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The Great LaDainian Tomlinson. The one true L.T.

Posted on: February 15, 2009 12:13 pm
Edited on: August 17, 2011 12:34 pm

There is much talk about the status of LaDainian Tomlinson, further referred to, and forever known as L.T. There are many fans, many who simply know football history, and many haters that have felt the need to chime in on the career and the possibility of a decline is what has been one of the greatest careers in NFL history.

For now, let's focus on what the man L.T. has done on the field.

During his junior season in 1999 at TCU, he set an NCAA record for yards in one game with 406 against UTEP.

He won the Doak Walker Award as the nation's best running back his senior year in 2000. Later he won the Senior Bowl Most Valuable Player standing out competing against the greatest college players to nation had to offer.

NFL Records:

  • Holds the all-time NFL record for single season touchdowns (31).
  • Holds the all-time NFL record for single season rushing touchdowns (28).
  • Holds the all-time NFL record for the most points scored in a single season (186).
  • Holds the all-time NFL record for most consecutive games with a rushing touchdown (18).
  • Holds the NFL record for most consecutive multi-touchdown games (8).
  • Tied the record for most consecutive games with a touchdown score with Hall of Fame fullback Lenny Moore (18).
  • Tied for third place for most career 200-yard rushing games with several other players (4).
  • Holds the all-time San Diego Chargers record for most career rushing yards (11,760).
  • Holds the all-time San Diego Chargers record for most career touchdowns (141).
  • Holds the all-time NFL record for fewest games needed to achieve 100 touchdowns, with his 100th career touchdown (90 rushing, 10 receiving) in his 89th game (breaking the previous record of achieving the mark in the 93rd game of a career, which was done by both Jim Brown and Emmitt Smith).
  • Second place on the list of NFL all-time rushing touchdown leaders -- behind Emmitt Smith who played for 15 years.
  • In 2006 Tomlinson became the second player in NFL history to score 4 touchdowns in 2 straight games (Marshall Faulk is the other).
  • Holds the record for most touchdowns scored in a five game span with 16 TDs (14 rushing, 2 receiving), breaking his own record of 15 that he had set two weeks earlier. Prior to that, the record was held by Jim Brown with 14.
  • Became the only player in NFL history to rush for 1,000 yards and receive 100 passes in a single season.
  • Second player in NFL history with 1,800 rushing yards and 500 receiving yards in one season.
  • Joins Emmitt Smith, Priest Holmes, Shaun Alexander, and Marshall Faulk as the only running backs to record consecutive seasons of 20 or more touchdowns.

Only Emmitt Smith, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Curtis Martin, Jerome Bettis,Eric Dickerson, Tony Dorsett, Jim Brown, Marshall Faulk, Marcus Allen, Franco Harris, Thurman Thomas, Edgerrin James, John Riggins, Corey Dillon, O. J. Simpson, Fred Taylor, Ricky Watters, Warrick Dunn, Tiki Barber, Eddie George, Ottis Anderson, Jamal Lewis have over 10,000 yards in the NFL other than L.T.

Rarely does a non QB win MVP, and if not a QB it seems to go to a RB. L.T. has won that honor, and of the last 20 years, he is Clearly the most deserving RB to do so have produced the best TD and yard from scrimmage seasons.

Unlike some, of the three major and each minor group naming an NFL MVP, L.T. was a unanimous selection.

L.T. is as sure handed as the come. His ball skills are what seperates him from the pack when comparing the greatest RBs of all time. None before him have displayed the versitile skill set that L.T. brings to each and every game. Running, receiving, passing, blocking and playing decoy has never been handled so well by a player. Where some might argue Jim Brown's power or barry Sanders finesse, L.T. has displayed both, and on consecutive plays. Where some marvel over Marshall Faulks ability to break a game wide open with either rushing or receiving, L.T. has done both at times, and in combination much like Faulk. Short yardage, long gains, trick plays. We have seen it all from L.T., and have never been left wanting on any topic of what we'd like our RB to possess.

To put just how sure handed L.T. is into perspective, let's compare him to an up and comer that many feel has taken over L.T.'s spotlight and some all time greats.

  • L.T. has fumbled a total of 25 in 3178 touches over an 8 years career. 0.07%
  • Adrian Peterson has fumbled a total of 13 times in 641 touches over a 2 year career. 2.0%
  • Barry Sanders had fumbled a total of 41 times in 3414 touches over a 10 year career. 1.2%
  • Walter Payton had fumbled a total of 86 times in 4364 touches over a 13 year career. 1.9%

L.T.'s ability to not only give his team more yards from scrimmage year after year on average (Barry Sanders is the only back even close to L.T. in that regard), but to secure the football is nothing short of amazing.

There are those that contend L.T. is not a great running back. There are those that doubt his place in a conversation involving Jim, Walter, Barry and others.

Those people do not know their football history.

Those people don't recognize that they got to see one of the greatest players of all time doing what he does best, better than those before him.

To LaDainian Tomlinson, it is a pleasure to watch you work. And there are many good years ahead of you.

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The Great LaDainian Tomlinson. The one true L.T.


You insinuate that I am a troll by replying to your comments directed to me, yet you reply to my comments directed at you.

No, you fail yet again to understand. You made an absurd claim intended to get a response, when the absurdity was so easily brushed aside, you continue to add to your initial error. That makes what you are doing trolling.

 I don't claim that no one claims that there are not people who state that L.T. is a great back.  I said you can't name any.

Even though it is a given that I can. Your feelings are hurt because you can't make me do something that does not need to be done, because it is clear and understood that it can be done by anyone. Now you are being childish in trying to save face with semantics.

 I have not said that I am smarter than you.

You have attempted to correct me several times while clearly being wrong. What do you call that since identifying your trolling behavior seems to bother you?

 Name calling is the very definition of character assasination.

You need help with your level of understanding. Identifying what you are doing is not name calling. Asking if you are stupid is not saying you are, it is trying to gain perspective as to why you would repeatedly attempt something that is indeed stupid.

Using words likd "boring," "stupid," and other unpleasantries are also ugly mischaracterizations.

No they are accurate characterizations, if you do not like them being assigned to your actions, try a more mature approach.

 You are welcome to find my Roy Batty reference irrelevant but we are discussing a lack of substantiation to your claim.

No we aren't, that was cleared up in my first response, you however didn't like how easily your ruse was foiled.

I do understand you do not believe yourself to be required to back up what you say with substantiation but you yourself dismiss the unsubstantiated counter claims of those who disagree with you, and rightfully so.

There is much you do not understand. And clearly your lack of understanding simple things frustrates you.

And again, you are boring in your feeble attempt.

Sorry that angers you so much, but often the truth hurts.

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The Great LaDainian Tomlinson. The one true L.T.

Poor Solly yet again failing to find the meaning in written word and lashing out in ignorance. And I did a "Philip Rivers the one true P.R." but Puerto Rican friends of mine got upset so I took it down. Good luck with the next ID. You are always good for a laugh Solly, especially when you try to discuss football.

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The Great LaDainian Tomlinson. The one true L.T.

The only real L.T. in football is Lawrence Taylor.

Obviously not. .

Lawrence Taylor was one of many L.T.s in the NFL. See this is where ignorance comes into play. L.T. are initials, legally binding in contracts. L.T. is not a nickname, anyone that has ever had a name with L and T as their initials is L.T.

To assert otherwise is complete ignorance.
Yet, your blog title says "The one true L.T."
I guess you are right that asserting that there is only one L.T. is complete ignorance.
You once again demonstrate, that all you present is complete ignorance. Tongue out
P.S. Please send me a PM when you decide to do a jock remora blog on Rivers, like this L.T. one. I don't really care about your L.T. much one way or the other, but that hack, crybaby, Loser Phil, him I hate for sucking so bad.

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The Great LaDainian Tomlinson. The one true L.T.

Lol. Trolls love to accuse people of doing what they are doing. You were wrong and you got called on it. Obviously no one can claim that there are not people that state L.T. is less than a great back. A person that is paying attention would have noted that it is happening on this thread. A troll would ignore it and attempt to play the game of "I am smarter than you." The real problem you face here is that you aren't, and that simply sticking to a losing cause is boring. Putting to words what you are doing isn't attacking your character. You need a better dictionary. Just as your left field Roy Batty comment isn't relevant, neither is the assertion that doubters can't be named. They have presented themselves on this thread so it is a given they can indeed be named. You have no valid argument, so now you are simple grasping at straws. I understand that you are trying to be annoying, but you have to approach the Internet with a certain degree of humor because folks like you get their only satisfaction from making irrational statements in defiance. Truth is you are boring. Or are you really so stupid as to contend that none claim L.T. Is not a great back? You have shown a stubborn streak of not wanting to give up on your losing battle, so it wouldn't surprise me, but nothing you say will change that you were wrong, and not as smart as you think. Do you understand yet?

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The Great LaDainian Tomlinson. The one true L.T.

But of course you can't.  Suggesting that people who disagree with you can't read or can't understand is merely convenient.  Just like your maiking an assertion without backing it up.

When someone fails to understand basic concepts such as a given quantity, they are either having difficulty reading, or are not very smart.
There will be no errand running, you simply are not observant, do not understand basic concepts, or are doing a poor job of trolling.

Either way you have failed, because it is a given that I can. I am just not dumb enough to fall for your failed ruse.

And you are not smart enough to effectively troll me.

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The Great LaDainian Tomlinson. The one true L.T.

So you can't read or just don't understand? Of course I could name them, anyone that visits any of they major sports sites sees them. Why waste time when something is a given? I am happy you feel you got over on me somehow, but you are the only person that will be impressed with your failed ruse. Well, maybe twisteddohfo, he has proven himself to be childish and stupid.

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