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Mark Reynolds, Strike Out King... Again

Posted on: September 23, 2009 2:29 pm

I would be remiss if I did not note that Mark Reynolds beat his own all time strikeout record last night.  I have been a Mark Reynolds apologist all season and will continue to do so.  I would like it if he struck out less, but his production ranks up there with any of the top names. 

2nd in NL HR, more than Prince Fielder
4th in NL SLG, higher than Adrian Gonzalez
12th in NL OPS, higher than Ryan Howard
9th in NL RBI, more than Chase Utley
11th in NL SB, as many as Shane Victorino
14th in NL BB, more than David Wright

A strikeout is only worse than an out made by a ball put in play when there are runners in scoring position and less than two outs.  Even then a lot of the time the hit ball does not result in a "productive out."  And a strikeout is only better than an out made by a ball put in play when there is a runner on first, less than two outs, and it is a ground ball.  Most of the time, an out is an out.  While it's not the type notoriety that the Diamondbacks want, it does put them back in the headlines after six months of obscurity.  So hate on haters, keep your David Wrights and Alex Rodriguezes

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