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College Basketball Rankings - Week 17

Posted on: March 8, 2010 8:03 pm
Rankings for Week 17
 1. Kansas                (29-2)    -
 2. Syracuse              (28-3)    -
 3. Duke                  (26-5)    -
 4. Kentucky              (29-2)    +1
 5. West Virginia         (24-6)    +2
 6. Purdue                (26-4)    -
 7. Kansas St.            (24-6)    -3
 8. Baylor                (24-6)    +4
 9. Ohio St.              (24-7)    +1
10. Texas A&M             (22-8)    +3
11. Villanova             (24-6)    -3
12. New Mexico            (28-3)    -3
13. Pittsburgh            (24-7)    -2
14. Maryland              (23-7)    +2
15. Wisconsin             (23-7)    +2
16. Vanderbilt            (23-7)    -2
17. Michigan St.          (24-7)    +1
18. Tennessee             (23-7)    +3
19. Texas                 (23-8)    -4
20. Brigham Young         (28-4)    +5
21. Butler                (27-4)    -1
22. Temple                (26-5)   New
23. Clemson               (21-9)    -4
24. Georgetown            (20-9)    -1
25. Oklahoma St.          (21-9)    -3

Next Ten:
26. Virginia Tech         (23-7)    +3
27. Missouri              (22-9)    -3
28. Florida St.           (22-8)    +2
29. Xavier                (23-7)    -1
30. Gonzaga               (26-5)    -4
31. Wake Forest           (19-9)    -
32. Notre Dame            (21-10)    +
33. Texas El Paso         (24-5)    +2
34. Richmond              (24-7)    +2
35. Marquette             (20-10)   -3

Others on watch list: Louisville, Utah St., Nevada Las Vegas, Northern Iowa, Georgia Tech, Old Dominion, California

New this week: Temple
Dropped out: Missouri

Decided not to change my top 3.  There is the overall body of work to be considered for the last ranking of the year and Louisville was playing very well that night.  Kansas State does deserve a drop for going on a skid - Kansas is no biggie, but Iowa State? West Virginia, Baylor and Texas A&M get a boost for a strong finish, which drops New Mexico - no grudge here against New Mexico and Pittsburgh, just needed to reward those three teams and someone had to drop.  'Nova drops a game - again - and three spots. Maryland and Wisconsin are also strong finishers.  Temple is back into the rankings on the virtue of the other teams below them losing or playing weaker teams.
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Posted on: March 9, 2010 1:25 am

College Basketball Rankings - Week 17

Thanks, GeoMapster - I vote every week in the People's Poll so that is why I do the rankings weekly. Except I missed this week - I was so busy making sure my picks were in time for Beer's pick'em (it was final four, after all ;) ), so that I forgot about the rankings.  Which was the first time in two years... cost me a platinum star, LOL!  But I wanted to keep up my blog. 

Yeah, California is barely making my watchlist every week as the sole representative of the Pac10.  Sad how the mighty have fallen.

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Posted on: March 8, 2010 9:51 pm

College Basketball Rankings - Week 17

Hi Gezemice,

Nice to see you post the rankings! 

Kansas State dropped 4 to ranked #9 in AP from #5 after a loss to unranked Iowa State 85-82 overtime.  I couldn't believe Iowa State is playing much better even they lost a key player, Lucca Staiger (Germany native), to professional basketball in Germany in the middle of the season.  He shot 45.3 percent in 3-pointer with 9.4 point average.  Think Kansas State deserved to drop in ranking.

Purdue still fighting well without Hummel due to injury.  West Virginia played so well against Villanova at Villanova.  Texas A&M did play great beating Texas & Baylor at home.  New Mexico now at #8 in AP but didnt play against many ranked teams but beat BYU twice (Mountain West conference rivalry), Texas A&M and California but bad loss to Oral Roberts even a loss at home game to UNLV.  So not sure about New Mexico standing at #8 in AP?

Maryland and Wisconsin did play great!  Maryland shared with Duke in ACC regular season title by Maryland beat Duke at home and vice versa.  Wisconsin beat your team, Illinois, 72-57 in Urbana-Champaign however Illinois did beat Wisconsin 63-56 in Madison and this is Badger's only home game loss this season.  Notre Dame play well for last four games without Luke Harangody to injury.  Ben Hansbrough and Tim Abromaitis played real harder but Luke did played for 11 minutes and earned 5 points in previous game with a win over Marquette in Milwaukee.

Strange thing to see about your post that solo team to watch for is from Pac 10 - California.  Pac 10 teams don't play well!  That is why I play picks in Beer's thread to make at least confident points reserved for Pac 10 except California.  Oregon and USC play up and down lately even Washington State and Washington.  Arizona State did play well even in 2nd place in conference by one game behind California.

Nice post, Gezemice!

Thank you for sharing...


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