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Quiet Sweep

Posted on: September 14, 2009 1:07 pm

If a team gets swept at home over the weekend and no one’s around to hear it does it make a sound.  Nope.  No one heard the Diamondbacks lose over the weekend, and probably not many people have noticed that they went 2-10 in their past twelve games.  With a full weekend of college and pro football games a team that has not been competitive since day one is merely a footnote on the local sports scene.  Friday night’s game didn’t even draw 20,000 fans, Sunday’s was only slightly better with 21,000.


I suppose fans have decided that they have seen all that the Diamondbacks have to offer this season, and that every game is a mere sequel to one that has already been played.  Yesterday it was the game where the starting pitcher gives up one run in six innings only to hand it over to the bullpen which promptly gives up four runs and the offense manages only seven hits.  Saturday night it was the game where the starter goes four innings and gives up six runs and the offense manages only seven hits, somewhat of a repeat of Friday’s game where the starter went three innings and gave up five runs.


There have been story lines that we have clung to this season, such as the pre All Star hype about Dan Haren being a Cy Young candidate, Mark Reynolds challenging Albert Pujols for the home run title, or the Diamondbacks playing the role of spoiler, but those discussions have now faded.  There have been exciting debuts of players such as Brandon Allen, who a few weeks ago looked like he may be the answer to the Diamondbacks seven year drought at first base.  Allen has hit .188 over the past week and is now batting .200 for the season.  Eric Byrnes has returned to the lineup and Diamondbacks have returned to being one of the worst hitting teams in baseball, batting an embarrassing .234 in September.


The only thing that Diamondbacks have to look forward to is that there are only 12 more games in what will be the third worst season in their history, a year that they were supposed to contend for the division.  I guess there is one more thing to watch for though.  The Dbacks have 62 wins at this point.  If they cannot win 3 of their next 12 they will have a worse record than they did in their expansion season of 1998, when their record was 65-97.  That is something that Josh Byrnes and AJ Hinch could really hang their hat on.

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