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College Basketball Rankings Week 9

Posted on: January 11, 2011 11:52 am
It gets really difficult to rank when just when you think a team is good, they lose... and you end up ranking teams you don't think are that great but they have less losses or not so bad ones.  Eh. 

Rankings for Week 9
 1. Duke                  (15-0)   - Maryland challenged them but they took care of business. 
 2. Syracuse              (16-0)   - Haven't lost yet and the schedule has been challenging - with a couple very good wins.
 3. Pittsburgh            (15-1)   +1 - The most impressive looking from the rest.
 4. Ohio St.              (16-0)   +2 - Did not look like a top 10 team against Minnesota.  Lack of competition played is showing and they still have not yet played the cream of the crop in the Big Ten.
 5. Kansas                (15-0)   -2 - An almost loss to Michigan....
 6. Notre Dame            (14-2)   +9 - Do I think they are this good? No.  But they have beaten some really good teams, and recently.
 7. Villanova             (14-1)   - Finally playing some good competition.
 8. Purdue                (15-1)   +3 - They look crisp, but have yet to play the top of the conference, just like OSU.
 9. Brigham Young         (16-1)   +4 - UNLV in the scalp.
10. Kentucky              (12-3)   -5 - A loss to Georgia on the road in conference play is just a wrinkle in an otherwise good resume. Georgia is always a tough matchup for Kentucky with their big guys.
11. San Diego St.         (17-0)   -3 - They gotta beat UNLV to get a top win and continue hanging out in the top 10.
12. Connecticut           (12-2)   +5 - They lost one and won one on the road, both were good teams, that's better than many have done this week.  I think they are an easy-to-counter one-trick-pony, but that pony is awfully skilled.
13. Texas                 (12-3)   -1 - One point loss to Connecticut moves them one spot below them.
14. Missouri              (14-2)   -5 - Losing on the road this week in conference play.
15. Illinois              (13-3)   +4 - The Illini have shot a school record 70.5% against Northwestern.  For the first time, they put a team away after leading with double digits.  Did you know that: a.) Illinois is the tallest team in the nation b.) contrary to popular belief, it is only 239th in the nation in % of 3 point shots attempted?  They look like a three-point shooting team because they make them.  But they only take them when they get an open look.
16. Wisconsin             (12-3)   -2 - Bo Ryan's team is perenially underrated.
17. Georgetown            (12-4)   -7 - Two losses in a row.... one day they look great, the next day they look like they took a sleeping pill and never woken up from it.
18. Texas A&M             (13-1)   -2
19. Louisville            (13-2)   +3
20. Temple                (11-3)   -2
21. Gonzaga               (11-5)  New - Played one of the toughest schedules in the country, and won their last seven.
22. Washington            (12-3)  New - Lands here due to lack of bad losses, and no recent losses - and a high Pomeroy rating.  Slim pickings...
23. Nevada Las Vegas      (13-3)   - I think they are better than this, but htey lost to BYU at home this week.
24. Vanderbilt            (11-3)   -4 - Road loss this week....
25. Cincinnati            (15-1)  New - I know, I added them after a loss to Nova.  But... losing to Nova is better than what many others did this week. I don't think they are this good.  But the other choices are worse.

Next Ten:
26. West Virginia         (10-4)   +3 - Beating Georgetown at home would move them into the rankings... but... the two-loss last week is too recent.
27. Florida               (12-3)   -1 - Beating some-mid-level competition, but loss to Jacksonville is too recent and no good wins to make up for it.
28. North Carolina        (11-4)   - Have handled all the "gimme"s by far.  Virginia Tech this week should be telling.
29. Arizona               (14-3)   +6 - Two nice wins over Stanford and California this week.  Losing to Oregon State on the road is conference play; but no good wins to compensate.
30. Maryland              (10-5)   +7 - Played Duke tough and looked good doing it.
31. Michigan St.          (10-5)   -6 - Losing to Penn State on the road... who do you think you are... last year's Illinois team?
32. Central Florida       (14-1)  -11 - Finally a reason to drop them from my top 25.  Thank you, Houston.
33. Oklahoma St.          (13-2)   - This team has beaten a good number of top 30-50-ish teams.  Watch out.
34. Boston College        (12-4)   -4 - Schizo team.... looked great then started losing to teams barely in the top 100.
35. Kansas St.            (12-4)   -3 - Can you say "downward spiral"?  Who do you think you are... Tennessee?

Others on watch list: Utah St., Virginia Tech, St. Mary's, Washington St., Baylor, Nebraska, Minnesota, St. John's, Missouri St., Tennessee

New this week: Gonzaga, Washington, Cincinnati
Dropped out: Michigan St., Central Florida, Butler
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