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My All-Star Selections through 6/30/08

Posted on: July 1, 2008 3:58 pm
Edited on: July 1, 2008 5:03 pm
All it goes..not in any particular batting order and I'll add on pitchers also later in the post. (the way it should be by the way, I realize Carlos Quentin isn't on the ballot...)

American League

1B Justin Morneau - Minnesota Twins
2B Ian Kinsler - Texas Rangers
SS Michael Young - Texas Rangers
3B Alex Rodriguez - New York Yankees
C Joe Mauer - Minnesota Twins
OF Josh Hamilton - Texas Rangers
OF Carlos Quentin (why isn't he on the ballot?) - Chicago White Sox
OF Jermaine Dye - Chicago White Sox
DH Aubrey Huff - Baltimore Orioles

A little change up from last time. I realized that A-Rod is having a much better year than most third basemen in the league despite his injury, plus Joe Crede has dropped off a little bit. Aubrey Huff qualifies as the DH, so I got him there. Carlos Quentin should be on the ballot, but if he isn't in the starting lineup, he definitely has a spot reserved for him as a reserve. No Red Sox in the lineup, but a couple will show up for the game.

Kinsler, Hamilton, and Young are having great years for Texas.

National League

1B Lance Berkman - Houston Astros
2B Chase Utley - Philadelphia Phillies
SS Hanley Ramirez - Florida Marlins
3B Chipper Jones - Atlanta Braves
C Brian McCann - Atlanta Braves
OF Ryan Braun - Milwaukee Brewers
OF Ryan Ludwick - St. Louis Cardinals
OF Carlos Lee - Houston Astros
DH Nate McLouth - Pittsburgh Pirates

Well, the homer in me is saying Geovany Soto should start at catcher, but I'll go with McCann for the time being. Soto has slowed up a little bit since his great start to the year, same with Nate McLouth. Albert Pujols should probably be the DH, but since McClouth is still maintaining his stats a little bit, I'll go w/ him for the time being. Carlos Lee and Lance Berkman are having great years for a bad Astros team.

Ramirez and Utley have been taking the NL East by storm this year.

American League
SP Cliff Lee - Cleveland Indians (will start the game)
SP Justin Duchscherer - Oakland Athletics
SP Joe Saunders - Los Angeles Angels
SP Roy Halladay - Toronto Blue Jays
SP Ervin Santana - Los Angeles Angels
RP Francisco Rodriguez - Los Angeles Angels
RP Joe Nathan - Minnesota Twins
RP Mariano Rivera - New York Yankees
RP Joakim Soria - Kansas City Royals
RP Jonathan Papelbon - Boston Red Sox

Lee and Duchscherer have been pleasant surprises for their respective teams.

National League
SP Brandon Webb - Arizona Diamondbacks
SP Tim Lincecum - San Francisco Giants
SP Edinson Volquez - Cincinnati Reds (will start)
SP Ben Sheets - Milwaukee Brewers
SP Johan Santana - New York Mets
RP Brad Lidge - Philadelphia Phillies
RP Billy Wagner - New York Mets
RP Kerry Wood - Chicago Cubs
RP Joe Beimel - Los Angeles Dodgers
RP Jose Valverde - Houston Astros

I admit, I didn't put as much thought as probably necessary into the pitchers. If you have any nominees, go ahead and give a shout out for them and I'll see what I think. Here it is for now.

Young fireballers Volquez and Lincecum have been bright stars for dim teams.

Note: Reserves aren't included in this post.
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Posted on: July 4, 2008 3:42 am

My All-Star Selections through 6/30/08

If you're going to go with Matt Thornton, I would suggest strongly considering Scott Linebrink as well.  He's been one of the many relievers in the Sox's bullpen who has a sub-2.00 era and is the set-up man for Jenks.  Thornton, while dominant, is almost always a lefty/lefty matchup reliever and doesn't really eat up innings like Linebrink does.

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Posted on: July 4, 2008 3:37 am

My All-Star Selections through 6/30/08

That is true about John Danks, but I feel that the biggest reason why is wins/IP are low is because Ozzie is trying to keep him from wearing out his arm.  The guy is a baller, that's for sure, but for instance last week he pulled Danks out after 6 innings of 2 run ball and the White Sox ended up losing the game.  The same happened earlier this week against Cliff Lee, held a 1-1 game through 8 innings.  The guy isn't really an inning eater like Mark Buehrle (I keep forgetting how to spell it) or C.C. Sabathia,  but is is required to throw eight innings every time you go out there?  I don't think voters should look at innings pitched as much as they should look at quality starts.  It's a much better way to standardize a decision of picking pitchers.  If it's a close call, then I would say go to innings pitched and furthermore, but I think innings pitched is looked at way too much and all you really get out of it is what kind of pitcher the guy is.

Furthermore, I would agree with you on Kazmir to a certain extent.  You bring up a good point with him being injured, and that's the part I hate about it.  The guy is just as talented as Lincecum (Again with the spelling) and Volquez, if not more, and you know that every time he goes onto the mound he's gonna bring it.  So does him being out validate his all-star appearance or not?  If it doesn't, I think you have to consider guys like Alfonso Soriano a scratch on the NL team (even though you didn't put him on there, good call).

Which brings me to another point; does anyone think fan voting is going to ruin the chances of the NL winning the All-Star Game?  Not to sound like a debbie-downer for lack of a better term, but Fukudome as the starting RF might be one of the worst picks I've ever heard of.  The guy hits .295 or the likewise at home.  Great.  He also hits under .200 away from Wrigley.  Mediocre fielding along with a game in an AL park spells disaster, even if its only for a few innings.  I guess you could say the same about guys on the AL squad who will be named, such as Pedroia and Youkilis, although in my opinion they have more validation as starters.  I understand fan voting is a good thing to do because it's what the fans want to see, but when you are putting players who are mediocre at best ahead of others who can help a possible team like for example the Cubs get homefield advantage in the World Series, I just feel like its a dumb thing to do.  Just my two cents.

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Posted on: July 3, 2008 12:20 pm

My All-Star Selections through 6/30/08

I think that Milton Bradley should be the dh for the al rather than Huff but other than that I agree with that.

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Posted on: July 2, 2008 9:51 pm

My All-Star Selections through 6/30/08















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Posted on: July 2, 2008 8:37 pm

My All-Star Selections through 6/30/08

Scott Kazmir?  John Danks?  Both of those guys have sub 2.5 ERAs right now and are playing for first place teams.While Kazmir has been pitching amazingly well since coming back from his injury, I really don't think he's pitched long enough for him to be considered an All-Star.  He came back late May, early June if I'm not mistaken.  As for John Danks, I did overlook him, I admit that.  He is another White Sox player who is deserving.  My arguments for Halladay is his ERA (while higher than Danks) but also, his innings pitched.  Doesn't he have 5 or 6 complete games already this year?

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Posted on: July 2, 2008 12:45 pm

My All-Star Selections through 6/30/08

You miss me, why you do that? 
You a Cub wasist.

You miss Ways Kazmiw and Bwaves Jewgins. He good o bettah dan Webb.


I go now, hit me mow homewons.

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Posted on: July 2, 2008 9:40 am

My All-Star Selections through 6/30/08

<a style="CURSOR: pointer; COLOR: #4f7498; TEXT-DECORATION: underline" onclick="selectPlayer(392194)">Soto, Geovany should b above Brian Mcann

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Posted on: July 2, 2008 9:37 am

My All-Star Selections through 6/30/08

Despite the ballot having him listed as an outfielder, Milton Bradley is far and away the best DH in the AL. I have a bad feeling he is going to get screwed because he has only played 17 games in the outfield this year and will probably not get voted on as one. It makes me wonder sometimes who actually places the players in their voting categories

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Posted on: July 2, 2008 9:13 am

My All-Star Selections through 6/30/08

Big Red, I think you're real close.  2 changes I would make though......

NL catcher- Russel Martin

NL SP- Aaron Cook( Got to have a spot for him)

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Posted on: July 2, 2008 3:21 am

My All-Star Selections through 6/30/08

In response to whomever said Jim Edmonds should be the starting CF for the All-Star game, pick another sport to watch.  Please.

Overall, great selections for the all-star ballots thus far, especially the AL offense.  It's about time some people looked at the sports section of their newspapers and noticed that the Red Sox are not the only team in the AL.   Along with Aubrey Huff in the DH position, I would also like to add Jose Guillen to that mix, he plays DH as well. 

As for the AL pitching, the only real problem I have with it is that Roy Halladay is perched up there once again.  Yes, he is 9-6, but I think there are pitchers that have been just as good as him or better this season that could get the call.  Scott Kazmir?  John Danks?  Both of those guys have sub 2.5 ERAs right now and are playing for first place teams.

As far as the NL goes, I think you did very well there, especially on the offensive side.  Soto could get the nod, but I think he's the only Cubs player right now deserving of a starting NL spot.

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