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Posted on: November 30, 2008 8:40 pm
Edited on: November 30, 2008 8:53 pm

Another really interesting weekend, I cannot hardly wait until the championship games. Florida vs. Alabama. Oklahoma vs. Missouri, and then that ACC game too...

Name: bigtenboy07

1. Alabama- LW 1- The Tide did not look past their arch rivals, they put it to the Tigers. Now they have to focus on one of the scariest teams in the country in the National Championship Tournament Semi-Final Game (aka SEC CG).
2. Oklahoma- LW 2- Another impressive win in Stillwater. Their defense shows signs at times. If their defense plays well for longer stretches then they could certainly give any team in the country a problem. We know they are going to score (they have scored 60+ in 4 straight games).
3. Florida- LW 3- The Gators romped arch rival Florida State at Doak. Them being ranked here doesn’t matter because if they win the SEC CG they are in the BCS NC game. No doubt about it, and Timmy looks like he is making another run at the Heisman.
4. Texas- LW 4- The Horns will need help from voters and the computers. Can they stay ahead of Oklahoma in the BCS rankings? That is the tie-breaker in the Big 12 South. I have a feeling that the team from the South will wax Missouri.
5. University of Southern California- LW 5- The Trojans beat the hapless Irish rather easily. A date with UCLA is all that stands between them and the Rose Bowl. The National Title game looks unlikely at this point.
6. Pennsylvania State University- LW 6- The Lions are in the clubhouse and have a chance to prove themselves in the Rose Bowl. Outside of the Iowa game (who ended up with 8 wins) this team has been very impressive, easily dispatching of the other teams on their schedule.
7. Utah- LW 7- The Utes are done with their season and are waiting for their destination for their BCS bowl. Will the Utes be able to prove that they are one of the top teams in the country and the MWC has arrived as being on the same level as the BCS conferences (from top to bottom?)?
8. Texas Tech- LW 8- The Red Raiders struggled with Baylor. Perhaps it was a hangover from the Oklahoma drubbing. They don’t have a shot at the Big 12 title game because Ok. St. lost tonight.
9. Boise State- LW 9- The Broncos put it on Fresno. They have been impressive in their games, but their opponents have been less than stellar. BCS bowl or Humanitarian bowl appear the likely destinations. This is their third undefeated season in the last 5 years.
10. Ohio State- LW 10- The Bucks are basking in the glory of their gold pants over a large turkey dinner. They still have a chance to get to a BCS game thanks to Oregon State’s loss. Do they get picked over an undefeated Boise? Should they?
11. Cincinnati- LW 16- The Bearcats are a solid team who finds a way to win games. They have 10 wins, a date with Hawaii and then the Orange bowl. A 12 win season is not out of the question, really impressive.
12. Ball State- LW 14- Ball State still has one more game against Buffalo. If they win that game they will 13-0. A win in their bowl game could give them a 14 wins season, I don’t care who you play that is a great year, congrats to Ball State.
13. Oregon- LW 20- The Ducks absolutely put it on a pretty good Oregon State team. They dismantled their opponents and rumbled for almost 700 yards against them. This win most likely puts them in the Holiday Bowl.
14. Georgia Tech- LW 17- A nice win against UGA. Their offense is very good with Dwyer and their other skill players. Nesbit has made a difference at QB and his footwork is outstanding. Finishing the season with 9 wins in Paul Johnson’s first year is impressive.
15. Texas Christian- LW 18- The Horned Frogs continue to climb in the rankings, and they will most likely not be rewarded by their bowl selection. Their win against BYU still looms large in many minds.
16. Oklahoma State- LW 11- They gave up a boatload of points to the Sooners…but so is everyone else playing the Sooners. Zac Robinson and their offense with Hunter and Bryant will give some DC nightmares as they watch their film preparing for their bowl game.
17. Michigan State- LW 22- The Spartans have shown that they are not the team who collapses in the second half of the season, I attribute most of that to Mark Dantonio who is a great coach. Outback bowl?
18. Brigham Young University- LW 21- The Cougars had a nice season in the MWC, but their losses against TCU and Utah most likely really hurt their bowl chances at least a good bowl game.
19. Boston College- LW 25- The Eagles have a very good defense and have a chance to prove themselves in the ACC championship game (I think…).
20. Georgia- LW 13- I am glutton for punishment with this team. They are too talented to keep losing these games right? Their defense looked uninspired and confused against the option attack of GT.
21. Missouri- LW 12- What happened against Kansas? We know it is a rivalry game and perhaps they were looking ahead to the Big 12 title game, but there is no excuse for that. They might be in a lot of trouble in the Big 12 title game. A lot.
22. Northwestern- LW 23- The Cats had a great season. Pat Fitzgerald is the youngest coach in the NCAA and he is doing a great job under tough academic standards, mostly because of the passion he has for the game.
23. Ole Miss- LW 24- Ole Miss had a great turnaround which culminated in dominating Miss St. in the Egg bowl. Houston Nutt has done an outstanding job this year, and Jevon Snead is showing why he was a highly touted recruit.
24. Iowa- LW UR- Iowa has a dynamic run game with Shonn Greene and their defense has been solid. They have 8 wins including an impressive win over Penn State.
25. Pittsburgh- LW UR- Pitt has Shady McCoy and when they use him right they are a very solid team. Their pass game leaves something to be desired though. No doubt how good Shady is though…he might be gone after this year.

Dropped out of the rankings: Oregon State (15), Florida State (19)

POW: Sam Bradford again he had an outstanding game on the big stage.

Heisman: Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Tim Tebow, Graham Harrell

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