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Power Rankings: After Chicagoland

Posted on: July 14, 2008 6:57 am
Edited on: July 17, 2008 7:02 am

This week I am going to try something new. I am going to add rankings (out of 100) based on how I think the drivers last 5 races have gone. Tell me what you think about it. The rating it in peranthases.

1.  Kyle Busch (99) (Last Week: 1st)                       
Kyle Busch 3 wins in the last 5 races. I think that says it all.
2. Matt Kenseth (92)  (Last Week: 4th)
Matt Kenseth Matt has only missed the top 10 once since Richmond. In that peroid he also has 4 top 5s. He is up to 8th in the standings.
3. Carl Edwards (90) (Last Week: 2rd)
Carl Edwards He had a good car, but there was nothing he could do about the splitter. But other then this week Carl's recent peformce has been pretty good.
4. Brian Vickers(88) (Last Week: 14th)
Brian Vickers I really moved this guy up, but looking at the recent stats he has been finishing better then guys like Jeff Gorden, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Jr.
5. Jimmie Johnson (87)(Last Week: 5th)
Jimmie JohnsonEvery recent race, but daytona has been really good for Jimmie.
6. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (86)(Last Week: 3rd)
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Besides his recent win he only has one top 10 finish in the last 5 races. But his avg. finish(in the last 5) has been 12.2, so he still deserves a fairlly good spot.
7.  Tony Stewart (84) (Last Week: 10th)
Tony Stewart This guy has been racing better then a whole lot of other drivers. Also in the last 5 races he has two top 5s and his worse finish was 20th.
8.  Martin Truex Jr. (84) (Last Week: 9th)
Martin Truex Jr. Truex's worst finish lately has been 17th and he has two top 10s.
9. Jeff Gordon (83)(Last Week: 8th)
Jeff Gordon Besides finishing 30th at daytona he has been around the top 10 lately. I am saying around because he has two 11th place finishes in the last 3 races.
10.  Kevin Harvick  (82) (Last Week: 15th)
Kevin Harvick I guess Kevin couldn's stand being knoked in and out of the chase every week, so he finished 3rd and jumped up to 9th in the standings, but he needs to keep finishing like that if he wants to stay there. He is only 25 points ahead of hamin whose in 12th.
11..Clint Bowyer (80) (Last Week: 11th)
Clint Bowyer Two top 10s in the last 5 races, but he hasnt been consistent. One week he will finish top 10 or top 5 then the next he will finish like 22nd. But he is only 27 points behind Hamlin for 12th.
12.  Kurt Busch (78)(Last Week: 13th)
Kurt Busch In the last 6 races, he has a win two top 5s and 3 top 10s, the only bad part is the 3 races he finished out of the top 10 he finished 21st or worse.
13.  David Ragan (78) (Last Week: 17th)
David Ragan If it wasn't for david's 40th at New Hampshire I could easily have this guy in my top 5. He has two 8th place finishes (Chicago and Michigan) and a 5th recently ( Daytona). He does have to make up 98 points if he wants to make the chase.
14. Jeff Burton (77) (Last Week: 6th)
 Jeff Burton He hasn't been racing like he did early in the year. He doesnt have a top 10 since Pocono, bit he has only finished out of the top 20 once. (Last week at daytona).
15. .Greg Biffle (75) (Last Week: 16th)
Greg Biffle He came back with a 4th this week after his 43rd at Daytona.
16. Kasey Kahne (75) (Last Week: 7th)
Kasey Kahne I couldnt decide if I wouldn't it to be Kahne, Biffle or Biffle, Kahne, but Kahnes win at Pocono doesnt count as much anymore because it was 6 races ago.
17. Elliott Sadler (74) (Last Week: 19th)
Elliott Sadler In the last 5 races he only once finished outside the top 20
18. Denny Hamlin (71)  (Last Week: 12th)
Denny Hamlin The secend half of Denny's season has been horrible. He only has 2 top 10s. But his 23rd avg finish (last 5 races) has been better then a lot of other drivers.
19.  Ryan Newman (70) (Last Week: 20th)
Ryan Newman Got his second top 10 in the last 5 races this past week.
20. Casey Mears (68) (Last Week: Not Ranked)
Casey Mears He had a 5th at Infineon and a 7th at New Hampshire, but since then he has finished 34th and 33rd.

Just Missed:
1. (67) Michael Waltrip (has a recent avg finish of 22.6(21st best)
2.(66) Jamie McMurray
3. (66) Bobby Labonte 
4.(64) Paul Menard

Honorable Mentions

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Since: May 12, 2008
Posted on: July 18, 2008 8:00 am

Power Rankings: After Chicagoland

very good this week, I just say Harvick and Jr. a bit higher, well, at least put Harvick higher after next week...

Since: May 12, 2007
Posted on: July 17, 2008 3:56 pm

Power Rankings: After Chicagoland

your spelling skills are excellent.

I think thats the first time in my life anyone has ever said my spelling skills are excellent.

and Mickeyfan.

The thing about mickey is that 2nd is the first finish better then 23rd this season for him. But he is the best of my just missed guys.

and ruetemens been doing better lately. His last 3 finishes are 14,21,19, but before that he wasnt that good. Although if he has a decent finish at Indy I can see him getting into my top 20.

Since: Dec 7, 2006
Posted on: July 17, 2008 10:05 am

Power Rankings: After Chicagoland

Nice job edwardsfan.  I think Matt may be a little high and Jimmie is a bit low.  Both of them seem ready to make their move.  I appreciate all of your hard work and your spelling skills are excellent.


Since: Aug 15, 2006
Posted on: July 17, 2008 7:29 am

Power Rankings: After Chicagoland

Nice seeing Mikey up there,  That 2nd really helped but last weeks 36th hurt.  I would have thought David Reutimann would have been higher.  But then again, I guess that is what I get for thinking.

Good job.  

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