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LeBron's quiet so the media whines

Posted on: June 1, 2009 11:03 am
Reason No. 673 why people dislike the sports media: The LeBron James Incident.

You've heard about it. After Cleveland lost Saturday to Orlando, James left the court without shaking the Magic's hands. Then he left the locker room without speaking to the media.

Tsk, tsk, LeBron!

Gag me.

It's not just that story in the L.A. Times. It's everywhere. When the players are too chummy with the opposition, hugging before basketball games or hanging out around the batting cage before baseball games, it suggests "no competitive fire." But when James is so passionately upset that his team didn't win, and he immediately leaves the floor and then the arena, he has "no class."

What a bunch of crap. Orlando had just advanced to the NBA Finals on its own floor. Confetti and fireworks and whatever else were going off. Leaving the court as quickly as possible doesn't mean James is a poor sport. It means he's hurting.

Blowing off the media ... I can live with that, too. There is no on/off switch on passion and disappointment. There is no established time frame. James was stinging, and after dealing with the media all season, he didn't want to deal with it -- with us -- on this night. Big deal.

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Posted on: June 2, 2009 11:58 am

LeBron's quiet so the media whines

Can't really compare tennis to any other sport, maybe golf.  In either case your not in an opposing teams home and there isn't 17,000 fans celebrating with the opposing player/team.  Music blasting and streamers falling everywhere.  In tennis they usually clap for both players on a well played match.  The attention is on both.  I heard some one mention thats what Lebron gets paid to do.  Ahh no he doesn't.  He gets paid to beat the other team.  If Orlando had problems with him not shaking hands, then they are the babies.  They get paid to win, and thats what they did, they didn't get paid to shake Lebrons hand.  I haven't heard much come from the Orlando organization, so I guess they are fine with it.  Common sense would tell those guys that Lebron was not dogging them, but very upset at the lose.  I'm sure they would be to.  And why are the fans upset, he wasn't going to shake your hand anyways.  I play in alot of games against people I've meet through the years.  We say hi before the game, but after that, they are enemy #1.  Maybe if they were at home, he would of.  He did against San Antonio.

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Posted on: June 2, 2009 9:44 am

LeBron's quiet so the media whines

you guys must be from ohio...this is crap. lb knew 2 games ago that this series was over. he will have to come up with something better than i'm a winner.  what has he won on any level other than playing on kobe/d. wade olympic team. it's not like they were up 3-1 and lost 3 straight. they have been playing like crap and lost respect for their own accomplishments. no time for the antics when it comes to the playoffs. you have to come with it as a team every game. teams are remembered for winning not individuals.  MJ ANYONE!

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Posted on: June 2, 2009 3:36 am

LeBron's quiet so the media whines

Is LeBron not allowed to like different sports teams?   You're right though..he is a jerk.  He has said, and done so many horrible things I can't even count them..whatever.  I obviously am a Cavs fan, but I honestly wouldn't have thought anything of it if Mr. Howard would have done the same thing.  It's a tough defeat, you can't tell me that he wouldn't congratulate them on his own if asked.  Why would anybody want to look at the team that just beat them, or the fans that hate him?  ps.. I didn't see any stories written by CBS Sports that said LeBron was a crybaby, only D Howard.  

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Posted on: June 2, 2009 12:51 am

LeBron's quiet so the media whines

Gag me.
Keep your dirty fantasies to yourself, DIL-DOyel!

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Posted on: June 1, 2009 8:39 pm

LeBron's quiet so the media whines

perhaps your right that it shows a lack of respect to walk off the court after a loss, but I'd imagine it would be hard to focus on being happy or anything positive for the other team when your teams best season has been trashed before you feel its time.  Oh the finality of it all.
Since the word "class" has come up thanks for having it in your post, and objectivity.  I somewhat agree with you on the respect thing, but I'm not certain its necessary, and i think alot of teams don't respect yet they dont get called out for it.  It's just the media getting revenge, thats all, nothings extraordinary here.

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Posted on: June 1, 2009 8:33 pm

LeBron's quiet so the media whines

if you watch the cavs you would know they have more class than any team in those playoffs, because every other team was shoving people out of bounds (Kenyon Martin to Pau Gasol) or Elbowing people off a blind-side (Kobe Bryant to Kenyon Martin) or Elbowing people in the head (Dwight Howard) or screaming at the other team that they can't guard you (Kobe Bryant to the Rockets).Do you listen to him speak charismatically or do you just ignorantly label him your enemy therefore he is to be hated, and judged negatively? I know the answer, why do i ask? /shrug  Would this be a story if LBJ didn't poke the media by not giving them more info and facetime at a media conference post game? Nope, but they must get the last word when done wrong.To call him classless do you really treasure that little salute at the end of the game that much to where it kills a persons image of you? if so your an odd one.Your right, he should be happy his dreams were dashed and he can really only blame his own team for the problems that arose.  At the moment when his title run ends too early he should go over and thank the other team they have finished him off. Yep... we think pretty far into our posts before hitting submit.

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Posted on: June 1, 2009 8:21 pm

LeBron's quiet so the media whines

Class is, not lashing out at the players in inappropriate ways, which I spoke of in my post.  I dont know why you would question LBJ's class when all his team and himself have done this year was be respectful to their opponents, they don't go down the court yelling about how the other team cant guard someone or throw elbows or shoulders as we have seen before in this playoff run from teams.  From on-the-court views of LBJ and the Cavs the only team having class is the Cav's, who were left in the Conference Finals.  Neither team needs this little end-game salute to know if they played fair, or the other team to acknowledge it, and they should expect the opponent to be bitter, they know they would at the end if positions were switched.  So whats the use, perhaps eye-contact and a wave if we expect them to be buddy-buddy with one and other after the game, and believe me Howard and the Magic had enough people complimenting them.  So whats the use? there is none, if the teams don't like each other.
The shake of the hand when the teams are incredibly frustrated with each other is just a mask to put on to please people who feel both parties should always walk away from the game feeling alright.
Well this maybe news to you but Cav's aren't feeling alright about throwing away months of battling for where they had gotten to.  Feeling only shock, angry, and frustration for what the effort has amounted to is enough to withdraw LBJ into the state he was at the end of the game.

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Posted on: June 1, 2009 8:01 pm

LeBron's quiet so the media whines

Sportsmanship, shmortsmanship its a game in which one team knocks the other our before its time, and neither team should have to congratulate the other team for doing them in, and no one should have to act happy about the other teams success.  Hell if he were trashy as Derrick Fisher he would do a WWE move on the guy at the end of the game and the media would call it sending a message.  My point being this is the nature of the game, a struggle to the very end, and class is only needed to the point of not trying to harm the other team.  Which is why Fisher is trash and Lebron's little "violation" is the honest thing to do, and not put on a plastic smile telling Howard "Good Job, you ruined my dream". /hug
To give a little of LBJ's perspective is that there is "One Goal" as publicized and anything less is failure.  When you fail after a years worth of struggles and you're favored to win, but you lose.  I wonder how happy you would be to see the dream die.

  The media needs its face time and will lash out at anyone who doesn't fall in line, when they want their moment bad enough.

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Posted on: June 1, 2009 6:40 pm

LeBron's quiet so the media whines

You can be hurt and disappointed about losing and still shake your opponent's hand after the game.  Most NBA players do exactly that (watch, for example, the end of the Nuggets-Lakers game).  You can be hurt and disappointed and still show a little class and sportsmanship and that does not mean you are not a "competitor".  As some one else pointed out, if the situations were reveresed, would Kobe Bryant be let off this easy?  No, the press and non-Laker fans would be all over him.  How about someone like Rashed Wallace?  Crucified in the press I bet if he did the same.  This is not the "crime of the century" but the fact is Lebron James should have congratulated the Magic players, he whould have taken his turn at the podium and spoke to the reporters.  Maybe he learned a lesson and next time he'll do just that....he is, after all, still a young man (but old enough to know better now).

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Posted on: June 1, 2009 6:31 pm

LeBron's quiet so the media whines

NO...terrible article in defense of Lebron.  Once again, another reason that Lebron shouldn't be mentioned with the greats like Magic, Bird, Jordan, Kobe, etc...his continued lack of qualities that the "great ones" as the game knows it, possesses. 

Can you recall a time when any of the above walked out in front of their All Star game co-starters and did a "dance" when he was introduced?  or time after time and game after game, did any of them take mock pictures and pose and play the air guitar, etc. etc. before, during, and after every other game?  or did any of them grab a handful of powder and throw it up into the air before every home game?  And NO, none of the above mentioned ever walked off a court after a defeat in a playoff series.  Those are what we like to call poor excuses.   So what would be the excuse for later after he had some time to "compose" himself, why did he still answer the same question the same way?  Poor excuses plain and simple...

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