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Who's NOT in our rankings

Posted on: June 5, 2008 4:21 pm
Edited on: June 5, 2008 5:26 pm
Fun exercise for you all to do today ... but first ...

Check out our latest positional rankings, our latest Top 200, and drum roll please ...... tatatatatatatatatatata .... our latest projections release! Interestingly enough, you will find the players in order based on our projections in the positional rankings, but not the Top 200 (if we did that, there would be a lot of QBs at the top).

As you'd expect with any relaunched site, we have a lot going on behind the scenes here, so I'm keeping it short. But here's the exercise for you:

Below, you will find a list of NFL players who at one point earlier this offseason was ON our Top 200 list. Your mission -- if you choose to accept it -- is to find ONE name on the list below who you think belongs on our Top 200 list, and be sure to explain why.

Roydell Williams, WR, Tennessee

Devin Thomas, WR, Washington

Limas Sweed, WR, Pittsburgh

Donnie Avery, WR, St. Louis

Antwaan Randle El, WR, Washington

Shaun McDonald, WR, Detroit

Brandon Jackson, RB, Green Bay

Jason Wright, RB, Cleveland

Steve Slaton, RB, Houston

Aaron Stecker, RB, New Orleans

DeShawn Wynn, RB, Green Bay

Kenton Keith, RB, Indianapolis

Lorenzo Booker, RB, Miami

Cadillac Williams, RB, Tampa Bay

Mason Crosby, PK, Green Bay

Neil Rackers, PK, Arizona

Olindo Mare, PK, Seattle

Mewelde Moore, RB, Pittsburgh

Chris Henry, RB, Tennessee

Michael Bush, RB, Oakland

Najeh Davenport, RB, Pittsburgh

Adrian Peterson, RB, Chicago

Nate Washington, WR, Pittsburgh

Dennis Northcutt, WR, Jacksonville

James Jones, WR, Green Bay

Arnaz Battle, WR, San Francisco

Keary Colbert, WR, Denver

Chris Henry, WR, Cincinnati

LaBrandon Toefield, RB, Carolina

Kurt Warner, QB, Arizona

Brian Leonard, RB, St. Louis

Kolby Smith, RB, Kansas City

Correll Buckhalter, RB, Philadelphia

Pierre Thomas, RB, New Orleans

Kenny Irons, RB, Cincinnati

Kris Brown, PK, Houston

Kevin Jones, RB, Detroit

Ron Dayne, RB, Houston

Darius Walker, RB, Houston

LaMont Jordan, RB, Oakland

Musa Smith, RB, Baltimore

David Patten, WR, New Orleans

Eagles DST

Jason Elam, PK, Denver

Andre Hall, RB, Denver

Terry Glenn, WR, New England

Kenny Watson, RB, Cincinnati

A good argument will get your guy on our list in our next release.
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Posted on: June 23, 2008 10:22 pm

Who's NOT in our rankings

     I think that "the other" Adrian Peterson should definitely be in the top 200 players.  The release of Cedric Benson and a roster full of unproven, albeit talented, running backs (see Matt Forte, and Garrett Wolfe) has opened the door for more reps for the other A.P.  He is a versatile runner that can be used in passing game as well.  Last year in limited time he ran for over 500 yards and had 50+ receptions for another 400+ yards!!  I expect him to help ease in Forte with the eventual decline in attempts as the season wears on.  Early on in the season his numbers could be serviceable, especially in PPR leagues!!  Chicago doesn't have a stellar WR corps, and their QBs aren't exactly Pro Bowl caliber.  Expect him to be an outlet when neither QB can find an open look downfield.  Peterson is NOT a top RB, and shouldn't be drafted as one, but he does have opportunities that others on your list don't have.  This is why he should DEFINITELY be in the Top 200 overall.

     I also want to say that both Limas Sweed, and Donnie Avery could be solid sleeper picks.  Both play in offenses that like to throw the ball and both could be an injury away from cracking the starting lineup (Avery especially given Drew Bennett's penchant for coming up lame!)


Larry D.

Since: Jun 18, 2008
Posted on: June 18, 2008 8:48 am

Who's NOT in our rankings

A case could be made for certain RB "handcuffs" but to be real, Kurt Warner on the bench in Arizona defies logic. Matt Leinart was handed the job on a silver platter and performed in such a way as to create the first QB Bullpen in recent memory. He did not show he could command the offense consistently and once Leinart was hurt Warner was, week in and week out, as strong a QB fantasy play as any other NFL quarterback.
  I would actually be surprised, unless Ken Wisenhut wants to "tank" the 2008 season, if Warner did not become the Cardinals starting QB by October. A healthy Kurt Warner is reminiscent of the "machine" that was Dan Marino. He showed last season that he can still toss it all over the lot with the best.

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Posted on: June 17, 2008 1:03 pm

Who's NOT in our rankings

as i was reading your comment, i was thinking about asking you if you are biased in any way.  thanks for clarifying!  :P

Since: Apr 21, 2008
Posted on: June 16, 2008 5:01 pm

Who's NOT in our rankings

Devin Thomas, WR Redskins

The guy was a beast last year playing in the "3 Yards and a Cloud of Dust" Big Ten. The only reason he didn't put up more stats in college, he had the joke of a coach his sophomore year of John L Smith, was HUGE his junior year and skipped his senior season. This guy flew under the radar, and Washington got a steal.

Add in the fact that Clinton Portis is your running back, Jason Campbell is VERY capable of putting up big numbers, you've got yourself a SOLID #2 Fantasy WR, which puts him in that Top 200.

I'm a biased Sparty, I admit. I want to see the kid do good. Wish he would have stuck around another season, but I understand.

Honorable mention to Steve Slaton, RB Houston. (Ahman Green sucks.)

Since: Jun 7, 2008
Posted on: June 12, 2008 3:04 pm

Who's NOT in our rankings

Terry Glenn, Because hes so good you put him under "New England", BUT I know a secret! He plays for Dallas!

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Posted on: June 12, 2008 11:12 am

Who's NOT in our rankings


I say a guy that needs a very close watch is Houston's Steve Slaton.  He's figured as a 3rd down back at the moment, but if Ahman Green displays his annoying fumbling tendancy again or is injured (plus he's not getting any younger) then Chris Brown will have the starting nod.  I like Brown however, he's more of a plodding back while Slaton has a lot of explosiveness and youth.  If Slaton stays healthy and learns to hold on to the ball (an issue that got better during his years in West Virginia); he could push Brown for a lot of carries.  One more thing, Chris Brown has already lost his job once to a rookie runningback (LenDale White in Tennessee) and on an underachieving Texan team if he (Brown) doesn't shine or produce then Slaton will be the face of the running game. 

Since: Sep 8, 2006
Posted on: June 10, 2008 4:54 pm

Who's NOT in our rankings

Cedric Benson didn't make the rankings? I gots released? Boo hoo hoo

Since: Sep 20, 2007
Posted on: June 9, 2008 6:29 pm

Who's NOT in our rankings

Terry Glenn, WR, New England


Who the heck is SHE?


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Posted on: June 7, 2008 1:06 pm

Who's NOT in our rankings

Hey Dave, With my M's in the tank I need to turn to FOOTBALL!!!

From that list, I guess it'd be Warner that should be on the top 200. Simply based on past performance, Leinart has not shown YET that he can take the next step. Though I do like Pierre Thomas as a potential sleeper at RB; just don't trust Deuce's knees to hold up.

But where I see a problem with this stuff is wth who IS in the positional rankings. Just a quick glance shows Steve McNair as the 27th ranked QB (oops), Travis Henry listed as a Denver Bronco as the 26th ranked RB, Dominic Rhodes playing for Oakland.... I think that despite the note showing an update date of June 5th, that an older version was loaded to the site.

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Posted on: June 7, 2008 9:47 am

Who's NOT in our rankings


This is not a direct answer to the blog, but related.  The top 200 list does NOT contain any of the rookies.  McFadden was #51 on the June 2 list but no longer shows up.  Jonathan Stewart, Mendenhall, Kevin Smith where there but are also missing.  The date at the bottom of the list indicates 04/22/08 update.  Probably a software problem in the switch of sites.

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