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How the West will win.

Posted on: April 2, 2008 5:16 pm
Edited on: April 2, 2008 6:59 pm
This is my mediocre attempt at putting together an actual blog. Now, there have only been a handful of games played as of 2:00pm on 4/2, but there are significant trends that have developed. I will try to put some effort into the American League, but truthfully I don't care much for it.

The NL West already has a significant edge over the NL East and Central as far as records.

NL West Winning Pct. .750

NL Central Winning Pct. .286

NL East Winning Pct. .444

If you include runs against, the pitching in the NL West has absolutely dominated.

NL West Runs Against - 14

NL Central Runs Against - 20

NL East Runs Against - 52

Or, in other terms, the entire NL West has given up less runs than the Atlanta Braves.

Now, there have only been a couple games played, and this I'm well aware of. But I will keep track of information such as this, as our mainstream media outlets (ESPN, SI, CBS) will not. They will instead talk about Manny having a hangnail for 20 minutes.

Other News/Notes/Observations

Jake Peavy can pitch - The guy is lights-out. Petco Park is largely a pitcher's park, and being a resident of San Diego, I get to follow the Padres a little closer than your average Dodgers fan. With that said, Peavy is the only pitcher the Padres have who is just as consistent at Petco as he is on the road. The guys is an amazing pitcher and will beat out Johan Santana for Cy Young.

The Tigers bullpen is really bad - They have murderer's row in their lineup (even though they were shut out today by the Royals) but will suffer in 1-run games. My bet is they end up -10 games at the end of the season in 1 run games. In the playoffs they will be in huge trouble if they can not find a way to shore up the bullpen.

The Dodgers have Fire - This team has shown more emotion in the last 2 games than they did in a month's worth of baseball last year. Larry Bowa is a nutjob who will fill Tommy Lasorda's void. Joe Torre has already managed the Dodgers better than Grady Little has, and they've got out to a quick 2-0 start by fattening up on the terrible Giants (who's bullpen and lineup might be the worst I've ever seen).

The White Sox and Cardinals need a CF - Rick Ankiel and Nick Swisher have no business roaming center. Juan Pierre anybody?

The Marlins are better than advertised - They will give teams such as the Mets and Braves fits in the East, and also show fans of those teams how brittle and old their teams are.

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Posted on: April 6, 2008 1:36 am

How the West will win.

Wow, i never thought about how the Chicago White Sox could trade to get Juan Pierre it would make since because Pierre is a better lead off hitter then Swisher. The point of leading off is to get on base which Pierre can, but  Swisher is more of a power hitter then contact and speed like Pierre.

I hate to agree that Jake Peavy is showing he can again win the CY Young Award with the two games he played this week. He is the first pitcher to throw a complete game this season and  his ERA is  crazy low (0.56). Not to mention his last outting versus the Astros he allowed no runs in 7 innings. I hate  saying how good Peavy is because I am a Dodger fan, but like LT you can't hate someone because they are good. Unless like in the sitution when Peavy killed the dodgers i have a great reason why to dislike him.

Now for the Tigers, they are having some crazy bullpen problems with Zumaya and Rodney on the 15 day DL meaning not such great news for Todd Jones and his bummed right shoulder. Also the not so good news for the Tigers. Not to stop there but their line-up is also suffering with Granderson out because of a broken finger in his right hand and Gary Sheffield tearing a tendon in his finger. Those two are big for the line-up not so much Sheffield because of a slight decline in his production because of age, but Granderson as we can tell is the key to unlock why the Tigers are producing the runs. Once Granderson recovers the tigers should be back in good shape, but they will also need their bullpen to recover as well.

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