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Is Jonny Gomes a %#@*?

Posted on: February 23, 2011 4:59 pm
Edited on: February 24, 2011 8:16 am
I'll be honest: I've been too happy lately. I wrote something happy on the Iowa boy-girl wrestling controversy. I wrote something happy on the Alabama-Auburn rivalry. Happy is good, but I need some anger every now and then.

So thank you, Jonny Gomes. You've made me angry. See also: disgusted.

Gomes is the idiot outfielder for the Reds who on Wednesday celebrated -- celebrated -- the season-ending, possibly career-ending elbow injury of Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright announced hours earlier.

According to our blog here, Gomes was walking through the clubhouse singing -- singing -- "Wainwright's gone, Wainwright's gone!"

That's the kind of thing a seventh-grader does and then is immediately, thoroughly and possibly painfully admonished by older teammates that you never, ever celebrate another player's injury.

Gomes is a big-leaguer. An adult. And he was surrounded, presumably, by other big-leaguers, other adults, in the Reds clubhouse. If any of those adults immediately, thoroughly and painfully told Gomes to shut the hell up, it wasn't reported in the blog.

So shame on Gomes, most of all. But shame on the Reds for not policing him right away. They'd better get on that, pronto, or this PR disaster will escalate.

Meantime, the Cardinals and Reds play on April 22 in Cincinnati. Gomes had better be in the lineup for Cincinnati, just to pay the price. And when he's hit with the first pitch he sees -- on the shoulder or leg, let's hope -- Gomes had better not even look at the mound or the Cardinals dugout.

Walk your ass to first base, Jonny Gomes, and do what you should have done Wednesday afternoon: Keep your mouth shut.

UPDATE, Wednesday 6:32 p.m. So apparently Gomes is now saying that he was misquoted. That he wasn't singing about Wainwright's injury, but that he was merely asking about it. Let me tell you something: He was heard, and quoted, BY A BLIND MAN. The reporter is Hal McCoy, a Hall of Famer to boot, who has been legally blind for years. And you know what happens with blind folks: Their sense of hearing goes through the roof. So am I to believe that McCoy's above-average hearing mistook Gomes' curious question for a happy song? No. I don't believe that, because while Jonny Gomes may well be an idiot, I'm not.

UPDATE, Thursday 8:14 a.m. Well, now the reporter who detailed Gomes' happiness -- Hal McCoy himself -- has removed that passage from his original report and apologized. McCoy now writes, "If [Gomes] says he was singing something else then I have to believe him and thoroughly regret writing about it." What a ridiculous story, from start to finish.

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Posted on: March 5, 2011 12:57 pm

Is Jonny Gomes a %#@*?

BTW, Doyel.  That ridiculous hammer you're carrying in your picture is at least as bad as anything Gomes might have said from a PR standpoint.  It makes you look like bullied 8 year old picking up a stick against his tormentors.  Or a Village People wannabe.  Take your pick - neither are flattering.  It really makes the reader wonder about your ego, and then when we read your "I wanna sound like a tough guy" articles, we really question what CBS is doing.

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Posted on: March 5, 2011 12:52 pm

Is Jonny Gomes a %#@*?

 I don't believe that, because while Jonny Gomes may well be an idiot, I'm not.
Ah, proving yourself wrong one article at a time, Doyel.  Another ridiculous, unsubstantiated "article" blasting someone and calling them an idiot while promoting yourself as something other.  Turns out you remain the idiot you've been all along.  You're an idiot for writing the original article, for confusing an enhanced sense of hearing with linguistic acuity, and (my personal favorite) claiming you're not an idiot. 

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Posted on: February 24, 2011 12:22 pm

Is Jonny Gomes a %#@*?

Good luck this year guys - good to have a rational conversation with a couple of Reds fans!  (oh, I think Renteria was a solid signing for you - good leader and still has some skills)

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Posted on: February 24, 2011 12:20 pm

Is Jonny Gomes a %#@*?

With the Cards or any team I love, the TEAM comes 1st, Journey.  I'm sure you are the same way. 

Let me clarify - I dont' think the entire Reds team is cocky - they have some guys I really like.  Votto is a class act and although he had some comments about the Cards I didn't care for last year, he is a tough competitor.  Jay Bruce is solid too, like him a lot. 

I live in IN and generally, when I go see the Cards play, it is in Cincy - great town and the fans are always friendly.  It isn't like going to Wrigley, where I got spit on and beer dumped on me for wearing my Wainwright jersey the last time I was there.  I work with a lot of Cub fans and they are all good guys, but that stadium is like a bunch of drunken idiots - they give the team a bad name.   Anyway - I like Cincy and have no hatred towards them, the way I do the Cubs.

Pujols is getting older and has never had a BIG injury...I feel strongly that it is coming and I don't want it to be in the 3rd year of a $290 million, 10 year contract with the Cards!  He doesn't deserve to be paid for what he has done...and since we were talking pasts, they have been to one World Series and lost and 1 with him and isn't like he takes them there every year!?!?  I'd rather have 3 solid players, younger players, that contribute to the team than one Albert for 10 years, his declining years.

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Posted on: February 24, 2011 11:44 am

Is Jonny Gomes a %#@*?

All true.  I may have overstated it when I said the Cards relevance was ending.  It's a great baseball city with great fans who mostly get it.  They support their team, but there are peaks and valleys, and I can forsee this being a valley, if only for a couple of years.

There is no denying, there has to be a lot of wondering in St. Louis right now.  By far their best pitcher is very likely done for the season.  By far their best hitter's status is up in the air.  If they can overcome that, LaRussa should win manager of the decade.

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Posted on: February 24, 2011 11:29 am

Is Jonny Gomes a %#@*?

I think to say the Cardinals relevance may be a bit to harsh. 

I'm in a growing minority of fans that hope the Cards DO NOT re-sign Albert.  He is amazing and has done amazing things with this club, but I'm a Cardinal fan first - this team was around and winning long before AP came to town. 

They do have some pretty decent players on the roster in addition to him, regardless of his future - Colby Rasmus seems to have grown up over the winter and is a 5-tool player that many teams covet...he isn't going anywhere - he is young and cheap.  Yadier Molina is the best defensive catcher in baseball, however, Albert leaving might have an impact on him...but we'll see.  Matt Holliday is a stud and were it not for Albert, would be the centerpiece of this team.  Jaime Garcia is one of the more tallented young arms in the NL and will be around for years to come.  IF he can get/stay healthy, David Freese is going to be a solid player at 3B.  Adam Wainwright's injury is bad, but he isn't going anywhere and he'll be back.  They also have Jake Westbrook for the next 2-3 years, depending on his option, along with young guns Mitchell Boggs and Jason Motte...both could be the future closer (along w/Salas, who is listed below)

Is this a whole team?  No, but pending what happens this year and with Albert in the offseason (or possibly in a mid-season trade?), the Cards have some young guys on the horizon as well in Shelby Miller, Lance Lynn, Zack Cox, Fernando Salas, Adron Chambers, Alan Craig and Bryan Anderson.

The Cards history does have some impact on their future...they are generally in the mix with the division leaders, they have had and will have some down years, but they are few and far between.  Everyone said they wouldn't last when they got Edmonds, Rolen and others during their early 2000's run...well, that was over 10 years ago and the Cards are still a part of the conversation.  

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Posted on: February 24, 2011 11:23 am

Is Jonny Gomes a %#@*?

Wow Tcards!  I am surprised by a lot of what you said.  I did hear rumblings that some Cards fans weren't all that enamored with LaRussa, but I thought that was some folks apart from the crowd.  When his contract was coming up, I thought there was an outside shot he'd come to the Reds (we ain't always happy with our manager either).

I am suprised to hear you call the Reds cocky.  I don't think they've had enough success to be cocky yet.  If anything, we got put in our place in the two biggest series' we had last year.  The infamous series against the cards when Phillips said what he did, then the fight ensued in the next game and the playoff series against the Phillies.  Reds got swept in both.  Granted, the Reds obviously did enough to get there, but it was clear that we weren't a big game team...yet.  So, it's hard to be cocky when you only mop up on the bad teams.

I think you're right, Dusty is a good motivator, and he is a "players" manager in that he will leave guys a lot of slack.  I also think Dusty does a lot of stuff behind closed doors that doesn't get talked about.  i think he probably does a lot more than we think, but he is smart enough to keep it out of the media.  If there is a true fued between Baker and LaRussa, I am naive to it.  I had no idea.  Maybe it's that Baker keeps his thoughts so close to the vest that i am unaware.

I love that the Reds are built for long term success.  There is a lot of disappointment that the only two guys we brought in were Renteria and Fred Lewis.  Personally, I'm fine with that.  I might have preferred Podsednik, but they do essentially hte same thing, steal bases.  I am not a huge fan of the guy who started all this controversy.  Gomes is a liability.  He is a platoon player at best, and i hope they view him that way.  I would like to see a sppedster who can play every day in there.  I think the Reds have enough power as it is.  they need guys to set the table.

I'm very surprised to hear you say you think the Cards future is brighter without Pujols.  I tend to agree though.  It is apparently going to take so much to sign him (and you have to pay him superstar money when his skills will likely be in major decline (if he gets what he wants).  That will absolutely cripple you when those skills do decline because you won't be able to afford to pay for other players.

I also agree with you on the Brewers.  They are pretenders.  I like them getting Grienke, but Marcum is going to be just average for them.  I think they gave up too much offense and potential in that deal for Grienke.  They will certainly be improved, but they're not contenders IMO.  My guess is they will be in fire sale mose at the deadline trying to recoup some good young players for the future.

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Posted on: February 24, 2011 11:18 am

Is Jonny Gomes a %#@*?

Yeah it was tasteless to say it, but come on, every fan of ever team in the cardinal's division probably felt the same way when they heard the news, just like Jets fans cheering Brady's injury or Patriot Fans cheering any Jet injury.  Gomes was at least being honest.

Since: Nov 22, 2006
Posted on: February 24, 2011 10:29 am

Is Jonny Gomes a %#@*?

As a Cardinals fan, I hear you...Tony drives us nuts too.  However, I think the complaining has been blown up to be more than it is.  As much as Tony drives me nuts, he is good at getting into the other team's head - sometimes it works and sometimes it backfires.  The guy has had a lot of success in MLB - especially with the Cardinals, he and your currnet GM, Jockety, put together some killer teams. 

All that said, the Reds ARE very cocky on the field and they personify their manager - as the Cubs did when he was there...Dusty is good at motivating his team, but he carriers some things too far and tends to look like a jerk in the process.  He doesn't seem to control his clubhouse and I think that is where the big conflicts come through between he and Tony - they are polar opposites and these fights will continue until one of them leaves.

The Reds currently are built for long term success and with a couple of exceptions, I like the team.  I'm not sold on the Brewers or their pitching yet...but I think they are looking good for this year.  The Cards are down right now, but I do think that with the core they have in place, regardless of Albert's future (and I think they are stronger in the future without him) the Cards will be fine and compete with the Reds and whoever else in the NLCentral.  I'll say the Cards season depends on Carp's health and Loshe's ability to come back... 

The Central will be fun to watch - I also hope they can just go out an play ball.

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Posted on: February 24, 2011 10:14 am

Is Jonny Gomes a %#@*?


The Reds have two division titles.  They won in 1995 too.  But that's history, much like the run of Cardinals relevance. 

I can very easily see this Cardinals team spiraling into blow it up and rebuild mode.  Think about it, no Wainwright in a year when the overall quality of the division increased.  Then you've got the Pujols contract hanging there.  If I remember correctly, wasn't Rasmus wanting a trade toward the end of last year?  Carpenter is not getting any younger.  Berkman is getting old and has a long history of injuries.  His numbers have been in decline for a few years now.

Who's to say the Cardinals don't find themselves out of it at the All-Star break and decide to maybe explore options of dealing Pujols?  Think about it, they have to have some sesne of whether they can legitimately get a deal done with him.  If they were far apart before Spring Training started and don't have much hope of bridging the gap, they would be foolish not to try to get something for him.

The window which was already closing, may have been slammed shut with this injury.

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