiest stats as opponents make it a point to throw away from them.I considered opponent's comments as much as anything for status. My criteria puts much more on a guy retired or in the twilight of a long career. Current emotion tends to cloud perspective

#1 - Willie Brown (Oak) - HOF, He is the greatest defender ever to wear the silver and black and that is saying a lot! He was the one that the phrase "Shut Down Corner" was coined. Absolutely the best corner ever. Late in his life Eddie Robinson said, "Willie was the greatest defensive player I ever coached at Grambling". That was back in the day when the Tigers got many of the big-time southern black players.
#2 - Mel Blount (Pitt) - HOF, Lanky enforcer for the Steel Curtain backfield. The unquestioned leader of Pittsburgh's secondary. Blount combined great instincts with a tremendous work ethic. His bald head and fierce demeanor made him a feared corner with opposing wideouts.
#3 - Mel Renfro (Dallas) - HOF, He, not Deion, is the Cowboys greatest corner. Former All-Pro WR Gene Washington once told me Mel was the best defender he faced hands down. That is saying a lot as he went against HOFer #37 Jimmy Johnson every day in practice.
#4 - Sammy Baugh (Washington) - HOF, All-time leader in Ints when he retired. Was an all-star DB the first 8-9 years of his career. Was considered the best Punter, DB, QB of his day and the first great at the first two positions.
#5 - Mike Haynes (NE/Oak) - Hof, Not the best stats, but as smooth as butter. Former Sun Devil, Patriot, and Raider was a natural who flowed with the greatest of ease. Teams avoided Mike because he was tall, great instincts, never fooled, and always in position.
#6 - Darrell Green (Washington) - Fast! Caught Tony Dorsett from behind as a rookie on MNF. Only player I know of to ever do that in Dorsett's career. Great for close to 20 years, was always ready on game day.
#7 - Deion Sanders (Atl/SF/Dall/WA) - If he could tackle he might be in the top 3. Prime Time could talk as good a game as he could play. Made wearing #2 a statement amoung NCAA CB's.
#8 - Jimmie Johnson (SF) - HOF, Former Bruin was a quiet killer on the field. Once made the Pro-Bowl with casts on both arms (1973?). Incredibly, made a pick in spite of those casts. Great technician.
#9 - Jack Christenson (Det) - HOF, was the NFL's premier corner in the 50's. Was feared for many years in the black-n-blue division.
#10 - Herb Adderley (GB) - HOF, Lombardi thought him to be the finest CB in the NFL in the 60's.
#11 - Lem Barney (Det) - HOF, second only to Deion as a threat to return a pick for a TD.
#12 - Lester Hayes (Oak) - Teamed with Mike Haynes to form the greatest CB duo in NFL history. Played LB at Texas A&M, was very physical with a nose for the ball. Had 13 picks one season. Stickum was outlawed because of him; If he touched a ball, it was ruined as the tar was too thick to come off.
#13 - Champ Bailey - I know he is still active but already has a great career and will probably move up. Marvelous athlete beginning with  his days at Georgia.
#14 - Ken Riley (Cin) - Perhaps the most underrated CB ever. Numerous Pro Bowls but let his playing do his talking. Extremely efficient, he did everything very well. Lynn Swann, HOF,  said he may have been the toughest defender he faced.
#15 - Rod Woodson (Pitt, etc) - Would probably rate higher but spent several years at safety. Former Boilermaker was a consummate professional for well over a decade. Teams avoided throwing against Rod Woodson.
#16 - Bob Jeter (GB) - Former Hawkeye starred in Canada before heading to NFL. Multiple All-Star games. Before the Oakland duo, he and Adderly were the greatest CB combo in league history.
#17 - Everson Walls (Dallas) - Led league in picks as a rookie. Only time he led the league as teams knew better after that. One of Tom Landry's favorite players.
#18 - Emmitt Thomas (KC) - HOF, aside from Willie Brown, the best CB in the AFL. I rated Emmitt 18th and he also wore #18. Great cover corner for Hank Stram's Chiefs.
#19 - Pat Fischer - (Stl/WA) - Greatest little corner of all-time. Pat was often outweighed by 30 lbs or more and gave up several inches and yet achieved greatness. Probably the biggest heart of any CB ever.
#20 - (TIE) Roger Wehrli (Stl.) - Former Missouri AA teamed with Larry Wilson to give Cards a great backfield.
;     &nbs
p;     &nb
sp;  Dave Grayson (Oak) - All-time great AFL star.

Since: Jan 17, 2008
Posted on: April 11, 2008 6:37 pm

The Greatest Of All Time Team Needs Cornerbacks

Just a comment for those saying Deion didn't need to tackle. Sorry to tell you playing the run is part of a corners job also

Since: Feb 14, 2008
Posted on: April 11, 2008 5:17 pm

The Greatest Of All Time Team Needs Cornerbacks

I would like to go with Dick "Night Train" Lane.  He deserves to be in there.  But I want to go with Lem Barney too.
It wouldnt seem right to put two Detroit Lions on the team. Night Train Lane was old skool and the game has changed since he played. A great player, I am sure.

So I am going with Lem Barney and Deion Sanders.

I just have to include Prime Time  He changed how the position was played and controlled the field from his position.  For him the game was fun and he expressed his joy on the field.  The year that he played both in the NFL and in MLB was amazing.

Lem Barney and Neon Deion Sanders.

Since: Jun 28, 2007
Posted on: April 11, 2008 4:57 pm

The Greatest Of All Time Team Needs Cornerbacks

Chap Bailey and Darrell Green

Since: Mar 29, 2008
Posted on: April 11, 2008 4:32 pm

The Greatest Of All Time Team Needs Cornerbacks

It pains me to vote for the egocentric Deon Sanders, but he was the best.  I think he was the first corner whose mere presence on a side of a field cause opposing QBs to throw the other way.  Others have noted that he tackled like a toddler flailing at his father's passing legs.  Still he thought every ball was his and not the receivers.

Since: Oct 10, 2006
Posted on: April 11, 2008 4:16 pm

The Greatest Of All Time Team Needs Cornerbacks

I vote for Darrell Green and Deion Sanders.  I know Deion didn't tackle anybody, but he rarely needed to, he was so dominant.

Honorable mention goes to Champ Bailey, if he has a couple more great years he'll be mentioned with the best of all time.

Since: Aug 25, 2006
Posted on: April 11, 2008 2:57 pm

The Greatest Of All Time Team Needs Cornerbacks

This has to be the easiest choices for a position.

The best ever at the position is Deion Sanders. No one like him ever before or after. For all those "He can't Tackle" people i ask you who needs to tackle when the ball just about never gets thrown your way and even then he would either pick it off or knock it down. He was the only corner in the history of the nfl who was a threat to return an int for a td every time he intercepted the ball. The highstep was awesome.

Second vote is for Darrell Green. He was an int machine for a very long time. I think he was picking off balls at 40 years of age.


Doesn't get much better then those 2.

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Posted on: April 11, 2008 1:20 pm

The Greatest Of All Time Team Needs Cornerbacks

Dick "Night Train" Lane is the easy one of these 2 picks for me. He sets the standard for all who have played the position.

For the second spot I have thought about a few and the last spot goes to either Woodson or Blount 2 Steelers. After much thought I decided to pick Woodson as I think he had more physical tools plus he didn't have the support of as nearly as good as a defense that Blount did.

Darrel Green was the only other player I gave serious consideration to.

To all the Sanders fans out there  I am sorry  but I don't want anybody on my defense who hates contact and hits like a little girl. Sorry if  I offended females with that comment

Since: Jan 26, 2007
Posted on: April 11, 2008 12:40 pm

The Greatest Of All Time Team Needs Cornerbacks

Darrell Green ALL-DAY

His numbers are skewed (low interceprtion totals) because teams wouldn't even throw to his side of the field....NOBODY did it better and for as long as Darrell Green...NOBODY

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Posted on: April 11, 2008 12:17 pm
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