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Tony Stewart and his new team

Posted on: July 10, 2008 8:42 am
Edited on: July 10, 2008 9:20 am

Well once again Mikeyfan is going to bring controversy to the Blogs.  Before I get into this let me explain I am a Tony Stewart Fan.  He is my number 2 driver behind Michael Waltrip so I do wish him all the luck but I have to ask everyone...........................


I hope I can convey an intelligent argument for everyone to think about. 

  1. Tony is not a teammate of Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Mark Martin.  Rich Hendricks will not receive any money from the sale of Tony's merchandise, he will not receive any of the winnings that Tony earns on the track.  So for those who say Rick will sell him  top equipment I for one don't see it.
  2. Why would Rick take a chance on Tony making the chase and one of his drivers miss the chase?  Has anyone looked at the difference in the points money for being in the top 12 vs 13 to 25?  That is a lot of money and Rick loves his money.  Besides this is a business and in business the goal is to make money
  3. What would Ricks own drivers think if all of a sudden Tony is winning and they are not?  Who has been the biggest threat to Jeff and JJ for the championship over the past 8 years?  It's been Tony.  This was ok when he was using someone elses equipment but it won't be ok if he beats them with their own equipment.
  4. Rick Hendricks has been providing engines to teams since DW left in 1991.  The last time someone other than a HMS car won with a Hendricks motor was..........1992 and Darrell Waltrip.  No one else has won a race since then. Right now the 66 and 70 cars are having a hard time qualifying with HMS motors and chassises outside of drivers talent what will be different?
  5. Will Rick share testing and Wind Tunnel data with Tony?  Not a chance, he will not give Tony anything that he could use against his team for the win.  This sport is all about winning and Rick will not give another team anything that could keep him out of the winners circle.

When you think about all the top teams they all have their own engine department,  HMS, RCR/ECR, Roush/Yates, Everham(with Dodges help), JGR teaming with TRD.  In fact Roush couldn't beat Yates for a long time so he bought Yates.  The bottom line is championship teams do not rely on someone else to provide them "winning" equipment because they know they  won't get it. 

Also think about this, Daytona 2009, Tony is behind Dale Junior and has a chance to go with someone else, say Kyle Bush, that will give him a better chance to win.  Will he show loyalty?  Heck no.  But then everyone will say this is the Daytona 500.  Ok I'll give you that, now fast forward to Bristol or Richmond,  Do you think Tony would hesitate for a second to bump and HMS car for a win?  Rick cannot tell him that is a teammate up ahead and race them clean,  Tony only has one teammate and that appears to be Newman. 

I know there are a lot of people happy that Tony is back in a chevy. Most have an attitude, that Tony will show Toyota that chevy is better.  Well has anyone seen what the selling price of GM stock is lately?  Less than $10.00 share, the lowest it's been since 1954.  What will Tony do if GM tells him that they cannot support his team?  Can he survive without factory sponsorship? 

I look for Tony to have a long and frustrating season next year.  But I also know that Tony is smart enough to realize that the only way he can win will be to start his own engine department.  When he does this then I would look for Tony to do well in 2010 but I doubt he makes the chase or top 15 in fact next season running HMS equipment.  I hope I'm proven wrong, but I have seen the deception that Rick uses with his dealerships and I just don't see anything real good coming out of this.



Since: Dec 9, 2007
Posted on: July 16, 2008 5:32 pm

Tony Stewart and his new team

GM won't cut Tony out, period end of conversation.  Tony brough GM two championships in the 2000's just like Jeff and Jimmie.  However I do see ALL the GM, Ford and Dodge teams continuing to struggle next year.  Toyota has the money to burn and JGR is a proven winner.  Toyota is here to stay is time we accept that.  GM had a chance to keep JGR--all they had to do was support them on the same level that they did HMS...they chose not too--and now they are paying for that idiotic mistake...just the facts, you can't deny it.

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Posted on: July 16, 2008 11:55 am

Tony Stewart and his new team

Here's a new obstical that Tony will have to overcome. 

GM cuts could hit all levels of racing: Nothing at GM is off-limits-including its high-profile NASCAR program - company executives warned as the automaker went public Tuesday in Detroit with its latest round of cost-cutting measures. With the auto industry in North America taking a beating, GM racing director Mark Kent said that every level of motorsports that GM supports-from the giant stock-car racing series NASCAR to the grassroots Sports Car Club of America-is being evaluated. GM also competes in the NHRA, USAC midgets/sprints and the American Le Mans Series. "Racing is not exempt (from cuts)," Kent said last week. "We are looking at ways to be even more efficient ... looking to see if they are genuinely positioned for a positive return on investment." Troy Clarke, president of GM North America, added: Motorsports "have not gone without scrutiny. I'm not going to get into specifics about NASCAR. But there will be modifications-changes in our marketing footprint-in this area." GM's NASCAR program, which has enjoyed great success and supports 12 Chevy teams, is under review, as is all of the racing GM supports, Kent said. "NASCAR, SCCA club racing-we are looking at where we need to be." Funding a championship-winning team such as Chevy's Hendrick Motorsports and drivers of the caliber of Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. costs GM at least $30 million a year.()(7-16-2008)

This could really hit Tony hard, If GM pulls its factory support from this team then Tony is really going to struggle.  And don't think they won't, why?  Well look at it this way, Rick Hendricks has numerous GM dealerships in NC and is a very Rich individual so GM won't drop this team,  RCR has been with GM since the mid 80's and when one thinks of NASCAR and GM they think of the 3 GM Goodwrench car and Dale Earnhardt and Richard Childress so that team is safe.  DEI may suffer as they are in turmoil but there has been a longer relationship there and they may not cut them out completely.  That leaves Stewart/HAAS, not sure how much factory support HAAS was receiving but I would be willing to bet it wasn't much.  So if they cut their funding in half the weak is the first to get cut and that would be Stewart/HAAS Racing. Which could mean a long, hard road for Tony and company

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Posted on: July 11, 2008 9:00 am

Tony Stewart and his new team

Mikey, I do agree with you. I have never been one to put down Hendricks racing though. I see Tony developing his own engines in the near future. I really am sad about Tony leaving JGR, Joe Gibbs is a class guy and anyone givin a chance to drive for him should feel priviledged. I will always be a fan of Gibbs racing. (Long as he doesn't change to the blue oval :) )

I think now though you might see a little more of the old Tony not taking crap off people like he seems to be doing last year and this year.

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Posted on: July 11, 2008 12:15 am

Tony Stewart and his new team

first off ima jeff burton fan.....then the gibbs drivers,,yes even affection with the redskins started it,,,JGR is a major player these days in nascar ..i commend tony for starting out on his path to failure for a couple of years ..but eventually he'll be ok ,,,dont see anything great for at least 2 yrs though......that staed ,i think anyone would love to drive for JGR....prolly logano next year..

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Posted on: July 10, 2008 7:48 pm

Tony Stewart and his new team

bloomquist, Rick will sell Tony anything he wants the question is will he sell him stuff that will beat his team?  I don't think for a minute he will, why?  There is just too much money involved. Also, I find it ironic that all of a sudden the Tony fans who blasted HMS in the past for cheating, getting favors from NASCAR etc are all of a sudden talking like the best thing that ever happend to Tony is joining in a semi-partnership with Rick Hendricks.  The best thing that ever happened to Tony he is now leaving.

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Posted on: July 10, 2008 3:53 pm

Tony Stewart and his new team

I don't think think Hendrick will have a problem selling Stewart products, like you said it is a buisness and if Tony has the cash, Hendrick will sell to him. I am a huge Stewart fan, but I am disapointed that he is leaving Gibbs early, Joe Gibbs has been really good to Tony and I just wish Tony would have finished out his contract with them. It was only one more year, and he could have taken that year and built his team. I will still root for Tony, But I will also remain a big fan of Gibbs Racing. But thats just me.

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Posted on: July 10, 2008 3:24 pm

Tony Stewart and his new team

I agree with all of your arguments except 4. Looking at the quality of most of the teams and drivers using Hendrick equipment since DW in 92, they weren't good. They've never had a driver like Stewart or Newman.

That said, I think both will win a race or 2, but they'll have an uphill battle to make the chase next year. I think eventually Tony will have to put money up to build their own cars, but I think they'll be fine with Hendrick engines, even if they aren't the top.

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Posted on: July 10, 2008 2:38 pm

Tony Stewart and his new team

As much as I enjoy watching Tony Stewart race...I really hope this "ownership" thing gives him a lot of personal satisfaction, because I am dubious that he will get the same kind of equipment and support without Gibbs or (I feel like by definition) Hendrick. Its hard for me to image imagine he can get a ride as good as the one he is leaving on any other team. Perhaps transfering over to a "car owner" will give him something to do with his time. He is putting his driving career in serious jeopardy with this move...Thats my feeling.

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