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Heisman has to be RG3 -- but I'm skeptical

Posted on: December 9, 2011 10:42 am
Edited on: December 9, 2011 2:21 pm
Right about now, I'm a lot like or Taboo or Fergie. OK, you're right. I'm nothing like any of them.

Because I got a feeling ...

... that Saturday night's not gonna be a good night.

This is about the Heisman ceremony on Saturday night, a trophy that Baylor's Robert Griffin III should win easily. And that's what some are projecting, including's Dennis Dodd, whose straw poll of 23 voters shows RG3 winning huge.

Still, I got a feeling ...

First, it's all those ESPN guys saying Griffin might not, or even won't, win the thing. A few days ago Craig James said this on national television: "I don't think [Griffin] has a chance of winning."

We all know Craig James is a clown of the highest order, but that's either the dumbest thing that has ever come out of his mouth (wow), or he's onto something scary. Kirk Herbstreit is no clown -- plus the man's damn good-looking -- but in the last few days he said something straight out of the Pony Playbook: "[Griffin] is from Baylor. He's not going to win the Heisman."

And then this morning, on the Mike and Mike show on ESPN Radio -- yeah, I listen to Mike and Mike -- Mel Kiper said he wasn't sure Griffin would win the Heisman.

That's three different prominent media guys -- and maybe even three Heisman voters -- who are rebutting what everyone else seems to be saying, that RG3 is going to win the Heisman in a runaway.

Which has me thinking.

What if all these voters being polled -- by sites like and -- have been lying to pollsters out of outright embarrassment? Because while it has become nationally accepted in recent days that RG3 should win the Heisman, it wasn't so obvious a week ago.

And lots of Heisman voters sent in their vote early.

So many  voted early that the Downtown Athletic Club sent out a mass "thank you" last week -- before the last major weekend of games -- to all those who did so. All those premature tabulations (shaddup) missed RG3's signature game, a demolition of Texas in which Griffin threw for 320 yards, ran for 32 yards, and compiled four touchdowns. After that game it was apparent to most reasonable college football fans that Griffin (3,998 yards passing, 644 rushing, 45 total touchdowns, six interceptions, the single-season NCAA record for pass efficiency) is the best player in the country.

But what about all those people who voted early?

And what about those lazy voters who decided months ago that the 2011 Heisman was 2010 runner-up Andrew Luck's to lose -- and seeing how he played well this season, he'd done nothing to lose it?

Just saying. Hope I'm wrong, but I got a feeling ...

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Posted on: December 9, 2011 12:52 pm

Heisman has to be RGIII -- but I'm skeptical

Just realized that I could have listened to 3 prominent media guys, and heard what I read here...Stupid Me! My question is: Was RGIII the frontrunner before or after he got on TV and said that he was the man?

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Posted on: December 9, 2011 12:01 pm

Heisman has to be RGIII -- but I'm skeptical

D-Rob didn't even make it to New York. No chance of RGIII getting Heisman.

As a Michigan fan you know why D-Rob wasn't invited, the team stunk and he got shut down against almost every good team he faced or he got injured and didn't finish the game.  Last year D-Rob racked up huge stats against MAC teams, Indiana, Notre Dame and that's about it.  You get my point though and I am not bashing the guy, I am glad he stayed healthy this year, all I am saying is he put up some of his best games against teams that had highly ranked defenses and his team is 9-3, that is what separates 2011 Robert Griffin from 2010 Denard Robinson.  It is all about the wins and losses and if Baylor was 7-6 and lost 6 or their last 8 or rather 7-5 going into a bowl game he wouldn't win it.  Wins against TCU, Oklahoma and Texas were signature, D-Rob's signature win was against Notre Dame early in the year (on a side note, that was one hell of a game though and a great show he put on that day).

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Posted on: December 9, 2011 11:47 am

Heisman has to be RGIII -- but ESPN's scaring me

Calling Craig James a clown of the highest order ='s Major respect for you Doyle.  That being said, I fault the DAC for allowing voters to send in ballots early.  I wouldn't call the Texas game his signature game, I think the Oklahoma and TCU games are right up there along with the Texas game but why don't they just make it to where the ballots cannot be postmarked until after the last game?  That is not to say there won't still be bias because I am sure Ingram is voting for Richardson but that isn't a major deal, TR is a deserving candidate.  As long as the clowns that decide the Heisman are those who don't even watch these guys perform week in and week out and send in their ballots early, the Heisman then it won't have as much credibility as it should.

Robert Griffin should win the Heisman, it shouldn't even be all that close!

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Posted on: December 9, 2011 11:42 am

Heisman has to be RGIII -- but ESPN's scaring me

Shoelace 2010 stats (2570 yds passing, 18 TD, 1702 yds rushing, 14 TD, 149.6 rating). Both D-Rob and RGIII had inflated stats because of swiss cheese defenses that (a) were never on the field for more than a few plays before a TD was scored and (b) gave up so many points that the offense had to be in ATTACK mode the whole game. D-Rob didn't even make it to New York. No chance of RGIII getting Heisman.

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