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When an idiot speaks, starring Bob Knight

Posted on: April 19, 2011 11:16 am
Edited on: April 19, 2011 11:17 am
You don't like Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari? Fine. You have ammunition.

Calipari recruits kids he knows will spend one or two years on campus, kids interested more in pursuing the NBA than their college degree, and if that's the sort of thing that bugs you, complain about that.

Calipari has taken three schools to the Final Four, and two of them had to vacate that appearance because of NCAA violations involving a player -- not a coach, but a player. But if that's the sort of thing you want to lay at the head coach's feet, fine. Lay it there. Complain about that.

But what you can't do -- what ESPN commentator Bob Knight did do the other day -- is ignore the pile of facts at your disposal and make up your own. And come up with your own half-truth or even your own outright lie, and use that to attack John Calipari.

But again, that's what Bob Knight did the other day when he defamed the entire starting five on Kentucky's team in 2009-10 by saying, "Kentucky (that season) started five players in the NCAA tournament games that had not been to class that semester."

Interesting statement. But an outright lie. It makes Calipari, who clearly isn't on Knight's list of people he likes, look bad. But it makes five young men look awful, and unfairly so. Because John Wall went to class that semester and made the honor roll. Patrick Patterson went to class that semester and earned his degree -- in his third year. I don't know what Kentucky's other three starters earned that semester, but if Knight thinks they didn't go to school, well, that's all I need to know to believe otherwise.

Because Bob Knight has no idea what he's talking about.

I'm not big on, "So-and-so owes an apology!" But today, Bob Knight owes an apology to John Calipari, and to Patrick Patterson, and to John Wall, and to the rest of Kentucky's starting five. He said something awful about them, something blatantly untrue, and he needs to correct it.

But he's a bad guy, so he won't say a damn thing unless ESPN makes him.

So that's where we stand. What's it going to be, ESPN?

You going to allow this?

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Posted on: April 19, 2011 7:14 pm

When an idiot speaks, starring Bob Knight

Doyel is right. If he told a lie, then ESPN needs to call him on that or any pretense that they have any journalism is pure hypocrisy. Their Outside the Lines Show would be a fraud. They'd have no right to call others on mistruths if they allow it in house.

I'm no fan of Calipari and think he's bad for college sports. He's an exploiter and manipulator. Knight could have hammered that home all day and been in the right. I've been a fan of Knight in terms of his coaching and the fact he actually graduated kids because he actually cares about education. Imo, he's the greatest basketball coach since Wooden. I also think he's a bright guy. However, in this case, he was flatout wrong.

Calipari is slimy and a cheater. However, to disparage his players unjustly just to takes shots at him is wrong. Knight should retract that statement, then he can reload and take swipes at Calipari. John deserves everything he gets as long as it is true. There is enough there to rip him. People don't need to use lies to add to it. Shame on Knight. He didn't show any chivalry here.

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Posted on: April 19, 2011 5:09 pm

When an idiot speaks, starring Bob Knight

1st round out ... which yr is that? Kansas will have 3 underclassmen going this yr Duke and Butler had one last yr and maybe 2 this yr most top 15 teams will always have player going early not just UK. Plus the only person I know that throws things is Knight! He is a real up-standing man(LOL) chokes playes, curse on TV and to his players and anyone else that stands in his way. Assaults students, throws chairs onto the court during a game talked to all the prees like crap, all class this guy Knight . Knight is just pissed because the game has past him by and his son got fired this year. Knight only had 1 player good enought to go pro early and had very few player make it in the NBA per the number of yrs he coached. He hates UK because he has a losing record against them, Plus 1975 baby!!!!!! Knight is done and a HATER!!!! One and dones are the new way of NCAA basketball like it or not so don't hate on Cal because he knows how to get players to the NBA.

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Posted on: April 19, 2011 5:06 pm

When an idiot speaks, starring Bob Knight

Throw your stones at the one basketball analyst who calls things as he sees them. support the coach who brags he sends more players to the NCAA (one and done does not get graduation likely results). As for me - I will pay attention when Bob Knight speaks. I will ignore obvious exaggerations to determine the point he is making. I want to see what is reality.
You want to talk about one-and-done rule....fine just don't make up stuff to fit into your arguement.  Nobody likes the one-and-done rule and that goes for UK fans too.  When it was unheard of jumping to jump into the NBA before 4 years of college Bobby Knight ruled the sidelines.  He can't understand the mentality now.  But getting the best players gives you a better chance of winning as it has since day one.  I wonder if Thomas or May or Channey would have stuck around all 4 years if the same were true when they played?  THe problem lies with the NBA....somewhere they thought it would be a good idea to take kids after seeing little in the way of experince and more in the way of potential.  I don't like it any more than Knight but to single out UK and make an attack on them isn't the way to go.  There were 80 kids that declared early last year and only 29 went back to school.  Why point out all those who left their name in the draft than to single out 3 starters and 1 who graduated early. 

I hate that Patterson is even considered in this.  I mean on one hand he talks about getting the players an education and on the other he uses Patterson as an example of leaving early.  The kid that the goal or not Bobby?  If so then leave PP out of it, he did what you wanted.  So what if he had one more year to play...he got a degree.

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Posted on: April 19, 2011 5:05 pm

When an idiot speaks, starring Bob Knight

I think it's pretty ironic that many of you morons on this board point fingers at Kentucky players for being too unintelligent to possibly complete classes when the writing level of your posts certainly wouldn't pass muster in a college classroom either. Is John Wall a genius? God no. But he is very hard working. He is a basketball player, not a student. He worked his butt off on the court so he could succeed at a higher level than almost anyone in the world. He didn't take the hardest classes, I'm sure, but he went to class, did his work, and got the marks he needed, and they were even much better than what is required. I laugh when I read about people dumping on Wall. He is much, much, much more successful than any of you clowns on this board could dream of being.

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Posted on: April 19, 2011 4:50 pm

Knight = Buffoonery

I am on record with many. many scathing comments about Bob Knight over the years. There is nothing that comes out of his mouth (or would go into his mouth) that surprises me anymore. He stands in front of a crowd of people and simply makes up stuff to discredit the nation's winningest program. In my humble opinion he is a cancer to college athletics. He frequently stands up and beats his chest about "his way" of doing things, as if there's something to be proud of in that statement. It should be noted that "his way" of doing things was so brutal and distasteful that it actually got him fired from an institution that suffered him for 25 years. He choked his players, threw potted plants at his female administrative staff, made jokes about rape. He is an arrogant, insensitive, mouthy, jerk. He should be banned from public appearances of any kind.

In Kentucky, Knight can sink no lower than one place on the "all time hated list"......he ranks lower than Adolph Hitler, Jeffrey Dalhmer, Stalin, and Saddam Hussein......only Christian Laettner is hated more in the Commonwealth.....and Bobby is closing ground fast.

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Posted on: April 19, 2011 4:40 pm

When an idiot speaks, starring Bob Knight

Bob Knight does stand for truth and integrity.  He may not always express things in the best way, but he represents truth and integrity very well.  Just ask his players who have gone on to be successful businessman, doctors, lawyers, dentists, and professional basketball players.  He won 3 national championships the right way.  Unlike many coaches who get put on a pedestal for winning because they cheated.  Guys like Calhoun, and yes John Wooden, as great as everyone thought he was, he was as crooked as they come.  He might not have paid the players himself but he knew it was going on and did nothing about it.  It is the same with Calipari, he doesn't care about the kids going to school, he just wants to win and all the hilljacks in kentucky don't care because they want to win no matter the cost.  Patterson graduated, I will give you that.  They say Wall was on the honor roll, that is a bunch of crap.  If you listen to him talk in an interview you can tell the kid hasn't seen the inside of a classroom in a while.  Cal publishes that crap about his high profile player to make him look good.  Although, I don't full agree with the way Knight is going about it, he is calling out the scumbags of college basketball because he wants it cleaned up.  And there is no better person to start with than calipari.  The funny part is, calipari does all this shady stuff and still hasn't won anything, and he never will.....

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Posted on: April 19, 2011 4:39 pm

When an idiot speaks, starring Bob Knight

Kentucky basketball has had 10 players who were academic all Americans. Mark Pope was the last. 

As for Bobby Knight, I'll admit that he's forgotten more about college basketball this week than I'll ever know. Sadly enough, I think he's also forgoten how to zip his fly, how to chew with his mouth closed and how to speak intelligently or with any integrity at all. 

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Posted on: April 19, 2011 4:12 pm

When an idiot speaks, starring Bob Knight

  1. RMK lied.  Not exaggerated.  Not embellished.  Not hinted.  Not suggested.  No, he LIED.  That doesn't make you a "straight-shooter".  That makes you a LIAR.
  2. The one and done situation is not the result of any NCAA rules - it is a result of an NBA rule.  That's the system within which CBB has to work, like it or not.
  3. Cal has gone on record as saying he doesn't like the OAD rule and wishes players who are good enough should be allowed to go straight to the draft.
  4. Ironically, RMK has made the same argument as #3 above.
  5. No, I don't have to respect the fact that he's a "straight-shooter".  Refer to #1 above.
  6. Yes, all the UK players' academic records are on file and well-known.  Most of the evidence to refute RMK's claim is a matter of public record.  Everything RMK needed to know that his statement was false was available to him just like it is to the rest of us.  He chose to ignore it and just make sh*t up as he went along.
  7. Take all of the disdain you have for Cal and UK, multiply it by 10, and you may begin to approach the amount of disdain most UK fans have for RMK.  Not because we're jealous, but because RMK is a turd sandwich.
  8. RMK's biggest problem is RMK - not UK, Cal, or the one and done situation.

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Posted on: April 19, 2011 3:56 pm

Idiots are those who fail to educate athletes

This post puzzles me Gregg. You have singled out Bob Knight and an apparent exaggeration used to make a point while you have ignored the far-more important point. Knight was calling out a coach who does not graduate his recruits in a manner consistent with other coaches. Yes, Patrick Patterson may have graduated. Patrick was not recruited by Coach Calipari and was already well established as a student before Calipari came to Kentucky. Here is the question you might have missed or ducked - how many of those starting five went to class the second semester? The more important data is found in graduation rates for Men's Basketball. A story here: ncaabracket dot nytimes dot com/2011/bracket/men/72M4GvtDWIg?emc=eta1 produced a bracket of the NCAA tournament this year based on these numbers. Kentucky was a first round casualty. The predicted final four: Kansas, Butler, Texas and Princeton. Given that the Ivy League champion will be in the final four most years. Those men are looking for an education first. But Kansas, Butler and Texas have also committed to excellent education for its student athletes and belong there both in academics and in basketball talent.

Isn't it time to stop the pandering to a popular coach who grants access to writers who stroke him? Isn't it time to shine the light on a coach who defies NCAA rules (this year he allowed a professional to practice with his team resulting in a much-improved starting center - this by the player's own admission). Three final fours with three different schools and somehow the cheating shots are always someone else's problem. But the head coach is responsible. Has Worldwide Wes taken over both college and professional basketball? It sure looks that way. Is there still a line between professional and amateur basketball? Well, yes. At Kansas, Butler, Texas and Princeton for sure. As for Kentucky - they seem content to get wins by nearly any methods.

Go ahead and support the cheater, Gregg. Throw your stones at the one basketball analyst who calls things as he sees them. support the coach who brags he sends more players to the NCAA (one and done does not get graduation likely results). As for me - I will pay attention when Bob Knight speaks. I will ignore obvious exaggerations to determine the point he is making. I want to see what is reality.

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Posted on: April 19, 2011 3:54 pm

When an idiot speaks, starring Bob Knight

@Pigpen420:  The reason the NCAA hasn't "done anything" about Cal (or coaches not being held accountable, etc.) is because they have explicitly exhonorated him of any wrongdoing.  Explicitly.  That means after an exhaustive investigation, not only could they not link anything to him, they found him to have done nothing wrong.  They even apologized that his name got dragged into it, at least in the UMass situation.

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