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Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

Posted on: May 5, 2008 11:56 am

This is not to bash the Junior Nation but after the outcry this weekend and another beer chunking incident at Richmond because of a racing accident I'm wondering if the rest of the NASCAR fans are getting tired of the so called Junior Nation?  I ask this because there is a pole on Foxsports asking who was at fault for the wreck Saturday Night, the picks are Junior, Bush, or neither.  Surprisingly, out of 319,580 votes as of this writing 87 percent have said the wreck was Juniors fault.  Me I voted neither it was a racing accident.

But seeing that vote reminded me of how another driver gained his fame and popularity in this great Sport.  In the late 70's a brash young driver was emerging as an outstanding driver.  He was bold, brash and everytime he got in front of a camera he let it be known that he was going to whip the competition.  He even told COO COO Marlin once that Bristol was his track and not COO COO's even though Marlin was from that area of Tennessee.  Of course I'm talking about Darrell Waltrip, but his rise isn't the story, in 1979 the old Alabama Gang was worried that DW would finally win a championship, so they made a pack that they would do what they had to to keep that from happening and a young unknown by the name of Dale Earnhardt won his very first championship.  Now Dale was popular because he was from North Carolina and also because he wouldn't back down to DW and his talk, nor his pushing on the track.  Well for a few years after 79 Dale was not heard of again but then he teamed with Richard Childress and well you know the rest of his success.  DW on the other hand teamed with Junior Johnson and started to win races and dominate the circuit and was so bold that he brought T-shirts to the races to sell to his fans so everyone else could see how popular he was.  It became such a big deal in the stands that if you didn't have a DW T-shirt on they you were rooting against him.  It didn't matter who won the race to these fans as long as it wasn't DW.  After Dale Teamed up with Richard Childress the fans soon learned that Dale was ready to fight fire with fire and he would bump and bang his way to a win too.  So a lot of those fans who rooted against DW naturally starting rooting for Dale and wearing his gear.  Thus, the popularity of Dale Earnhardt, not because he was considered a great driver when he started out, but because he was a driver that didn't back down to DW and his threats.

Now the question of this blog, are the rest of the NASCAR nation getting so tired of the "NATION"  that they are going to start backing anyone that is willing to stand up to the NATION and keep their driver out of victory lane?  Could the Dale Junior fans unwittingly be pushing a driver like Kyle Bush to the forefront of NASCAR popularity?  I know there are a lot of people who dont' like Kyle, in fact Kyle has very few fans, but he is starting to gain attention and if he is willing to battle Junior for the win and he is not afraid to race him hard and if they both lose then so be it. I think you may see him become a favorite of those who don't like Junior because of the NATION.

Think about it.  History does have a way of repeating itself.


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Posted on: May 7, 2008 9:16 pm

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

I for one am just tired of term "Junior Nation".  It sounds stupid just saying it.  As for the idea and creation of "Junior Nation", I would have to believe that it's just a way to help "Junior" continue to ride on the coattails of his father (RIP) rather than be able to grow as a driver on his own.  I understand that family bloodlines help to create a lot of the history that has sustained NASCAR as well as other motor sports.  But, ugh, every time I hear one of the FOX analysts say "Junior Nation", I think I throw up alittle bit in my mouth.

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Posted on: May 7, 2008 6:08 pm

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

Mikey... here is your answer.... keep a look out for my new avatar if CBS hasn't already made the change over ;-). I personally have liked any driver that by their actions have done two things; 1) Told the media to screw themselves and that they would do whatever they wanted to do, and 2) when someone screws them over will fight back with the other driver even if it is a media darling. Hints why I would say Stewart is my fave driver outside of the Penske camp. After last saturday night, I might just make my Stable of fave drivers a little bit bigger and add in Kyle and Denny Hamlin, the two drivers who helped break Junior and his fan's heart.  Why? not because I have anything against Junior, but I really, really, really am getting annoyed with Junior's fan base (sorry frady, I still like you).

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Posted on: May 7, 2008 2:21 pm

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

People are saying that without Jr, NASCAR would be nothing. I contend that without Tony Stewart (last years model) and the Busch boys, NASCAR would be nothing. Every drama needs a villian, and the Busch brothers are the perfect foils. This is what Earnhardt senoir was, until 1998, he was the Villian, the Darth Vader if you will of NASCAR. NASCAR needs conflict to be popular, look at the '79 Daytona 500 for example. Do you remember the winner of the race or the fight between the Allison brothers and Cale Yarbough?

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Posted on: May 7, 2008 10:55 am

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

One of the best races of the year and this is all anyone has talked about all week. It's just sad.  The sport has drawn in a bunch of conspiracy theory nut jobs and drama queens.  Can we please get back to racing and just enjoy it no matter how your driver finishes? This is absolutly correct it was a great race and all that is being talked about is the bump but its from both ends not just Jr fans as per this blog but its the Jr fans that get all the blame with people saying they are the ones talking about it but you don't see me or any other Jr fan starting a blog about it and if we go to the  message boards just as many if not more non Jr fans have started threads about the wreck yet no one it telling non Jr fans to shut up just Jr fans.

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Posted on: May 7, 2008 8:21 am

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

Everyone keeps saying Jr has so many fans cause of his dad which is true but my question is why are Dale Jr fans so hated now but when those same fans were Dale Sr fans they were loved and respected for being fans?


That's just it...They were not loved and respected then. Earnhardt was either loved or hated, period. When he died, the haters (like myself) decided dancing on a man's grave would be bad taste just as I considered running guys you can't pass into the wall bad taste. I respected #3 as a driver, but he could have won a lot of those races without torpedoing the field. It seemed like week after week, something would have to be chalked up to being "just one of those racing deals" and Earnhardt Nation just accepted it blindly. Their hero could do no wrong. I am not saying I agree with Busch...The guy should be dealt with if he can't race on the same track with everyone else. I just think lobbing beer bottles and trash onto the track and showing no class was just typical of his father's fans. 

I will say this though. If it had happened in Michigan or Phoenix or Las Vegas, there would be no discussion. Its the old school, long time Earnhardt diehards that have been going to Richmond since the dawn of time. New Junior nation is perfectly fine. They support a very classy driver. Its the carry overs from his dad that I have the problem with. 

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Posted on: May 7, 2008 7:12 am

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

Mikeyfan I think you nailed it.  I know that it I get sick and tired of of the antics of Jr. Nation.  It probably does cause me to be a little more critical of Jr..  Shrub had to run around Charlotte this week with security guards.  It's flippin racing boys and girls.  He's not a wanted murderer or pedophile for crying out loud.  He's a race car driver.  For the Nation, I can't help but wonder if its not just a little bit of frustration starting to set in.  Yes Sea of Green.  He is a meer mortal. In my opinion, he is in the top 10 of current drivers but is not the best. 

 One of the best races of the year and this is all anyone has talked about all week. It's just sad.  The sport has drawn in a bunch of conspiracy theory nut jobs and drama queens.  Can we please get back to racing and just enjoy it no matter how your driver finishes?

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Posted on: May 7, 2008 6:54 am

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

Just understand one thing. If I slammed Micheal Waltrip or his fans almost daily or weekly how would it feel

Frady, you don't but hey I get slammed or Mikey does everyday.  No big deal its Mikey, I can understand your frustration but at the same time understand that there are a lot of people getting tired of Junior is this and Junior is that.  I realize that Junior is right now tied for what 5th among most wins by an active driver?  But he really has had one good season, 2004 where he won 6 races, Outside of that he won a couple here and a couple there but never was a threat, and being what 150behind the cup champ, for a championship and most of that was gained because of the points reset for the chase. 

I will say this, Junior needs more fans like FRADY, Fans that enjoy watching him race, enjoy watching him interact with his fan, not those that try to place him on a pedistal as on of the greatest of all time. a pedistal that he hasn't earned, and IMO won't earn until he wins a championship, and may never earn.  Is Junior a good driver, yes but that is all just a good driver and to me until his fans realize that, fans of other drivers will start rooting for everyone but Junior to win and when it comes to the last laps battle like we had a Richmond this past week you will see cheers when a Kyle Bush wins or happens to bump, wreck, take out, your choice Dale Junior.

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Posted on: May 7, 2008 4:13 am

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

EO11, your words are right there in your message board, and you can't squirm away from them. You're pathetic. Not just a worthless piece of garbage, you are a LIAR to boot. You've been exposed, and you know it. You'd have to be one slick little weasel to get away with your protestations of innocence; unfortunately for you, you're only one SICK little weasel.

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Posted on: May 7, 2008 1:44 am

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

Mikeyfan I know you sent me a PM and not that I want to air dirty laundry but no you did not upset me. I am getting frustrated yes but not at you per say. I get that a handful of obnoxious stupid fans can can hurt a driver or team and Mikeyfan I get you don't hate Jr per say just more the stupid fans he has but I will be honest it starts to get wearsome. Everywhere I turn I see I hate towards Jr and his fans. Now I get that you and other regulars get just as annoyed seeing some uneducated poster coming here claiming Jr is god and all that have done him wrong should be burn at the stake I get it. But from my stand point is those idiot posters come here spout there spew and there gone were us regulars stay and that were I get frustrated because us regulars are use to idiots and should be the bigger poeple and not get gored into a stupid debate because all that is going to happen is the regular posting Jr fans are going fire back and that starts to cause disention.  There has been some  great points brought up on Jr defense. One being the media is the one hyping up Jr "Nation". Another valid point and I have seen this myself when I have been tomraces is alot of other fans have also thrown stuff at drivers like Gordon but all that anyone wants to assume is it is Earnhardt fans. Either Sr or Jr depending on the time they are throwing stuff.

Just understand one thing. If I slammed Micheal Waltrip or his fans almost daily or weekly how would it feel. Sure you would not feel I am attacking you personally but you as a MW fan would get tired of seeing me bashing him or his fans. I get when you take on Jr fans you are not taking on me per say I just wish you would understand guys like myself, JB, superbear and a few other regulars are Jr fans and it does get tiring sometimes thats all.

Now as for your question no I do not see people starting to root for guys like Kyle Busch or anyone just because they take on the Jr nation cause in honesty they are not. Busch was not taking on Jr or his fans when the wreck happened he was going for the win and he would have done that regardless of who the driver was in Jr spot. Now if Jr and someone got into a huge fued yes maybe I could see people becoming fans of that person becuase of the following Jr has but problem is NASCAR drivers don't have balls like they did back in the day when DW and Sr drove and everything is more PC teamate don't rock the boat or you get called into the principals office type of BS nowadays.

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Posted on: May 6, 2008 10:42 pm

Are NASCAR fans getting tired of Junior Nation?

Ok, everyone, lets get this straight, I do not hate JUNIOR, I am not a fan of his but I do not hate him. In fact I enjoy having fun with his fans on this board. But what I am getting at is that quite a few of his fans have gone so far overboard that if he is close to a win and he doesn't it now becomes someone else fault, its either poor equipment (hence DEI) or he was crowded and didn't want to wreck someone or any numerous other remarks. Someone on a thread said, that Tony Eury Junior admitted last year that he leaned out the engines trying to get Junior a win that is why some, not all, the engines blew. I know on one occasion that Junior admitted he overreved the engine.

My good friend Frady asked what did Junior have in common with DW. Well I wasn't comparing Junior to DW per say, what I was comparing was Junior Nation to DW. If there was a misunderstading then I appologize. When Juniors Dad came along people turned to him because he irritated DW and I can see people rooting for someone like Kyle Bush because it irratates Junior Nation.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is that Junior Nation may be creating a monster against them for their actions and antics.  Maybe it will change when, if, he wins again.  But I doubt it, to me his fan base has gotten to the point that they think they can do as they will at the track and it will be ok because they are "Junior Nation".

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