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Posted on: February 18, 2009 8:40 pm

this is related to my other entry about the stupid ski tax but it has a few interesting peices of info about why this tax should not take place.



Thank you for visiting our site.

Ski Areas of New York, Inc. is the trade association that represents 35 NYS
ski resorts. Based on recent events in Albany we must ask for your help.

New York like the rest of the country is going through tough economic times.
Our Governor is charged with developing a balanced budget.
Unfortunately in his proposed budget he has asked for a 4% State sales tax
on ski lift tickets, lessons, and other recreational activities. Local government can then add another 4% to the tax for a total sales tax of 8%.

We have a very tight time frame to fight this as it will be considered by the
legislature in April. However with the assistance of our loyal skiers and
riders we have defeated a similar proposal in the past. Lift ticket prices in NYS
are usually less than resorts in New England and out west. New York State
resorts have worked hard to give you a quality product complete with ongoing
snowmaking expansions and lift system upgrades. Our resorts are where many
children learn to ski and ride. Our school programs flourish. We are close
to home and affordable.

This tax can easily be expanded to include a County tax which may add an
additional 4% for a total of 8% to your future ticket price.

By using this site you can send an email to our State Representatives that
need to hear from you. Please click the links on the right and tell them how you feel, STOP THE SKI TAX now! Keep New York State Skiing and Riding affordable.

You can make a difference!

Thanks for your support!

Please tell your family and friends to visit this site and support our efforts!


Since: Mar 28, 2007
Posted on: February 18, 2009 8:41 pm


Open Letter to NYS Skiers and Riders from I Ski NY President Scott Brandi

Dear New York State Skiers and Riders,

Did you know New York has more ski areas than any other state in the nation? 47 ski areas of all sizes call New York State home. From the rolling hills of Western New York to the majestic peaks of the Adirondacks and Catskills, New York ski resorts play an important role in our lives.

New York ski areas are where many skiers and riders first learn to slide. Our school programs introduce over 500,000 children per year to the lifelong activity of winter sports. Every year over 4,000,000 New Yorkers and visitors ski, ride and tube in New York.

Based on a recently completed economic impact study, the ski industry generates over 1.1 billion dollars in the cities, towns and villages of upstate NY. We employ over 18,000 New Yorkers. In the winter months, skiing is the economic engine that drives tourism in upstate New York.

Our ski resorts add so much to the overall quality of life in upstate New York. Our efforts to promote learn to ski and ride programs, as well our fourth grade ski free programs, are introducing thousands annually to the sport and as a result are getting kids outside and active. Many children participate in high school race programs in addition to the many college ski teams that are located throughout the state.

The learn to ski programs and school programs are popular for many reasons, one of which is the low cost. New York ski resort operators recognize that to grow our sport we need to keep it affordable to the children who are our collective future.

Governor Paterson has introduced many new taxes in his proposed budget. One of them is a 4% tax on lift tickets and passes. We oppose this tax. We need your support to defeat this. We want to keep skiing as affordable affordable as possible and to continue to upgrade our resorts so we can so we can continue to offer you great skiing and riding at affordable prices. It is also important to point out that this tax will not apply to the State owned and operated ski resorts, giving them further advantage over privately owned and operated resorts.

Please utilize this site to send an email to our State Legislators. We have provided a fast and easy method to do this.

Let’s work together to keep New York State winters affordable and appealing to all our citizens and visitors.

Thank you

Since: Mar 28, 2007
Posted on: February 18, 2009 8:41 pm


Facts & Figures

New York State is home to more ski areas than any other State in the nation, 47 ski resorts call New York home.

New York has more night skiing resorts than any other in the nation, over 20 resorts light up their slopes!

New York enjoys the fifth most skier visits in the Nation, just behind Utah, Vermont, California and Colorado.

Over 4,000,000 skier visits will occur in NYS in 2009.

There are over 125 ski lifts and tows operating in NYS.

NYS is home to over 900 designated alpine ski trails.

Based on an economic impact study conducted by RRC Associates of Boulder, CO the NYS ski industry had an economic impact of over 1.1 billion dollars on upstate NY in 2007-08. Most of this impact occurs during the winter when skiing is the primary upstate tourism economic engine.

Total wages and salaries paid to NYS employees by the ski industry in 2007-08 was fifty million.

The NYS Ski Industry employs on average over 18,000 New Yorkers in the winter months, 1,700 are year round positions.

Total NYS Ski industry capital investments exceeded 20 million in 2007-08. There are two major hotel projects being constructed this year with total capital investment exceeding 40 million.

There is a NYS ski resort within an hour of most NY metropolitan areas. These resorts add to the overall quality of life throughout the State and provide our citizens and visitors an opportunity for a healthy and active winter lifestyle.

New York State offers the 44free program whereby fourth graders ski free at over 30 resorts in New York State. Our ski resorts sponsor elementary school learn to ski programs throughout the State. It is estimated that over 500,000 school children participate in our learn to ski programs statewide. SANY members have taken a proactive stance in offering our resorts to children and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

Some of the leading handicapped and challenged children ski programs exist at our resorts in NYS.

Go to to learn more about New York State skiing and the mountains close to you.

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