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Posted on: March 26, 2009 6:09 pm

About a month ago I did a thread about the top 10 pg's in the NBA After further consideration, and more games played, I have an update.

I'll start at the bottom and work my way up. This is the old foggies area - Jason Kidd, Steve Nash and Mike Bibby - they are pretty cemented as being top 10 so they are the bottom 3. The order is a different thing though. Offensively we know that Kidd falls to the wayside. On the FlipSide, his defense trumps all except Chris Paul. Nash Gets a lot of assist and is efficient in his shooting (50%fg, 94%ft, & 44%3pt). Bibby is more consistant meaning that on most nights his number are not far from his averages. So basically you cant go wrong with any order you put these three in. SInce I like BIbby better and consistency then he'll be 8th.

10. Nash
9. Kidd
8. Bibby

Alright, 7,6,and 5 will be the people that no one would have prediction to be in the top 10 - Devin Harris, Mo Williams and Rajon Rondo


1.) Chris Paul - no duh

2.) Rajon Rondo

3.) Mike Bibby

4.) Chauncey Billups

5.) Deron Williams

6.) Tony Parker

7.) Devin Harris

8.) Jason Kidd

9.) Mo Williams

10.) Steve Nash




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