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BCS Monopoly

Posted on: January 6, 2009 4:42 pm
The BCS is an exclusionary monopoly (like it or not it is a business) and needs to be broken up! It would take government intervention to do that. The BCS is a well oiled well funded machine and spits in the face of fairness and equality. The irony here is that while I am very conservative politically and think the government should pretty well stay out of our lives, this is one time that I am counting on a liberal congress, senate and oval office to do the right thing.

To my knowledge the NCAA FBS college football is the only major sport in the world that does not have a clear Champion. I have two suggestions to remedy the situation. (Neither one would work by the way, but it's my blog so tough!)

1. All non-BCS conference schools, including FCS Division, immediately cancel all games with BCS conference schools. Do not reschedule until an all-inclusive playoff is instituted. Do not settle for the plus one - plus two format. That will only make matters worse. The only solution is drop one preseason game and implement a 16 team (11 conf. champs + 5 highest ranked non conf. champs) and use current bowls-with rearranged & possibly rotating schedules to have a real playoff. This year, first round, it would have looked like this:

11 Conf. Champs

MWC - #7 Utah

Big 12 – #2 Oklahoma

Big Ten – #6 Penn St

Pac Ten – #5 USC

Sun Belt – #59 Troy

ACC – #21 Vtech

Big East – #12 Cincinnati

Conf USA - #33 ECU

Mid Am. – #42 Buffalo

SEC – #1 Florida

WAC – #9 Boise State

5 highest ranked non-conf champs (AP top 25 poll)

#3 Texas

#4 Alabama

#8 Texas Tech

#10 Ohio St.

#11 TCU

Round 1

4 games on First Friday of December 4 on First Saturday

Round 1 Friday

#1 Florida v. #59 Troy

#2 Oklahoma v. #42 Buffalo

#3 Texas v. #33 ECU

#4 Alabama v. #21 VTech

Round 1 Saturday

#5 USC v. #11 TCU

#6 Penn St. v. #12 Cincinnati

#7 Utah v. #10 Ohio St.

#8 Texas Tech v, #9 Boise St.

This scenario produces only three crappy match ups. Florida Oklahoma and Texas opening round would most likely be quite boring but how many boring bowl games are there annually? The other five games should be quite good.

So assuming the highest ranked team wins first round. (don’t get into the whole Ohio St. would destroy Utah and Boise could easily beat Texas Tech, Cinderella stories are great but please don’t.)

Second Round

2 games 2nd Friday December 2 games 2nd Saturday December

Round 2


#1 Florida v. #8 Texas Tech

#2 Oklahoma v. #7 Utah


#3 Texas v. #6 Penn St

#4 Alabama v. #5 USC

Now in those fun years when VTech knocks off Alabama in the first round or holy crap #59 Upsets #1 Florida, cause Florida forgot to show up, things could get interesting and that is exactly why this scenario will never happen. Heaven forbid that we actually give Troy a chance to upset the mighty Gators and cost them a chance at the national championship, along with it’s cash and prizes. That is what this whole sorted affair is all about. $$$$$$!! Athletics, sportsmanship, football? Forget it, it's all about the Money Baby!

2. Turn it over to the government and let them break up the monopoly and then negotiate a plus one or plus two playoff system that will all make matters worse because it will be exclusive and not inclusive, therefore unfair and unjust!

My vote lets go with number 1.

Way to go Utah and thanks for making this a legitimate argument!

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