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The NCAA is so hypocritical

Posted on: August 20, 2009 8:55 am
So the NCAA is about to vacate Memphis' Final Four from 2008, presumably because -- while he was in high school -- 2008 Memphis star Derrick Rose used a fraudulent test score to get into college in the first place.


But what about the program that made it to a Final Four with a player who, the NCAA later found out, had accepted more than $2,000 from his AAU coach while still in high school? That player also should have been ineligible. That school also should have vacated the Final Four.

But that player was Corey Maggette. And that team was Duke. The year was 1999.

So nothing happened. To anyone. To this day. Nothing has happened, and it never will.

My point? My point is that the NCAA, even with as much progress as it has made under Myles Brand, still uses selective justice when crashing down onto various schools or coaches. Then-Memphis coach John Calipari is on the NCAA's hit list, and so the NCAA ostensibly holds him responsible for Marcus Camby's dalliance with an agent in 1995, and for whatever Derrick Rose did while he was in high school hundreds of miles away in Chicago.

But Mike Krzyzewski is not on the NCAA's hit list, so Maggette is fine, Duke is fine, 1999 is fine, the world is a happy place full of seashells and balloons.

Forgive me if I vomit up a conch.

I said conch.
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Posted on: August 20, 2009 9:00 pm

The NCAA is so hypocritical

Doyel is usually an idiot, but he's right about this.  All he said is that Duke should vacate all wins from 1999 in which Magette played.  Magette was an illegal player because he was not an amateur.  This is*documented* in a court of law.  It cannot be disputed.  Maggette even admitted it. 

Doyel is not saying there should be further sanctions (although maybe there should be).  But its is a flat-out, unquestionable fact that the entire 1999 Duke season should be vacated because Magette was an illegal player.

His point is valid.  Duke gets favoritism pure and simple.

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Posted on: August 20, 2009 8:04 pm

The NCAA is so hypocritical

Hey Gregggggggg,  (shout out to KSR live blog, you said the more g's the better, lol)

What's up with all the tool's creating profiles today just to rip on you?  I guess that means you've arrived, when the nobodies come out of the woodwork to bash on you. You should be proud!


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Posted on: August 20, 2009 6:37 pm

The NCAA is so NOT hypocritical

The difference, Gregg, is that Memphis was alerted to the allegation of the player's potential ineligibility early on.  Duke (and everyone else) didn't learn of the Piggie allegation until later, after the player has left the program.

What the NCAA Infractions committee is penalizing is the institution's response, not the mere fact that games were played with a player who later was deemed to have been ineligible.  Ineligibility can be rectified (see UCLA's actions in JaRon Rush's case).  What Memphis did (which Duke was never in a position to have to do) was review the situation and determine that the allegation was not supported by the evidence and they cleared the player to play.  The NCAA is penalizing Memphis for this choice, not because the player wound up being ineligible.  The NCAA obviously feels that Memphis should have suspended the player while it conducted a more diligent investigation, erring on the side of caution.  Memphis obviously disagrees, which is why they are appealing; but what the NCAA doesn't want is member institutions to err on the side that most benefits the program's season, which they apparently feel that Memphis did.

Duke was never in this position with Maggette, and hence that is the reason why its apparent leniency, once Maggette's eligibility was found to have been compromised, is not inconsistent with the harshness of the penalty being imposed on Memphis.  Had Duke known about rumors of the situation with Maggette and Piggie and THEN chosen to let Maggette play while awaiting further determination or evidence to come to light, then the situations would be similar and you could be charging the NCAA with favoritism or cronyism. 

You're being careless in your analysis, making your blog little more than a partisan messageboard-like polemic that is exposing a bias rather than reasoned commentary.

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Posted on: August 20, 2009 6:18 pm

The NCAA is so hypocritical

Once again you have shown your disdain for Caoch K crushing your book deal, sucks for you but please get over yourself. 

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Posted on: August 20, 2009 5:56 pm

The NCAA is so hypocritical

I garutee you duke wanted no part of memphis that year, our weak ass team would have beat their brains out, so you need to comment about something else, and go sit in a corner somewhere, and come out when mighty duke does something, as long as cal is at kentucky,you can hang it up.

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Posted on: August 20, 2009 5:31 pm

The NCAA is so hypocritical

Well, maybe this will be the year that Coach Cal finally gets that monkey off his back and makes a final four.  The NCAA has ruled, my memory has been erased.

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Posted on: August 20, 2009 5:25 pm

The NCAA is so hypocritical

Good grief, man.  You are the type of fan that makes us all look bad.  Please STFU.  

You think Big Blue Nation is fanatical now??? haven't seen anything yet.  Wait until we start blasting all the other so-called top tier programs.  UNC...pfft.  Kansas...yeah right!  UConn...ha, ha.  Consider yourselves put on notice.  Big Blue Nation IS BACK!

I have no problem with you backing UK, but to put down other big-time schools is just ridiculous.   Please use a little class in the future, so that maybe one day, other fans won't think of UK fans as redneck idiots that want to win at all costs.

To the rest of you that read this garbage post above mine, please remember that this fan is the exception, not the rule.  Unfortunately, the minority "crackhead" fans are the majority online.

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Posted on: August 20, 2009 4:51 pm

The NCAA is so hypocritical

Someone remind Doyel that the Piggie scandal involved several schools, all of whom were defrauded by Myron P. 

And lets selectively look past the pattern with Calipari, about how several of his players have had academic qualifying questions, how he coached multiple guys who transfered to the same private school and magically qualified (the NCAA no longer accepts transcripts from that school), etc.  Cal didn't magically appear on a hit list, there is a difference between a pattern of academic fraud, and one guy getting $2000 spread out over a year before he ever enrolls that a clean program like Duke couldn't possibly have been aware of. 

I like how he continues to selectively attack Duke.  What a hypocrit, lecturing the NCAA about selective targeting, while in his own profession he continues to be unprofessional and selectively go after Duke whenever given the chance.

And why Greg, because Coach K was so selfish that he wanted to be the one making money on his own life story?  The NCAA isn't the one with the personal vendetta, you are.

And this after saying he would forgive his admitted personal vendetta against Duke/K if he coached TEAM USA to the gold medal. 

Don't know that there has ever been a bigger tool of a writer.

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Posted on: August 20, 2009 4:40 pm

The NCAA is so hypocritical

Look, Kentucky fans have known for years that Duke and Coach Krewshoeshovviojereveski (or however in the hell you spell his damn name) are the darlings of the NCAA.  I mean, we have to watch and relive Laettner's shot over and over and over and over every March any time CBS comes back from commercial. 

I completely understand Memphis fan's frustration, both about the penalties and the fact that Coach Cal seemingly gets off scott-free.  Remember, as a Kentucky fan, we've been there (and worse).  Remember Eddie Sutton?  Remember how he screwed us and our program only to go to OK St. and become the grandfatherly coach everyone loves?  How sick do you think that made us everytime we saw his drunk ass on ESPN??? 

But then again, the NCAA makes it clear that Cal was NEVER accused of any wrongdoing...period.  His name doesn't even appear in the report that was released a couple of months ago.

But...fine.  All you guys (and I'm not talking exclusively to Memphis fans...I feel for you guys)...all you guys want to attack Cal with stupid opinions and non-facts...fine.  We'll wear the black hat.  You want to turn us into the Duke of the next 10 years?  Fine.  We'll go out and rattle off a few National Titles, dominate the competition, keep our All-Time Wins record, catch UCLA for total titles, etc. 

You think Big Blue Nation is fanatical now??? haven't seen anything yet.  Wait until we start blasting all the other so-called top tier programs.  UNC...pfft.  Kansas...yeah right!  UConn...ha, ha.  Consider yourselves put on notice.  Big Blue Nation IS BACK!   

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Posted on: August 20, 2009 4:26 pm

The NCAA is so hypocritical

It is really sad that the NCAA gestapo have the untouchables like Duke that can seemingly get away with anything where almost every other team not named Duke gets into trouble for similar actions.  Not that what Memphis did was right and they should be penalized for their violations like my MN golden gophers were penalized in the 90s for their academic scandal because what they did was wrong and was in violation.  The problem comes when a team is not held accountable for their actions and violations and are protected.  The NCAA needs a dictionary and look up the word hypocrite.

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