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Other things Big Ben should admit doing:

Posted on: September 9, 2009 8:29 am
Was the second shooter in the grassy knoll.

Landed on Sam Bradford's shoulder.

Gave Stephon Marbury a webcam.

Stole that video of LeBron getting dunked on.

Spiked the steroid test of David Ortiz.

Took the SAT for Derrick Rose.

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth ...

How about that woman? She accuses Roethlisberger of rape, despite a veritable mountain of evidence -- including her own gloating words about having sex with the Steelers QB -- that no rape occurred. But now she says that if he admits to raping her, she won't sue him?

Don't hold your breath waiting for that admission, dear.

On second thought ... do.

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Posted on: September 10, 2009 8:17 am

Other things Big Ben should admit doing:

I think it was obvious to everyone except you where the joke was directed.  Either you weren't able to disect it or you just wanted to go on some crusade intended to bash an opposing player, I'm guessing the latter. I ain't a rocket scientist like you buzzards, but I didn't miss anything. Nor was I bashing Big Ben. I just take exception to the premise that some yokel sitting in an office in front of a keyboard can pass judgment on the facts of a legal proceeding involving a sexual assault charge and then decide to use it as fodder for humor. This woman is being held up to ridicule by Doyel; if she's falsely accusing him, maybe she deserves it; problem is, what about the next woman who wants to legitimately accuse a big-name athlete? I think a blog like Doyel's might have a chilling effect on someone who thinks she not only might not be believed, but might even be the target of public ridicule by journalists and fans of said athlete?

That aside, from a journalism standpoint, I think Doyel's blog can be summarized in four words: Ir-re-spons-ible. And I think that's part of where our disagreement rests; I'm coming at it from the standpoint of a former reporter and editor, while most of you are looking at it as fans. Different perspectives beget different opinions.

Thanks for playing along and -- I say this with all sincerity -- I appreciate the passion of all of you folks who disagreed with me, even though I think you're wrong.

And finally, I have a wicked sense of humor...especially when something is actually funny.

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Posted on: September 9, 2009 7:20 pm

Other things Big Ben should admit doing:

Hey Bozo Bob,

I think it was obvious to everyone except you where the joke was directed.  Either you weren't able to disect it or you just wanted to go on some crusade intended to bash an opposing player, I'm guessing the latter.  Either way its lame.  On the loser scale mentioned previously i think you fall right below this chick.

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Posted on: September 9, 2009 6:08 pm

Other things Big Ben should admit doing:

Athletes have to learn that they are fair game for any psycho.

No more having unprotected sex with a woman you've known for 10 minutes. She'll cry rape, or get pregnant, or something, and bang, there goes half or more of your income for the rest of your life.

Time to take more time, get to know a girl, get married, then do the sex and kiddies thing...

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Posted on: September 9, 2009 5:39 pm

Other things Big Ben should admit doing:



Yeah admit to committing a felony.  That will happen.  Smoke some more.

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Posted on: September 9, 2009 5:32 pm

Other things Big Ben should admit doing:

Way too often we have seen high-profile athletes get accused of rape that after further review didn't happen.
Mike Tyson went down on a woman for over an hour then they had sex.  She cried rape and he went to prison.  Look, Iron Mike is a nut job but don't you think if this lady didn't want to have sex she wouldn't have let him go down on her for an hour!
Kobe Bryant gets accused of rape even though the DNA evidence showed she had sex with her boyfriend after her encounter with Kobe.  Now, it doesn't take a MENSA member to know that women who are raped don't run home and have sex with their boyfriends.
Big Ben gets accused and turns out the accuser bragged about sleeping with him to her co-workers now she wants him to "admit" he raped her or she will sue!
When you are a high paid athlete there are plenty of women who throw themselves at you!  Just go to any team hotel after a game to see for yourself.  What happens is these women have sex with their star and then when the star doesn't make them his "girlfriend" and they realize they were just a one-night stand they get their feelings hurt.
Rape is a terrible thing and a crime that should be punished to the full extent of the law.  But, claiming rape when it doesn't happen is just as bad!  

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Posted on: September 9, 2009 5:31 pm

Other things Big Ben should admit doing:

And Philip Rivers has how many Super Bowl rings?  You are an idiot.

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Posted on: September 9, 2009 5:20 pm

Other things Big Ben should admit doing:

People, lets be real here. All it will take is one, that is one doctor, anyone with a PHD, to get on the stand and say " yes, she was raped" and Big Ben loses this case, of course that one doctor will have to be one that was seeing her right after the so-called rape. Do I believe he did it, no, but I am one that gives people the benifit of the doubt untill its proven they did it.  I do the same with Roger Clemons, until someone proves for a fact that he did the steriods, then I will believe it.  I have seen it happen before, a doctor gets on the stand and says "yes. this person was raped" and bam the dude got 15 years, even though there were 6 of us that testified at his trial that she was all over him all night and went to his room for the purpose of having sex and that we heard no yelling and screaming for help. That one doctor's testimony made all of ours null and void and he was convicted of raping a woman. This was a jury trial on criminal charges where the state had to prove without a doubt it happened, Ben is having a civil trial where all they have to do is convence a jury that he did it. One doctor can win the case for them.

As for this woman making comments, she has said nothing during the whole process, everything that has been released has come from Ben's attorneys trying to dammage her reputation. Lets see anyone remember how Tyson's lawyers handled his rape case? Gee it was the same method and it backfired on them. Kobe settled with his accuser and paid her 7.5 million to shut up, after his attorneys did the same thing to her that Big ben's are doing to this woman. If all this so called evidence is good enough to win thier case why do you suppose they want to have to released before trial? Well I can tell you, its because its all very weak evidence and can easily be dispelled. So instead they are using it to dammage her reputation in the publics eyes, the same public that will make up the jury. its a good move, but one that can backfire on you, just like it did on Tyson.

Now as to her waiting a year, using that as a reason for her to not be telling the truth is stupid. Do any of you realise that 70% of all rapes are never reported? Do any of you realise that the victim has at least 7 years to bring charges against her attacker? It can exceed 7 years in some instances, such as childhood rapes and rapes where a doctor (notice a doctor) says the victim was not mentally able to file charges at the time. Most rapes are reported days and weeks after the rape, very few are reported when it happened. There are alot of rapes that are reported a year or more later and sometimes as far off as 25 years after the fact. does that or did that lessen the case? No not in most cases, most of the time they get convictions.

To the poster who said the police investigated this and found no evidence, funny thing is that the police could not investigate anything without a complaint being filed. Guess what? You fabricated that statement. The police have never investigated this case, that is very well documented, they have repeatedly said they could not investigate untill the victim files a complaint.

You gotta love it when people just type in anything.

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Posted on: September 9, 2009 4:53 pm

Other things Big Ben should admit doing:


While making light of this situation may be irresponsible, a woman making a false accusation of rape is even more irresponsible.  What is worse, this woman dragging ben and his reputation through the mud or Doyell making fun of her for being crazy?

If this really was a serious rape case she would be more worried about putting him in prison rather than how much of his money she could collect.

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Posted on: September 9, 2009 4:12 pm

Other things Big Ben should admit doing:

This has absolutely nothing to do with "criminal justice". This wacked out ho never filed charges. She comes with these accusations over a year later in search of a payday. That does deserve to be made fun of. Almost as much as you sticking up for her which is kind of sad and misguided rather than funny..

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Posted on: September 9, 2009 3:46 pm

Other things Big Ben should admit doing:


How can you hope to be raped?  I dont think it is possible to wish for someone to have sex with you AGAINST YOUR WILL.  And why does hoping to be raped make you more sensitive to others joking about sexual assault?  In fact, it should have the opposite effect, you should be more open to comedic discussions about rape when you secretly want to have it happen to you (which according to the definitino should really be impossible). That's not funny, it doesnt even make sense. 

As to Doyel's article the rule is that it's not mean or taboo as long as it's funny and I lauged so it's fine be me.  And to the "student attorney" while a woman's consent may be nullified by diminished capacity (i.e. drunk, drugged, insanity etc) AND the man knowing or constructively knowing of this condition but still taking advantage, you run into a problem when after the fact she are shown gloating about her celebrity sexual conquest to friends and family over email and phone conversations.  She won't be able to play the diminished capacity card when it's obvious that she knew exactly what happened and was excited by the results.  This is one of those occasions (very rare, in my opinion) where a woman is looking to take advantage of a man by playing on the sympathy generated by a rape charge.  I'm glad Doyel is taking the opportunity to tear her apart for the damage she is doing to Roethlisberger, his family, and the vast majority of cases where a woman comes forward with an allegation and is met with far more scorn and distrust than is warrented due to the fault of false accusers such as this one.

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