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HOF Nominee Rod Woodson Honorary Co-Captain

Posted on: January 15, 2009 1:43 pm
Edited on: January 15, 2009 1:48 pm

Having won his Superbowl ring wearing Purple and Black, NFL Hall of Fame nominee and former Steelers cornerback Rod Woodson will be serving as honorary Captain for the.... Pittsburgh Steelers, according to Ed Bouchette with the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Woodson, in his online chat with today acknowledged that if he had to chose a team to be inducted into the HOF from, he would pick the Steelers.   Woodson will be serving as honorary co-captain, with another Steelers HOF nominee, former Steeler center, Dermontti Dawson. 

Last week, former Steeler running back Jerome Bettis was on hand for the coin toss in the Chargers/Steelers game. 


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Posted on: January 23, 2009 9:06 am

HOF Nominee Rod Woodson Honorary Co-Captain

I hope noone has a huge problem with Woodson having been a Raven.  I for one do not.  The NFL has seen so many "defections" since free agency.  Some are player driven other are team driven.  Emmitt Smith a Cardinal?  Thurman Thomas a Miami Dolphin?  Those were two inter division moves not too long ago.  I think it is ashame Woodson couldn't be a career Steeler, but that is how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Also I see your point JSB in the Steelers not having "mental discipline" during the game.  However, I think that is more a byproduct of the intense rivalry between the Steelers and Ravens.  In the SB I believe they will not have the angst and "hatred" towards the Cardinals.  The Steelers Ravens rivalry is based on sheer number of encounters the two teams have had in the last decade.  These encounters have had alot of playoff implications.  With the SB I believe there is going to be a mutual respect by each team not mutual on the field hatred.

Both teams are playing to a very high level.  Both teams and coaches know they can't let the refs / penalties decide the fate of their franchises.  The influence of both coaches will hopefully lessen the unecessary agression after the play ends type penalties.  I think the SB does not have the same intensity as divisional playoffs and conference championships.

Go Steelers!


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Posted on: January 19, 2009 5:43 pm

HOF Nominee Rod Woodson Honorary Co-Captain

     Hi, mum. That Woodson and Dawson go into the HOF matters more than
which team affiliation they enter with.  The days when a player at a skill or
quasi-skill position has 'allegiance' to any team are long gone. 
     Dawson, and other Oline players can still spend the bulk of their career
with one team, but other positions, really, no.  Fans still retain a team
allegiance (frequently).  Players follow $ in this day and age.

     Congratulations to your guys for Sunday's W vs Baltimore.  When
that idiot penalty deepish in Steelers territory forced the punt,
G runback, another penalty, and the Ravens drive from the 1 for
their 1st touchdown,  you may have had some doubts ?   Mental
discipline is not 'big' on the Steelers priority list, or taking a dumb
retaliation penalty would have been near the top of the list.
     While you don't have a credible running game vs a decent
defense, you should be ok for the SB.  If there is a danger out
there, it might be having Fitzgerald coming down his side against
Taylor.  I expect he will be getting help.
      Way too early to speculate now, but in future seasons, Flacco
won't be a rookie, and they might get him a real 'deep threat'.
He certainly has the arm for it.  I have said several times this year
and last that Baltimore has secondary issues (on both corners) --
it's certainly possible that they might address this.
      For this year, your guys had a ferocious schedule, and look
like they're good for the year.  Congrats.

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Posted on: January 17, 2009 7:40 pm

HOF Nominee Rod Woodson Honorary Co-Captain

Rod Woodson has proclaimed himself a Steeler as soon as he retired. It should be noted that Woodson never wished to leave the Steelers and did not pursue other offers until the Steelers extended a formal offer to Alvoid Mays before they did him. Rod Woodson is the best all around corner to play the game in the last 30 years and finished his career as a very good safety with the Ravens and Raiders. For Steeler fans who want to hold his time in baltimore against him you have to remember that the Steelers weren't offering him anything at the time.


Woodson was also one of the better punt returners of the late 80's and 90's, he finished his career with 4 special teams TDs and 13 defensive TDs. He is a sure fire Hall Of Famer, hopefully his former team mate Dermontti Dawson will get in soon as well.

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Posted on: January 17, 2009 6:42 am

HOF Nominee Rod Woodson Honorary Co-Captain

One of my all time favourite safeties and I am not so sure that despite the numbers he put up in his career he is appreciated as much as he should be by the general football public. Seventy one career interceptions is a huge number and unlikely to matched by players playing today despite the pass happy nature of the league as it is.

A lock for a first time H of F I am sure most people will remember him as a Steeler despite the fact he won a Super Bowl with the Ravens.

Going to be a tough weekend for you Mom, guess Sunday cannot come quickly enough. Looking forward to the party please note my accommodation reservation was first in!

Good luck for the game!

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Posted on: January 17, 2009 6:20 am

HOF Nominee Rod Woodson Honorary Co-Captain


Having watched Rod Woodson on NFL Total Access, there is no doubt where his loyalty is.  Despite that he has worn the purple and black, when it comes to the Steelers, he's still one at heart. 

During the live online chat they had with him, the question was posed what team he would be going in the HOF under.  Although he said that the HOF process doesn't work that way, if he had to pick a team to go in under, it would be the Steelers because of the Rooneys. 

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Posted on: January 16, 2009 8:13 am

HOF Nominee Rod Woodson Honorary Co-Captain


I am a little bit torn on this one... Rod Woodson was a phenomenal player... he was a great Steeler, but he also wore the Purple with his Black... I can only hope that he goes over the top to show the fans of Heinz Field that he is a Steeler through and through... for his sake, I hope he comes out waving that Terrible Towel...

As for DD... he is a Steeler through and through... I can only hope that the Hall of Fame realizes how amazing he was at the center position... not only did he lead a line that put up amazing rushing numbers with a variety of backs (he made Hoge look good)... he was one of the first and by far the best center ever at pulling and leading a sweep...

Kind of wish Jerome was there to give Willie Parker his kick in the ass before the game again...

As for Rod picking the Steelers... uh-yeah... take a look at all the players that have retired that are still loved long after their playing days are over by Steeler Nation... the same can not be said for other organizations... being a Steeler is a way of life... ask Kevin Greene...

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