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Douche Canoe Award! - Week 4

Posted on: October 22, 2008 12:10 pm
This week again was ripe with obvious displays of doucheeness.  This week saw Kellen Winslow Jr. barking up the wrong tree, Jose Canseco appearing again with his nonsense and Joe the Plumber was all the rage...then invoked rage...then was forgotten.

But few potential award winners left a more bizzare impact than this week's winner...

Lou Holtz!

Jumping off of the success of his on camera "cussing" two weeks ago about Texas Longhorn QB Colt McCoy, the legend in his own mind proceeded this week to compare Michican't coach Rich Rodriquez's leadership skills to those of a notorious mass murderer.  That mass muderer, you ask?  Adolf Hitler himself.  Wow. 

Personally, I don't have much repect for RichRod.  My wife is a West Virginian (converted Buckeye...I might add) and for the past few years we had enjoyed watching RichRod keep WVU in the national picture.  Now that he is with the dreaded Wolvechokers...I despise him even more for the way he left WVU.  But to complare him to Hitler!?!  Really, Dr. Lou, really!?!  I know it is painful to watch scUM football right now, just ask Teddy, but it is clearly not the same as genocide.  There are many places I would like to go with this, but genocide is just not funny.  Lou, you should know better than that.  Seriously.

And there you have it folks.  Lou Holtz, douche canoe.

For the Sportsline Douche Canoe Poster of the Week, I switched it up a little.  This person was so deserving of the award, it was a no brainer.

Yesterday, Hetuck1 told us a heartbreaking story related to his ex, the Skaunk.  It seems that Hetuck was able to secure some World Series tickets for a couple of the upcoming games in Tampa.  Obviously, who would be better to take to a World Series game than your own son, but despite his best efforts, Hetuck was unable to convince the Skaunk to let their boy go.  Wow.  How can she even begin to deny her own son a chance to go to a World Series game with his dad, just out of spite.  That is sickening, really.  I hope she gets an an*l rash and can't sleep for a month.

I'm not quite a dad yet (first on the way), Hetuck, but my heart goes out to you my friend.  Best of luck with the Skaunk.

Hetuck's Skaunk, without a doubt, douche canoe.
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