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Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

Posted on: May 5, 2008 11:56 am

This is not to bash the Junior Nation but after the outcry this weekend and another beer chunking incident at Richmond because of a racing accident I'm wondering if the rest of the NASCAR fans are getting tired of the so called Junior Nation?  I ask this because there is a pole on Foxsports asking who was at fault for the wreck Saturday Night, the picks are Junior, Bush, or neither.  Surprisingly, out of 319,580 votes as of this writing 87 percent have said the wreck was Juniors fault.  Me I voted neither it was a racing accident.

But seeing that vote reminded me of how another driver gained his fame and popularity in this great Sport.  In the late 70's a brash young driver was emerging as an outstanding driver.  He was bold, brash and everytime he got in front of a camera he let it be known that he was going to whip the competition.  He even told COO COO Marlin once that Bristol was his track and not COO COO's even though Marlin was from that area of Tennessee.  Of course I'm talking about Darrell Waltrip, but his rise isn't the story, in 1979 the old Alabama Gang was worried that DW would finally win a championship, so they made a pack that they would do what they had to to keep that from happening and a young unknown by the name of Dale Earnhardt won his very first championship.  Now Dale was popular because he was from North Carolina and also because he wouldn't back down to DW and his talk, nor his pushing on the track.  Well for a few years after 79 Dale was not heard of again but then he teamed with Richard Childress and well you know the rest of his success.  DW on the other hand teamed with Junior Johnson and started to win races and dominate the circuit and was so bold that he brought T-shirts to the races to sell to his fans so everyone else could see how popular he was.  It became such a big deal in the stands that if you didn't have a DW T-shirt on they you were rooting against him.  It didn't matter who won the race to these fans as long as it wasn't DW.  After Dale Teamed up with Richard Childress the fans soon learned that Dale was ready to fight fire with fire and he would bump and bang his way to a win too.  So a lot of those fans who rooted against DW naturally starting rooting for Dale and wearing his gear.  Thus, the popularity of Dale Earnhardt, not because he was considered a great driver when he started out, but because he was a driver that didn't back down to DW and his threats.

Now the question of this blog, are the rest of the NASCAR nation getting so tired of the "NATION"  that they are going to start backing anyone that is willing to stand up to the NATION and keep their driver out of victory lane?  Could the Dale Junior fans unwittingly be pushing a driver like Kyle Bush to the forefront of NASCAR popularity?  I know there are a lot of people who dont' like Kyle, in fact Kyle has very few fans, but he is starting to gain attention and if he is willing to battle Junior for the win and he is not afraid to race him hard and if they both lose then so be it. I think you may see him become a favorite of those who don't like Junior because of the NATION.

Think about it.  History does have a way of repeating itself.


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Posted on: May 14, 2008 5:29 pm

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

Yes, we are, Junior is fine, a respectable driver, but his fans are so.... AARGG, I can't even say... lets put it this way, in the All-Star voting booth, Khane or Ragan, maybe even Robby with his vast amount of adds and effort, should win the vote, but NO. Sadler is winning right now, and why is that, simply because Jr. is voting for him. All his fans are ruining a great sport by putting in guys that don't belong like some other drivers, there is also rumor that voting will no longer be an option, and I think they should do it to gvie them a warning.

 In addition, Jr. wins all polls, especially, who is going to win this race. Please, he hasn't won 73 races and counting in a row, and Kyle and Edwards are hot, and others are much better than Jr. at tracks and much more dominant at the time of the vote.

Despite all this, Jr. wins, due to what I call, The Junior Bats, saying they are blind! Once Jr. fans learn common sense, then I will forgot about my grudge with Jr. nation. He was also voted most overrated driver due to all these fans giving more love than great drivers like Gordon.

Also its fact that Kyle was loose, but so many Jr. fans are ticked and saying that its Kyle's fault and he did it unpurpose, grow up and face the truth!

Just like they say, "You can't handle the truth!" Jr. fans reinvent this statement.

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Posted on: May 11, 2008 1:41 pm

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

i feel sorry for jr. he should be allowed to be jr. & not expected to be sr,

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Posted on: May 11, 2008 6:10 am

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

nicely put entry...  I, myself am a Junior fan...  but unlike factions of the NATION, I do not boo, piss and moan every time something happens to little E... as all drivers, it is all about winning, bottom line...  I just love a good race with a few wrecks, as long as no one gets hurt...  even if sometimes it is Junior in the mix...

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Posted on: May 10, 2008 6:09 pm

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?


I agree ratings over a Lil E / Busch fued will soar

However I worry that the sport needs an WWE element like a fued to increase ratings.

I wish we could all just sit and enjoy a nice year with some new faces in victory lane, in which Lil E is maybe for the first time ever smart driving for points, and fresh new drivers are plentiful. If the NFL gets fresh new stars, a new team winning, or an unexpected run by an declining super star ratings soar with out any fueds.

 As for glasses Busch's wheels turned right and nothing will even make me think it was not intentional.

Looking forward tot he throw back cars and speaking of different paint jobs, anyone else like Smoke's Old Spice scheme better? Not that I dislike the Home Depot ride, but that Old Spice car is good looking. At least I think so. 


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Posted on: May 8, 2008 8:31 pm

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

Hey MikeyFan, Excellent blog you raised many valid points. In 2000, I was relativley new to NASCAR and I found myself being a big Jr. fan. Well as time wore on I have found other drivers to root for. I just got sick of being one of the many people sporting Jr. colors on race day. I like to be an individual and I look for lesser known drivers that have talent and could use my support.

Perhaps the reason that the Jr. Nation appears to be obnoxious is due to the fact that the Jr. Nation represents the largest percentage of racing fans. For example if 1 out of 100 people in the general population are considered obnoxious and there are is a extremely large group of people (Jr. Nation, Raider Nation, Republicans, Democrats, whatever) that numbers in the millions; it would stand to reason that many of those people in the group would be bothersome and make it appear as if all these members in the group were obnoxious. In other words just because 30 people dressed in their favorite drivers colors decide to throw beer cans after their driver has an incident on the track, the rest of the Jr. Nation should not be judged for the actions of the annoying few.

To answer your question in the blog:

 "are the rest of the NASCAR nation getting so tired of the "NATION"  that they are going to start backing anyone that is willing to stand up to the NATION and keep their driver out of victory lane?"

I understand how this could be a possibility, but I don't think that it will happen. Jr. is talented and he will not be denied what is rightfully his, mainly victories and championships. It may be popular to root against Jr. but never as popular as it will be to root for Dale Jr. 


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Posted on: May 8, 2008 4:43 pm

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

I was a straight up Sr. fan until his death, and I had already told myself while Jr. was in Busch that I wouldn't cheer for him. I hated the way he handled himself of the track and I hated how he was so overrated. Jr. is a good driver, but he will never be top 50... ever okay.. Jr. Nation needs to accept that. He is nothing, he's the same as guys like  Kurt Busch who are good for a few years and then do little.  Not trying to get on Jr. Nation's nerves, but Kyle Busch will IMO.  He's the better driver IMO

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Posted on: May 8, 2008 11:29 am

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

Off topic here, but how do you get the bigger letters when posting. Do you change the font on your whole computer or is there something in the style on the post itself? It looks ok when I'm typing but when it posts it's smaller. I can read them ok but I've heard bigger is better. Any help would be appreciated...bluejay

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Posted on: May 8, 2008 11:25 am

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

I for one am just tired of term "Junior Nation".  It sounds stupid just saying it.

Buff - Couldn't agree with you more. I call it something else around here but if I put that up on the board it would probably get removed. Then again some of the things I see on CBS never cease to amaze me so who knows.

Not necessarily tired of Jr. Nation, but I'm getting tired of the fans that think their driver does no wrong.

Buckeye - That's going to happen regardless of who the driver is. It's just more prevelant in some fan bases (such as the 88"s) than others. If the person has blinders on they are only going to see it one way. It doesn't help matters when a driver that is more than a couple laps down, such as Dale Earnhardt Jr., gets more air time then the leaders. Not that it's happened a lot this year since the 88 is running well but just watch the rest of the year. Say if Matt Kenseth ever leads again watch the amount of air time he gets compared to the 88. For that matter the 24 or the 48 as well...bluejay

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Posted on: May 7, 2008 10:29 pm
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Posted on: May 7, 2008 10:06 pm

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

Not necessarily tired of Jr. Nation, but I'm getting tired of the fans that think their driver does no wrong.

For example, after the race Saturday, I argued with my cousin(a Jr. fan) about why it wasn't necessarily Busch's fault and just as much Jr's. For this, I was told I was taking Busch's side(no way I would ever take that punk's side) and then told the reason why he's a Jr. fan, as if it meant anything as far as the wreck.

I've got no problem with anyone's fans in any sports. It's the blind homers that never realize that their team or driver makes mistakes that get old.

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