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How to write a mock draft in 20 minutes

Posted on: April 23, 2008 4:46 pm
One of the first discussions I had with my managing editor, Peter Madden, was the irrelevance of an NFL Mock Draft on a Fantasy site.

"The NFL Draft process only has Fantasy relevance once the players are taken," my boss told me (or he told me something like that. I can't remember it was three years ago. I can't remember what my kid's name is but I can tell you anything you want to know about Quentin Griffin).

So doing a mock draft was taboo in the Fantasy department ... until today.

For some reason, Peter is in an amazing mood. Short of winning the lottery or hearing great news about his beloved Boston Red Sox, something must have struck him because he gave me permission to do a mock draft. And without me pestering him, either!

"But if it takes you more than 20 minutes, I'm burying your links," he said. Or something to that effect. I can't remember, it was three hours ago.

So I'm not going to waste any more time. Here's what's on my mind.

The 20-minute clock starts ... NOW!

1. Miami - Jake Long

2. St. Louis - Glenn Dorsey
Best defensive player available.

3. Kansas City (trade w/ Atlanta) - Chris Long
I love this. The ol' Raiders Hall of Famer's son comes to the arch-rival to play in the spot made open by Jared Allen's departure. Chiefs fans will LOVE seeing Howie wearing a Chiefs hat in Radio City Music Hall.

4. Oakland - Vernon Gholston
Darren McFadden is an option, but Gholston is the cherry on top of a much improved defense.

5. Atlanta (trade w/ Kansas City) - Matt Ryan
Figure the Falcons get a second-round pick in addition to the quarterback they would have taken at 3 anyway.

6. New York Jets - Darren McFadden
Finally, a rookie RB whose hype will (almost) match where he gets drafted in Fantasy leagues.

7. New England - Leodis McKelvin
Pats need some youth on defense; McKelvin can play as a cornerback under Belichick's tutelage and work on special teams.

8. New Orleans (trade w/ Baltimore) - Sedrick Ellis
The Ravens move down, pick up a 2 and stick it to the Bengals. Ellis fills a huge need (literally) for the Saints.

9. Cincinnati - Keith Rivers
Drafted a year too late, Rivers will help shore up the Bengals' suddenly plentiful LB corps.

10. Baltimore (trade w/ New Orleans) - Branden Albert
The Ravens need depth and talent along the O-line. Albert fits the bill.

11. Buffalo - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
Bills defense adds more speed, more energy. And now they're formidable.

12. Denver - Ryan Clady
See Baltimore at 10. Clady won't have to change his allegiance -- he's still a Bronco!

13. Detroit (trade w/ Carolina) - Rashard Mendenhall
Fearing that the Bears take Mendenhall, the Lions move up to get their guy. They would also settle for Derrick Harvey.

14. Arizona (trade w/ Chicago) - Derrick Harvey
They need a DE of the future and don't want anyone else to get it.

15. Carolina (trade w/ Detroit) - Jonathan Stewart
The perfect compliment to DeAngelo Williams

16. Chicago (trade w/ Arizona) - Jeff Otah
As much as I think Otah is overrated, the Bears cannot ignore O-line needs.

17. Kansas City - Brian Brohm
Makes too much sense. The Chiefs now have added key players to both sides of the football.

18. Houston - Mike Jenkins
So tempted to give them a RB, but the youthful cornerback helps their defense.

19. Eagles - Devin Thomas
I don't like any of the WRs going this early, but Thomas can help out some now and realy develop into a No. 1 WR later.

Clock's running out on me ...

20. San Francisco (trade w/ Tampa Bay) - Gosder Cherilus
21. Washington Redskins - Philip Merling
22. Dallas - Limas Sweed
23. Pittsburgh - Jerod Mayo
24. Tennessee - Kentwan Balmer
25. N.Y. Giants (trade w/ Seattle involving Shockey) -  Kenny Phillips
26. Jacksonville - Calais Campbell
27. San Diego - Chris Williams
28. Dallas - Felix Jones
29. Tampa Bay (trade w/ San Fran) - DeSean Jackson
30. Green Bay - Dustin Keller
31. Seattle (trade w/ New York) - James Hardy

... with 30 seconds to spare!!
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Posted on: April 25, 2008 10:39 am

How to write a mock draft in 20 minutes

You really think think the Chiefs won't take at least ONE offensive lineman in the first round.  I'm hoping they take two then a DL in round two and maybe a corner and another OL in round three.  Brian Brohm or John Elway are the same guy if they spend most of their time on the field laying on their back.

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Posted on: April 24, 2008 4:20 pm

How to write a mock draft in 20 minutes

Mock drafts are a crap-shoot, but I like this 'Blink' version. 20 minutes didn't give you enough time to hyperanalyze it. Just a couple of observations.

I'd love to see that many trades happen on draft day and I think IF it's gonna happen, this will be the year for it. With the NFL working so hard to achieve parity these past decades, they finally have it in the draft too; just not that many players who are head & shoulders above the pack. It's ALL pack these days!

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Posted on: April 23, 2008 6:22 pm

How to write a mock draft in 20 minutes

Heh, not bad, but you are banking on waaay too many trades, but then again nobody said you were Mel Kiper. Actually, if you were, you would be a total tool. Sorry, he just annoys me too much, and can be pretty arrogant. But he's a personality.

Anyway... where's Malcolm Kelly? I mean not even 3 weeks ago everyone has him going 11 to Buffalo, and now he slips below James Hardy? Don't get that.
And why do people have Dan Connor not in their first round. Granted Poszulzny (sp?) fell to round 2, but he was the second pick of round 2, and Buffalo shipped a lot away to get him at that spot. And him and Connor are like the same player. Very solid LBs, with a knack for the game. Low ceiling - sure, but he would help any D in the league.
And what's the deal with Jerod Mayo? He's undersized (he's really 6'0, not 6'1''), suffered some injuries, and with runs in the middle, he gets destroyed by lineman (relating him to being undersized). And he isn't a great tackler as well. Quite frankly, I don't get why his stock is just skyrocketing.
And there is no way Cherilus can go before Chris Williams. For one, the Bears are enamored with Williams, and in the likelihood that Otah will be gone, Williams will be taken by Da Bears. Quite Frankly (man, I gotta stop watching Steven A Smith), Cherilus shouldn't be a first rounder too. He's not up to snuff in pass protection, and this is a league with great pass-rushers, and if you cannot keep up with them, you're dead. See Winston Justice.

Other than that, I'm pretty much in agreement. Although I bet Fred Davis will go before Keller. He's just proven more, or at least in my opinion, that he will be a decent NFL Tight End.

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