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Douche Canoe Award! - Week 3

Posted on: October 22, 2008 12:08 pm
I thought I'd go back and blog the weekly Douche Canoe Awards.  If you've already read these, please enjoy them as classics.  If they are new to you, please enjoy!

Okay, folks.  It was a tough choice this week, considering all of the possibilities.  Al Davis, Jose Canseco and Chiefs RB Larry Johnson were all on the radar.  But raining down on the competition was none other than...

Dallas Cowboys DB Adam 'Pac-Man' Jones!

If you had less than 41 days in your company's "When will 'Pac-Man' get suspended again?" office pool, you've won!  That is right only took Jones 41 days to get suspended indefinitely.  This time for a confrontation with his bodyguard.  An alcohol induced confrontation, no less.  This seems to be where Goddell draws the line with 'Pac-Man'.  No beer.  All of the other stuff = reinstatement.  Beer = out of here.

By the way, is anyone really confused by the fact that Jones even has a bodyguard?  I mean seriously, is he Whitney Houston or something?  Or maybe this 'bodyguard' is really a 'keep Adam out of trouble guard'.  If the latter is the case, are fired.

Adam Jones + ETOH = Bad News for Kevin Costner. 

There you have it everybody.  Adam Jones, douch canoe.

On a side note, this week we'll have the first CBS poster douche canoe award presentation.

This week was easy for me when I very first saw this post.  I personally think its a bit early to be looking at CFB team resumes.  But some think otherwise and are already starting to 'make the case' for their team by propping up their opponents.

This was very clear when TrojanLuver1 had this take in his "You are WHO you play" thread.

On balance Oregon is a TOP 15 team that is receiving NO Luv from just about all after that USC bounce back game....

But the Ducks, injuries and all should emerge as a 10-2 BCS Bowl game Team....

Wow.  Just wow.  I'm never seen a more blatant attempt at politicizing another team for you own gain, this year.  I'll admit, Oregon is not a horrible team.  But, Top 15?  C'mon.  Really?  If Oregon is a Top 15 team, than so is Minnesota.  Done.

There you have it everybody.  TrojanLuver1, douche canoe poster of the week!
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