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It's SUPER Wednesday!

Posted on: February 6, 2008 10:24 am
Edited on: February 23, 2008 8:03 pm
I figure this week we've already had a Super Sunday, a Super Tuesday (doubling up as a Fat Tuesday also). Later this week, we're having Average Thursday and Death-to-my-Liver Saturday!

Things I Love:
  • Frozen Butterfingers.
  • Fake breasts.
  • MOCK DRAFTS BABY!!! That's right, we finally have mock draft capabilities at You can go on and pick what style mock draft you want (H2H or Roto), what player pools to use (Mixed, AL-only or NL-only) and what size league (10-12 leagues). This is a separate product outside of our normal commissioner leagues, but -- IT"S STILL FREE! There are plenty of mock drafts you can join within every hour, and these are GREAT tools to use when you want to get an idea of what players you might end up with in your REAL draft. You can pick WHERE you want to draft even. And your mock drafts will remain on your site, available for you to go back and look at as much as you want. Try picking in different spots, and see what's good for trends and runs.
  • Farting while I pee.
  • Real breasts.
  • When kids run into things because they aren't looking.

Things I Hate:
  • The fact that even though I've watched every episode of LOST since it began in '04 -- and I'm still LOST. (Scott White, one of our new writers, watched all three seasons over the summer, like three times, and he's Rain Man with this stuff now. But asking him what's going on means I have to talk to him -- and we can't have that.)
  • The Fantasy value of most Padres and Giants hitters.
  • No matter how I try and post something in HTML in these blogs, something always gets screwed up. (See below.)
  • When Emack's breath invades my cube.
  • When I run into things because I'm not looking.

(Seriously, I want to punch Bret Michaels every time he says it. Pretend I didn't just confess to you that I watch "Rock of Love II.")
I'm in a league on, which basically uses defensive scoring along with batting and pitching. It's my first time in this type of league. Emack is in some APBA leagues, which uses defense and it goes off of the previous year's stats. So this year, it goes off of last year's stats for the whole season. Emack is also in a league that takes into account a player's eye color, number of siblings and bowel movements. He has issues.
So my expansion draft roster looks like this: 1B James Loney, 2B Chase Utley,SS Edgar Renteria, 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff, OF Hunter Pence, OF Jeff Francoeur, OF Rocco Baldelli, SP John Maine, RP Jose Valverde, SP Mark Prior -- minor leaguers: SP Ross Detwiler, SP Troy Patton and SP Philip Humber. We'll see, but I'm expecting to get my hat handed to me. Some of the players in this league include two of my good friends: Tristan Cockcroft and Nando DiFino of, and freakin' former Phillies 1B Rico Brogna! That's kinda neat. I'm going to ask him to sign my boob.

Emack and I are participating in an NL-only auction this afternoon on -- you have to do one of these. The auctions work in conjunction with our commissioner leagues, so give it a shot. I'll let you know how I end up. I think I'm going to bid $1 on every player, and hope the price is lower than what everyone else bid. Like The Price is Right.

BIGS Draft Happenings
We're conducting our AL-only and NL-only H2H drafts this month (they're slow drafts with four-hour time limits). Our PR guy, Alex Riethmiller, picked up Ben Sheets in the sixth round. He's actually gotten a chance to know Sheets throughout the years because the pitcher plays Fantasy Football on our site. So Riethmiller sent an email to Ben alerting him of his selection in the sixth. Sheets responded with an email replying, "You may go to jail for stealing that one. Relax, I got you this year bro." And then, from what my sources tell me, he injured himself when he hit "SEND" and he yelled, "Owww!!! MY ELBOW, LEG, ARM, EYE AND EAR!!!!"

Writer's Strike Fun Times
A "new " friend of mine that happens to be dealing with the writer's strike sent me this funny video that he and some friends produced because of the strike. It's a video about what baseball nuts do during the offseason. Good stuff!
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Posted on: February 7, 2008 12:29 pm

It's SUPER Wednesday!

Lots of references to breasts/boobs in this column, Gonos. I LOVE IT KEEP IT UP OK GREAT THANX!!!!

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Posted on: February 6, 2008 1:13 pm

It's SUPER Wednesday!

This Wednesday is even more SUPER because Gonos won't be crouching behind the plate tonight.  The umpires will be very pleased...

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Posted on: February 6, 2008 11:25 am

It's SUPER Wednesday!

Funny stuff.

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