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CBS Takes First Step To Improving Their Site

Posted on: October 12, 2010 3:51 pm
Eric Mack is finally no longer part of CBS Sports and to me this is the first step in making CBS Sports a better site from both a information and professional point of view.

Mack as you may all know wrote unoriginal and uninspiring articles and rankings. If you looking around other sites you would notice his articles and rankings were based on popular sources and not based on actual research. Basically he took credit for something he didn't put any thought process into.

An example of this came in 2009 where he had both Chamberlain and Price as top 35 SPs coming into 2009 even though neither had proven anything yet as a starter. Why? Because all the popular sources had both Price and Chamberlain as preseason top 35 SPs.

Also as everyone who has been on player profiles knows, Eric Mack would insult anyone who disagreed with his articles and rankings. He was very unprofessional calling people names like "idiot" when they said something bad about him.  He was pretty much biting the hand that feeds him. After all CBS Sports and their writers make a lot of their money from those who play in their commish leagues and insulting those people is risking losing money and that is never smart business practice.

Hopefully CBS Sports next step will be to fire those who write player analysis. No one should get paid to write articles when they don't even know what league a player's team is in. If you don't know the sport your writing analysis for, then you shouldn't have a job writing player analysis for that sport.

I also hope CBS Sports takes that money they save from firing Mack and use it to get a more professional writer who actually does research before writing articles. Those who pay money to play, have a right to the best information possible. I'd love it if they hired someone like John Sickles whom actually takes time to do research and doesn't go by popular sources for his articles or player rankings. He even provides player grades for prospects. Currently he's a writer for

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Posted on: July 2, 2011 4:23 pm

CBS Takes First Step To Improving Their Site

Looks like Eric Mack got hired by SI. Im sure he took an extreme paycut to take that job.  But at least with SI he doesn't have to deal with people. Just post rankings and be done with it. I just wonder if SI will allow him to steal rankings too and take credit for them like CBS allowed him to do.

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Posted on: March 7, 2011 4:13 pm

CBS Takes First Step To Improving Their Site

yeah right, commissioner tools sucks, player eligiblity not customizable, inexcusable for a fantasy product.

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Posted on: October 30, 2010 1:33 am

CBS Takes First Step To Improving Their Site

It would be nice to get some better content.  I stopped using CBS for info years ago.  I don't blame MACK alone.  I just never saw the effort put forth on cbs at all.  I love coming here and talking sports, but as far as fantasy, or just player news goes I used other sources.

John SICKELS is in a class by himself, what a great farm system guy!  I buy his book every year, it's a steal.  Few write with more passion than John.  

Most sources for predictions are all within a pretty similar range of each other.  I believe only BASEBALL HQ. had CJ WILSON having a very good year.  other than that, you will not find projections of players to vary all that much.

They need to keep up with current news better.  CBS could be a 1 stop source for everything.  I hope they do it.

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