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Posted on: March 1, 2010 11:31 am
Edited on: March 1, 2010 11:59 am
HOLLYWOOD, Fla. -- So you say you're a Fantasy freak. Let's find out: What would it take for you to miss your draft?

A hot date? Your wedding? Your anniversary?

How about being with your wife and just born first born?

That last obstacle wasn't good enough for Dean Weisgold from the Cheltenham Baseball league on Imagine being screamed at by your laboring wife while on speakphone with your leaguemates on Draft Day.

"You care more about your stupid Fantasy team than you do about me and the baby!" they heard in the background.

Save for the screaming wife and crying newborn, there was otherwise silence over the call at that point ...

"I'll take Cole Hamels," Weisgold responded, calmly, in Round 6.

That is what Weisgold had to endure because he hasn't missed a draft in a league that began some 22 years ago -- back when Fantasy scores where tabulated with pencil and paper and the results had to be U.S. snail mailed out. He hadn't let his Fantasy friends down before and he wasn't going to miss year the league's 20th-anniversary draft for the world.

The laboring wife was none too thrilled, but this story was written and submitted by leaguemate Doug Aaron at the urging of son David and wound up earning Weisgold and his Fantasy mates 12 flights from Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Aaron's entry made the Cheltenham Baseball league winners of's ULTIMATE Fantasy Baseball Draft Party, which paid for the flights, hotel accomodations, transportation, their league and a draft party attended by this Fantasy writer at the Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday, Feb. 27 (approximate retail value: $15,400).

In the end, the angst was worth it. They got to spend their draft away from the snowstorms in the northeast this past weekend, and did it on's dime.

Coincidentally, we ranked Weisgold's team tops in the 11-team mixed Head-to-Head league with standard scoring. If nothing else, he gets points for devotion to Fantasy Baseball.

Here are the results:

Draft Results
Round 1
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Pujols, Albert 1B STL
2 Michael Goldberg Ramirez, Hanley SS FLA
3 David Aaron Braun, Ryan J. LF MIL
4 John Warr Utley, Chase 2B PHI
5 Rob Quint Rodriguez, Alex 3B NYY
6 Dean Weisgold Fielder, Prince 1B MIL
7 Adam Weiss Mauer, Joe C MIN
8 Richard Kupersmith Teixeira, Mark 1B NYY
9 Dan Aaron Halladay, Roy SP PHI
10 Doug Aaron Lincecum, Tim SP SF
11 Fred Diamond Hernandez, Felix SP SEA
Round 2
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Howard, Ryan 1B PHI
2 Doug Aaron Holliday, Matt LF STL
3 Dan Aaron Jeter, Derek SS NYY
4 Richard Kupersmith Kinsler, Ian 2B TEX
5 Adam Weiss Longoria, Evan 3B TB
6 Dean Weisgold Cabrera, Miguel 1B DET
7 Rob Quint Tulowitzki, Troy SS COL
8 John Warr Wright, David 3B NYM
9 David Aaron Sabathia, CC SP NYY
10 Michael Goldberg Kemp, Matt CF LA
11 Steve Ryan Crawford, Carl LF TB
Round 3
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Greinke, Zack SP KC
2 Michael Goldberg Pedroia, Dustin 2B BOS
3 David Aaron Gonzalez, Adrian 1B SD
4 John Warr Ellsbury, Jacoby CF BOS
5 Rob Quint Verlander, Justin SP DET
6 Dean Weisgold Santana, Johan SP NYM
7 Adam Weiss Wainwright, Adam SP STL
8 Richard Kupersmith Reynolds, Mark 3B ARI
9 Dan Aaron Martinez, Victor C BOS
10 Doug Aaron Zimmerman, Ryan 3B WAS
11 Fred Diamond Rollins, Jimmy SS PHI
Round 4
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Sandoval, Pablo 3B SF
2 Doug Aaron Morneau, Justin 1B MIN
3 Dan Aaron Youkilis, Kevin 1B BOS
4 Richard Kupersmith Lester, Jon SP BOS
5 Adam Weiss Reyes, Jose B. SS NYM
6 Dean Weisgold Hill, Aaron 2B TOR
7 Rob Quint Cano, Rob Quintinson 2B NYY
8 John Warr Morales, Kendry 1B ANA
9 David Aaron Lind, Adam LF TOR
10 Michael Goldberg Haren, Dan SP ARI
11 Steve Ryan McCann, Brian C ATL
Round 5
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Granderson, Curtis CF NYY
2 Michael Goldberg Sizemore, Grady CF CLE
3 David Aaron Johnson, Josh SP FLA
4 John Warr Peavy, Jake SP CHW
5 Rob Quint Upton, Justin RF ARI
6 Dean Weisgold Lee, Cliff SP SEA
7 Adam Weiss Werth, Jayson RF PHI
8 Richard Kupersmith Hanson, Tommy SP ATL
9 Dan Aaron Beckett, Josh SP BOS
10 Doug Aaron Ethier, Andre RF LA
11 Fred Diamond Rob Quinterts, Brian 2B BAL
Round 6
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Bay, Jason LF NYM
2 Doug Aaron Zobrist, Ben 2B TB
3 Dan Aaron Upton, B.J. CF TB
4 Richard Kupersmith Gallardo, Yovani SP MIL
5 Adam Weiss Cain, Matt SP SF
6 Dean Weisgold Carpenter, Chris SP STL
7 Rob Quint Votto, Joey 1B CIN
8 John Warr Markakis, Nick RF BAL
9 David Aaron Ramirez, Manny LF LA
10 Michael Goldberg Vazquez, Javier SP NYY
11 Steve Ryan Kershaw, Clayton SP LA
Round 7
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Uggla, Dan 2B FLA
2 Michael Goldberg Dunn, Adam LF WAS
3 David Aaron Hamels, Cole SP PHI
4 John Warr Jimenez, Ubaldo SP COL
5 Rob Quint Lackey, John SP BOS
6 Dean Weisgold Quentin, Carlos LF CHW
7 Adam Weiss Suzuki, Ichiro RF SEA
8 Richard Kupersmith Cruz, Nelson R. RF TEX
9 Dan Aaron Papelbon, Jonathan RP BOS
10 Doug Aaron Webb, Brandon SP ARI
11 Fred Diamond Weaver, Jered SP ANA
Round 8
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Nathan, Joe RP MIN
2 Doug Aaron Rivera, Mariano RP NYY
3 Dan Aaron Broxton, Jonathan RP LA
4 Richard Kupersmith Ramirez, Alexei SS CHW
5 Adam Weiss Butler, Billy 1B KC
6 Dean Weisgold Lee, Carlos N. LF HOU
7 Rob Quint Rodriguez, Wandy SP HOU
8 John Warr Rodriguez, Francisco J. RP NYM
9 David Aaron Beckham, Gordon 3B CHW
10 Michael Goldberg Billingsley, Chad SP LA
11 Steve Ryan Berkman, Lance 1B HOU
Round 9
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Wilson, Brian RP SF
2 Michael Goldberg Kazmir, Scott SP ANA
3 David Aaron Wieters, Matt C BAL
4 John Warr Montero, Miguel C ARI
5 Rob Quint Posada, Jorge C NYY
6 Dean Weisgold Ramirez, Aramis 3B CHC
7 Adam Weiss Jones, Adam CF BAL
8 Richard Kupersmith Pence, Hunter RF HOU
9 Dan Aaron Sheets, Ben SP OAK
10 Doug Aaron Choo, Shin-Soo RF CLE
11 Fred Diamond Victorino, Shane CF PHI
Round 10
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Abreu, Bobby RF ANA
2 Doug Aaron Phillips, Brandon 2B CIN
3 Dan Aaron Polanco, Placido 2B PHI
4 Richard Kupersmith Bell, Heath RP SD
5 Adam Weiss Lopez, Jose 2B SEA
6 Dean Weisgold Hamilton, Josh CF TEX
7 Rob Quint Gonzalez, Carlos OF COL
8 John Warr Zambrano, Carlos SP CHC
9 David Aaron McCutchen, Andrew OF PIT
10 Michael Goldberg Figgins, Chone 3B SEA
11 Steve Ryan Bartlett, Jason SS TB
Round 11
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Burnett, A.J. SP NYY
2 Michael Goldberg Street, Huston RP COL
3 David Aaron Garza, Matt SP TB
4 John Warr Lee, Derrek 1B CHC
5 Rob Quint Shields, James SP TB
6 Dean Weisgold Jurrjens, Jair SP ATL
7 Adam Weiss Nolasco, Ricky SP FLA
8 Richard Kupersmith Baker, Scott SP MIN
9 Dan Aaron Stewart, Ian 3B COL
10 Doug Aaron Jackson, Edwin SP ARI
11 Fred Diamond Wolf, Randy SP MIL
Round 12
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Hunter, Torii CF ANA
2 Doug Aaron Scherzer, Max SP DET
3 Dan Aaron Ibanez, Raul LF PHI
4 Richard Kupersmith Soto, Geovany C CHC
5 Adam Weiss Danks, John SP CHW
6 Dean Weisgold Happ, J.A. SP PHI
7 Rob Quint Beltran, Carlos CF NYM
8 John Warr Bruce, Jay RF CIN
9 David Aaron Price, David SP TB
10 Michael Goldberg Cuddyer, Michael RF MIN
11 Steve Ryan McLouth, Nate CF ATL
Round 13
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Young, Michael 3B TEX
2 Michael Goldberg Oswalt, Roy SP HOU
3 David Aaron Fuentes, Brian RP ANA
4 John Warr Matsuzaka, Daisuke SP BOS
5 Rob Quint Hawpe, Brad RF COL
6 Dean Weisgold Floyd, Gavin SP CHW
7 Adam Weiss Kubel, Jason LF MIN
8 Richard Kupersmith Soria, Joakim RP KC
9 Dan Aaron Damon, Johnny LF DET
10 Doug Aaron Lowe, Derek SP ATL
11 Fred Diamond Martin, Russell C LA
Round 14
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Blanton, Joe SP PHI
2 Doug Aaron Molina, Bengie C SF
3 Dan Aaron Harden, Rich SP TEX
4 Richard Kupersmith Anderson, Brett SP OAK
5 Adam Weiss Aardsma, David RP SEA
6 Dean Weisgold Suzuki, Kurt C OAK
7 Rob Quint Pena, Carlos 1B TB
8 John Warr Cueto, Johnny SP CIN
9 David Aaron Franklin, Ryan RP STL
10 Michael Goldberg Wells, Vernon CF TOR
11 Steve Ryan Lilly, Ted SP CHC
Round 15
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Rasmus, Colby CF STL
2 Michael Goldberg Cantu, Jorge 1B FLA
3 David Aaron Andrus, Elvis SS TEX
4 John Warr Valverde, Jose RP DET
5 Rob Quint Soriano, Alfonso LF CHC
6 Dean Weisgold Soriano, Rafael RP TB
7 Adam Weiss Heyward, Jason OF ATL
8 Richard Kupersmith Rios, Alex RF CHW
9 Dan Aaron Pettitte, Andy SP NYY
10 Doug Aaron Span, Denard RF MIN
11 Fred Diamond Morgan, Nyjer LF WAS
Round 16
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Hudson, Tim SP ATL
2 Doug Aaron Hoffman, Trevor RP MIL
3 Dan Aaron Hudson, Orlando 2B MIN
4 Richard Kupersmith Konerko, Paul 1B CHW
5 Adam Weiss Porcello, Rick SP DET
6 Dean Weisgold Drew, Stephen SS ARI
7 Rob Quint Marmol, Carlos RP CHC
8 John Warr Young, Chris B. CF ARI
9 David Aaron Strasburg, Stephen SP WAS
10 Michael Goldberg Bailey, Andrew RP OAK
11 Steve Ryan Liriano, Francisco SP MIN
Round 17
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Cordero, Francisco RP CIN
2 Michael Goldberg Sanchez, Jonathan O. SP SF
3 David Aaron Jones, Garrett 1B PIT
4 John Warr De La Rosa, Jorge SP COL
5 Rob Quint Hughes, Phil SP NYY
6 Dean Weisgold Jones, Chipper 3B ATL
7 Adam Weiss Lidge, Brad RP PHI
8 Richard Kupersmith Buchholz, Clay SP BOS
9 Dan Aaron Ortiz, David DH BOS
10 Doug Aaron Kuroda, Hiroki SP LA
11 Fred Diamond Wood, Kerry RP CLE
Round 18
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Swisher, Nick CF NYY
2 Doug Aaron Coghlan, Chris LF FLA
3 Dan Aaron Loney, James 1B LA
4 Richard Kupersmith Davis, Chris 1B TEX
5 Adam Weiss Dempster, Ryan SP CHC
6 Dean Weisgold Guerrero, Vladimir DH TEX
7 Rob Quint Cabrera, Asdrubal SS CLE
8 John Warr Escobar, Alcides SS MIL
9 David Aaron Prado, Martin 2B ATL
10 Michael Goldberg Matusz, Brian SP BAL
11 Steve Ryan Blanks, Kyle RF SD
Round 19
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Ludwick, Ryan RF STL
2 Michael Goldberg Wagner, Billy RP ATL
3 David Aaron Borbon, Julio CF TEX
4 John Warr Weeks, Rickie 2B MIL
5 Rob Quint Maine, John SP NYM
6 Dean Weisgold Escobar, Yunel SS ATL
7 Adam Weiss Feldman, Scott SP TEX
8 Richard Kupersmith Francisco, Frank RP TEX
9 Dan Aaron Matsui, Hideki DH ANA
10 Doug Aaron Hardy, J.J. SS MIN
11 Fred Diamond Saunders, Joe SP ANA
Round 20
Pick Team Player
1 Fred Diamond Buehrle, Mark SP CHW
2 Doug Aaron Penny, Brad SP STL
3 Dan Aaron Pierre, Juan LF CHW
4 Richard Kupersmith Snider, Travis OF TOR
5 Adam Weiss LaRoche, Adam 1B ARI
6 Dean Weisgold Jenks, Bobby RP CHW
7 Rob Quint Nunez, Leo RP FLA
8 John Warr Marcum, Shaun SP TOR
9 David Aaron Feliz, Neftali RP TEX
10 Michael Goldberg Santana, Ervin SP ANA
11 Steve Ryan Tejada, Miguel SS BAL
Round 21
Pick Team Player
1 Steve Ryan Slowey, Kevin SP MIN
2 Michael Goldberg Molina, Yadier C STL
3 David Aaron Morrow, Brandon SP TOR
4 John Warr Kendrick, Howie 2B ANA
5 Rob Quint Chamberlain, Joba SP NYY
6 Dean Weisgold Doumit, Ryan C PIT
7 Adam Weiss Beltre, Adrian 3B BOS
8 Richard Kupersmith Stubbs, Drew OF CIN
9 Dan Aaron Ruiz, Carlos C PHI
10 Doug Aaron Bailey, Homer SP CIN
11 Fred Diamond Eaton, Adam SP UFA

In a quick post-draft review -- real quick, like just a few minutes -- we ranked the drafted teams in the following order:

1. Dean Weisgold
2. Michael Goldberg
3. Steve Ryan
4. Fred Diamond
5. Rob Quint
6. David Aaron
7. Doug Aaron
8. Adam Weiss
9. Dan Aaron
10. Richard Kupersmith
11. John Warr

It was real tough to slot most of the teams in any order, because they are so closely bunched. This draft went about the way most standard drafts will go, save for some early picks with the hometown Phillies. The fact free agent Adam Eaton was picked at all -- fittingly as Mr. Irrelevant as the last pick overall -- was merely a tribute to rooting for the home team. They are from Philly, after-all, most of them doning the team colors Saturday.

The winning entrant's teenage son, David, did get chastised (slightly) for selecting Braun No. 3 overall, before the likes of A-Rod, Utley or Mauer. Poor kid.

But it wasn't as bad as the pregame Syracuse-Villanova college basketball smack talk (again, it was Philly crowd), becaue David was wearing a Villanova hat. This Fantasy writer was schooled at Syracuse. David was reminded not only is Syracuse better at basketball, but it also has a much more well-regarded journalism program. He wants to become a Fantasy writer some day, perhaps.

It is a good thing his draft went a lot better than the Wildcats' game that night. Despite that setback, David and the rest of the Cheltenham crew seemed to enjoy their prize -- save for Mrs. Weisgold and baby, who is now almost 2 years old.

Unfortunately, they didn't make the trip.

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