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CBS supports sexual harassment and trolling

Posted on: January 22, 2009 7:27 pm
Edited on: January 22, 2009 8:26 pm

I have been harassed on this site for two days now.  It all started with trolls attacking Jason Wells and me going to his defense.  Then because I am female, I was picked as a main target for the attack of the trolls.  I was told every sexually offensive thing imaginable, I was called ugly and used every possible swear word on me.

The posts were there for hours.  Pages of warnings have been issued.  By me and others.  Nothing happened.  The trolls continued to post.  I have received two bogus warnings - and now I cannot warn any more.  There is no "Warn" link.  No admin was around to overrule my warnings.

I have sent four help requests.  No response.  I posted on the Feedback forum.  No response - except for the trolls, who found me, posted more sexually offensive material, and threatened to gang-rape me. 

And here comes the kicker.  Finally Golf Guy shows up and responds on the thread - and leaves the sexually offensive material there.  So finally I got my response - CBS supports this.  They are involved.  They want the trolls.  They don't want me.

Well, I won't be able to post a blog tomorrow, because I received two more bogus warnings, and no admin will overrule them, so I better get this off my chest today.


CBS, you are an enabler of online harrassment.  You are a troll heaven.  You have an entire system in place to enable trolling.  You don't let us block offensive users.  You don't have a profanity filter.  (Standard features on every site).  And why?  I am told, because it would take away from the experience.  I was puzzled by that, but now it is clear.  It is the trolling experience we don't want to take away. 

Regulars are leaving in droves.  The College Basketball Board, once a safe heaven of friendly discussion about basketball and witty banter, is in shambles, idiotic threads and idiotic posters rule.  We have attempted today to discuss who should be the new #1 in college basketball, and we had an enjoyable experience until the troll showed up and we all had to leave. 

CBS, if that is what you want, only trolls on your site - you got it. Congratulations .

The most maddening about this?  It is incredibly easy to solve.  Give us an ignore list, and put in a profanity filter.

Do away with the idiotic warning system , it just encourages trolling, it is not proactive, it is reactive and it just causes a lot of frustration for users and a lot of admin work for CBS. 

I have run my own community site and our admin issues related to harassment went from about 200 e-mails per week to 2 after I have implemented an ignore list and a profanity filter.  You are wasting your own money and are providing a frustrating user experience.

Some of this is criminal.  Cyber stalking is not only disgusting but there are laws against it.  Even if it isn't, it is grossly negligent on CBS's part to leave us exposed to this kind of utter filth when the solutions are mind-numbingly simple and tried and true. 

CBS, get your act together and clean up the filth.  The decent people are leaving in droves.  You only got trolls left.

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Posted on: January 26, 2009 2:52 pm

CBS supports sexual harassment and trolling

Gezemice, I saw your thread before this blog entry, and I addressed some of your concerns here:



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Posted on: January 26, 2009 11:15 am

CBS supports sexual harassment and trolling

This just plain flat out stinks.  All I can really say.  Hang in there!

Rock on in peace.

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Posted on: January 25, 2009 2:56 pm
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Posted on: January 25, 2009 2:36 pm

CBS supports sexual harassment and trolling

CBSSportsline needs fixing. You will be next.


The banned member, who I won't mention any of his nine names, is still here. Nothing is being done. Another member dropped f bombs on a thread this am, and while FINALLY removed by an administrator, he is still here. We follow the rules, we use the system in place to deal with these issues, only to find out that the legislators empowered the gangs. A banned member is roaming the site, instigating people to file warnings, hoping for "my" dismissal. Like that stops someone that is banned from being here, LITERALLY. For those of you that just hopes this goes away, you're fooling yourself. Pipe dream to be sure. You can ignore them. Let them go from thread to thread, blog to blog, saying whatever they want. They don't have any care for the TOS of the site. They know NOTHING can stop them. What's good for the goose......

I am an American. I believe in law, and punishment, and I revere the ultimate price that has been paid for my freedoms. Two younger brothers have served this country through the military, making it their careers. The things they've seen....I'm not going to go into politics as it pertains to the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a sports site. However, there are MILLIONS that bless Americans, wanting to be like an American. They depend on us for protection from the trolls and terrorists of the world. We know, from history, what happens when abandon a people. Or when you give complete abstinence towards the problem. The problem never goes away, the scab becomes a sore, the sore an infection, the infection a festered pool, until something has to be done.

I undertook this blog, with the full intent of seeing it through. It's no longer a choice, it's a necessity. As long as I have a voice, I'm going to act. Some don't want this much involvement. I've been told by a few I respect that this is a no win situation. I'm out to prove them wrong. My deeds would be easier accomplished if some of you that have been violated finally do something other than complain. The system in place DOESN'T WORK, and CBS knows this. An overhaul of the legislation of this site, including some SIMPLE improvements, can take away some power from the offensive. Ignore features are available everywhere; Just not here. It empowers each individual to censor what THEY don't want to read. No CBS employee need get involved, unless part of the NEW legislation needs enforced.

Members, there is one more thing CBS must do. They have to ban the IP address, making it more difficult for banned members, like the one I've been stalked NONSTOP by, from having a simple name change to come back and continue their attacks. It amazes me that someone can be banned 8 times in the last three weeks, but he kept coming right back in, breaking the same rules. He's threatened me physically, he's threatened my life, he's threatened my ouster here, and nothing is done. His voice should not even be heard here. CBS, you have failed. It's time for someone to step up, and effect change to make this site tolerable for all. If anyone of the CBS staff, or CBSSportsline administration, writers, employees, etc., want to have dialogue with me, I'll make myself available to your schedule.

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Posted on: January 25, 2009 11:36 am
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Posted on: January 23, 2009 10:51 pm

CBS supports sexual harassment and trolling

Unfortunately, this has been going on for almost two years.  We've asked, begged for change, and I don't forsee it happening. As females geze, both you and I have been subjected to this exact harassment that you have described. We've ignored, warned even tried other measures, it all seems like one big band-aid that falls off when it gets wet. The site is not always being watched by Admins, these trolls know this schedule, this is when they attack. Holiday weekends are the worse. As a mother of  a school-aged child who will pop by me as I sometimes post, I have recently had to shut my laptop at 6ish in the evening, because a troll has decided to make an appearance with a pornagraphic avatar and language that my child most likely could read. It shouldn't be like this. This site has teenagers on it, if people want to view those types of images, there are outlets availble for that...not here.

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Posted on: January 23, 2009 2:19 pm

CBS supports sexual harassment and trolling

Thank you guys for supporting my little crusade to have CBS do what they should be doing already - let us protect ourselves from trolls.

I have been communicating with the admin staff and the level of incompetence and condescending treatment is unbelievable.  Maybe I should post a blog about that, too.

The moderators on the other hand have been quite helpful and understanding.  Thank you for the help from Shuless Joe and Golf Guy. 

I would still like to see someone from CBS to show up and comment on what they are planning to do about the problem.  You know, make us all feel like we have been heard.  Or something.

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Posted on: January 23, 2009 1:21 pm

CBS supports sexual harassment and trolling

I also think that they need to clean up the avatars on here.  My kids like to read the posts on this board as well and I don't want them looking at some of the avatars that some members are allowed to use.

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Posted on: January 23, 2009 8:29 am

CBS supports sexual harassment and trolling


If you were just trying to have a friendly conversation and these filth-mongers interrupted you, you wouldn't have such a cavalier attitude. Our hope is that by complaining the system will be improved. We've tried through channels and CBS seems to have the same attitude as you. If you or someone you know were being hounded from one thread to the next so that you didn't want to post, you'd have a different view. It has been happening throughout the day for two days now. The troll simply changes his/her name and returns to intrude and spew filth under another name.

If CBS would rather shut the site down than fix the problem, that is of course their right. We are not crybabies. We are trying to find a solution that allows people who would just like to talk about sports not to have to put up with something that is against the law in any other format. We appreciate that CBS has this site. Believe it or not it makes money for them. We like to contribute and be part of the community. That doesn't give others the right to harass people.

People often ask how someone like Hitler could come to power. The response of historians is this:

All it takes for evil to prosper is for good people to do nothing...

So by doing nothing we will be letting them rule this board and that is something we refuse to do. So man up and figure which side of history you want to be on. We're trying to change it for the better. You're saying step aside and let anything happen that will. I don't think that is a good solution. So when I personally saw three extremely filthy posts in the course of 2 minutes, I chose to try to do something about, not bury my head in the sand.

Thanks for your comment Mr. Ostrich. I hope you'll help make things better rather than making comments about something you obviously have no idea about.

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Posted on: January 23, 2009 7:59 am
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