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Big Joke in the AL Cy Young

Posted on: November 14, 2008 10:22 am
I find it kind of funny how a pitcher can only lead in two categories over his rival and win the CY Young IN A LAND SLIDE because of it. Here's a comparison of stats this year for both pitchers. I'm not saying Lee didn't deserve the award, I'm saying 24 to 4 in first place votes is a complete joke, especially given how close they actually were.

Wins - Lee(22) Halladay(20)
ERA - Lee(2.54) Halladay(2.78)
Innings pitched - Halladay(246) Lee(223)
Strikeouts - Halladay(206) Lee(170)
WHIP - Halladay(1.05) Lee(1.11)
Opponents Avg - Halladay(.237) Lee(.253)

This vote should have been closer than it was and Halladay should have won it(in my biased Blue Jays opinion). I'm sorry to all you Lee lovers out there, but I'd take Roy Halladay over Cliff Lee any day of the week.

Cliff Lee was great this year. Roy Halladay was better this year. If Halladay got any type of run support the guy would have went 26-5. Funny how 90% of those experts would have voted him if he had more than 22 wins, eh?

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Posted on: November 17, 2008 10:27 pm

Big Joke in the AL Cy Young

lee only gave up more than 3 runs 7 times....and more than 4 runs 3 times.......halladay more than 3 runs 9 times and 4 runs 4 times.....lee was close in nearly all catergories....he won 2 more games! i would have been surprised if he DIDNT win the CY YOUNG!

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Posted on: November 16, 2008 11:24 am

Big Joke in the AL Cy Young

That's a very good point kmcc. Without Lee the Indians basically had nothing worth noting in their pitching staff.

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Posted on: November 15, 2008 2:22 pm

Big Joke in the AL Cy Young

In my opinion to get the MVP and Cy Young you take that person away from the team and you see how much they would have changed. Toronto has better pitching than the Indians so without the 2008 Cliff Lee they would have been terrible. I agree on the 24-4 in votes, yea thats a little overated but I mean think about it. They had it right.

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Posted on: November 14, 2008 12:06 pm

Big Joke in the AL Cy Young

hold on. yo, i also think halladay should have won cy young, but ur points are shit. ur arguing for halladay with false facts

first, i was in an arguement with my friend. i looked up the run support. when halladay pitched, the bluejays averaged 4.81 runs per game. when lee pitched, the indians averaged 5.75. i think there was like one game where the bluejays only scored 1 run for him. so the blue jays gave him run support, just not as much as Lee.

next point - cliff lee was the clear staff ace when CC was struggling and then went to the brewers. Who did you think the indians staff ace was? Jake Westbrook? Lee came in as the 3rd pitcher, but quickly moved to ace as his ERA was like under one for like two months. So don't try and say Cliff Lee wasn't in any battles with other good pitchers.

Now, that being said, heres why Halladay should have won Cy Young:
he pitched 6 more CG's than Lee
had 36 more K's than Lee
only 3 less wins
only .2 less ERA
had less run support
also, I think Lee was the more popular vote. to be honest, i think people overlooked halladay. i mean lee was all over the news because of his record and shit and his ERA. but no one was talking about halladay. for some reason that wasnt the case in the NL. I'm glad lincecum took it and not mr. celebrity CC or gay as johan

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Posted on: November 14, 2008 11:24 am

Big Joke in the AL Cy Young

Especially considering:

1.  (I believe) that 6 of Halladays losses came when the Jays gave him zero run support.

2.  Lee stared the season as what?  The #4 pitcher?  He accrued many of his wins in less than stellar pitching matchups, whereas Halladay was against the other teams best the vast majority of the time.

That said, Lee's ERA was astounding - and that is the point of pitching no? - Not allowing runs?

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