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Tar Heels 18-0 Only 3 undefeated left

Posted on: January 17, 2008 11:15 am

Last nights close encounter with Ga Tech was scary and I am sure Roy knows  where we have to concentrate. 

#1.  We are allowing too many 3 pointers and not properly defending the shot.  Teams will watch the tape and as I said last night start throwing 3 point shots like quarters at a county fair.  We stand a chance of seeing a three guard offense and many tosses from the 3 point arc.  Early in the season, Roy stated he was worried about defense and I am sure he was referring to the lack of defending the 3 point shots.

#2.  Last night even though the rebounding leveled out, it looked like we were getting beat out at both ends and losing opportunities both offensively and asn defense. Tech still out rebounded us by 36 to 31.  It seemed like GT was pulling TH too far away from the basket and even with his 11 rebounds Randolph gave him a run for his money.

#3.  We are looking very well from the FT line and we will see numerous attempts through our the year with people playing us very agressive.  They need to keep working of free throws and keep that % up.  It was good to see Green making some FT's also.

#4.  FG % will increase when we learn that we are not a three point team and we lose 8 to 10 scoring opportunities trying the 3 pointer each game.  It only takes another pass or two to work the ball inside and get a higher % shot.  We are not passing the ball and weraing the defense down like the teams of old.  Last night we shot 2 for 10 from the arc, therefore leaving 8 shots or 16 possible points  in the hands of their defense.

# 5.  We truly miss Bobby Frasor and with some luck with the NCAA on appeal may see him in uniform again.  We need someone to step-up and take his leadership role and build some excitment on the floor.

We are 18-0 and there are only 3 undefeated teams left.  Kansas and Memphis are the other teams and very good teams.  We do not need to look ahead at them, but take one day at a time and stay foscused.  We have Maryland coming up on Sat. Then a tough matchup with Miami away, Boston College at home, Fla State on the road and then come DOOK to our place for what will be a great challenge for our boy's. Any of these teams can bite us, so we need to work hard and strive to be 23-0 after the DOOK battle.

Go Tar Heels and I am proud to be a Tar Heel !!!

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Posted on: March 11, 2008 5:28 pm

Tar Heels 18-0 Only 3 undefeated left

#1-Was good we do need to defend the 3-point arc, but playing a zone D would mean getting more balls in the paint and i would personally rather give up a 40% shot than a 90% shot. But yes that would be good if we could defend the perimeter a lil' more.It wouldn't hurt to play a lil' zone against Dook because that's all they have, 3-point shooters, like Singler, Paulus, Sheyer, and Henderson is average, but Coach K doesn't have those 8 or 9 good players to where he can sub in 5 at a time when he needs to.

#2-Not much i can say about that because it is true.

#3-Oh my gosh i cannot believe how many times T gets to the FT line, it seems like every single time he gets in the paint he either gets fouled, or makes the basket, or both. But if we can get T to the line like that every game it would be awesome.

#4-I agree we aren't a 3-point team but u can't win if u don't have 3-point shooters, so other teams could just give the 3-point line to us and close up the middle, but u know too that we would still win because we have the athletisicm to be able to shoot 3-pointers.But really we can beat anyone because we have all around talent.

#5-I don't kno about Bobby Frasor, but if u could comment back and tell me what happened that would be great.

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Posted on: January 18, 2008 6:39 am

Tar Heels 18-0 Only 3 undefeated left

 Both Kansas and Memphis had close calls with USC, I do believe, and Kansas had a tough time with Georgia Tech. What am I trying to say here? I feel these three teams are pretty close in talent, and it would be fun to see them in the Final Four along with somebody like UCLA. I think UNC has a real good shot at getting there, considering where we would play our games in the tournament, provided we finish #1 at the end of the year, which I think we will. One thing for sure that I want is for them to beat Duke, like every year for my birthday on February 9th, that is what I ask for, and it should happen again this year on the 6th. Hansbrough got beaten up last game and I hope the boy doesnt get killed before the Duke game Jesus. One thing I noticed in the Tech game was Danny Green got caught standing there while his man got an offensive rebound and also he gets a little shot happy, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Ellington will have to be more consistant if he wants to leave early for the NBA, so I guess he will be back next year, if you know what I mean. Ginyard is a force on defense and he needs to gamble even more and force more turnovers out front, giving himself or others easy baskets. Lawson needs to improve his outside shot, at times it looks like he doesnt want to shoot, but is so open he feels obliged to, he should get in his mind that he will hit the shot if left open, and he will shoot much better. Thompson and Stepheson or just too good to be out there that long and not make huge contributions in the game, yet they have had plenty of games where you wonder if they played or not. QT is still playing like a nervous nelly, though maybe a little less so of late.  Overall our defense stinks in my opinion, only in spurts do we look like we can we buckle down and make it hard to score, that and rebounding is the weakest part of our game, but we still have time to work that out, on our way to the National Championship.

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