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What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

Posted on: January 6, 2012 10:16 am
Edited on: January 6, 2012 10:42 am
Penn State people are mad, no furious, with the reported hire of Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien as the man who would replace The Man. Which means Penn State fans just don't get it.

And look, PSU people, I'm not mocking you. Not taunting you. Not enjoying your anger or frustration. You're going to see plenty of those people in the next few days, media people and otherwise, people who were so shaken by the Sandusky scandal that they take it out on anything and everything representing Penn State. And I understand their rage, I really do. But I'm not one of them, so don't miss what I'm writing here.

I'm trying to help. Honest. And what occurs to me, from my point on the periphery, is that there are people at Penn State -- even a truly intelligent insider like ex-PSU linebacker LaVar Arrington -- who are so close to the situation that they can't see it for what it is.

And what it is, for Penn State, is impossible.

The administration had no chance to win the press conference, as it's called when the new coach is introduced to acclaim. Whoever that guy is, he wasn't coming to Penn State. Not so soon after ... Sandusky.

It just wasn't going to happen.

The initial hint came way back in November when Joe Paterno was forced out, and the first name to surface was Mike London of Virginia. That's a humble name, Mike London of Virginia. Career record at UVa: 12-13. Four years total as a head coach, the first two at Richmond. And when London was connected to Penn State by media reports, he backtracked as if Penn State was something he almost stepped in.

That was our sign. That was your sign, Penn State fans: This job wasn't going to be filled easily, and as the following two months showed, it wasn't filled easily. Penn State alums didn't want it. Outsiders didn't want it.

Meanwhile, the Penn State administration was trying to conduct its coaching search in privacy, even secrecy, because there was no way the school was going to hire someone with a great resume if that hiring was leaked before it became official. So Penn State did what it could on the down low, and for that Penn State people are mad. I've been getting tweets all morning like this one from a Penn State fan lamenting the "secrecy and arrogance" of the search.

As if there's any other kind, these days.

There are Penn State supporters, LaVar Arrington among them, who insist the job should have gone to interim coach Tom Bradley. And that underscores my earlier point, about some people being too close to the situation to see it clearly.

Tom Bradley was never going to get this job. It would have been outrageous if he had gotten it. And that's not a shot at Tom Bradley, who gets high marks from every media person I've ever talked to about him. But he spent years on staff with Sandusky, and was on staff when this story exploded, and was even the face of the program for the month after the explosion.

That guy can't be given the job on a permanent basis. Not if this school is sincere in its desire -- and the administration sure seems to be sincere -- to put behind it one of the ugliest stories in college football history.

It couldn't be Bradley. It wouldn't be Mike Munchak. Even the sub-.500 coach at a basketball school in the ACC wouldn't touch it.

Other than Bill O'Brien, who was Penn State going to get?

Nobody, that's who. The complaining today from Penn State people is as misguided a reaction as the riot by students the night of Paterno's firing. It's anger for the sake of anger, but it's aimed in the wrong place. Sandusky should be the target. Sandusky, and those who didn't do nearly enough to stop his alleged reign of terror.

This is not Penn State President Rodney Erickson's fault.

This is not Bill O'Brien's fault.

Want to be mad, Penn State? Get mad at Sandusky. Get mad at former president Graham Spanier and former athletics director Tim Curley. Hell, get mad at Joe Paterno.

But if Bill O'Brien truly is your next coach, get behind him, and do it now. You are ... Penn State. Remember?

Time to act like it.


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Posted on: January 8, 2012 9:08 pm

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

Right on target, Doyel.  The PSU family will not be in a Happy place in Happy Valley for a long time.  They will suffer through the court mess even if Sandusky is found hanging in his garage before too long.  They will suffer along with JoePa during what I hope will be a long life but any way you cut it his legacy will end badly.  Penn State will have to clean house and fumigate the Men's shower room.  By cleaning house it is certain that all the football staff will have to go.  Not guilt by association, they are collateral damage to something gone terribly wrong.  It may take a decade or two before the problems are really behind them.  That's a common belief in the world of sexual abuse--a generation must pass through the institution, be it university, church, before the entity can move ahead.  The new head coach and outcries are predictable.  Too bad a guy like Arrington doesn't have the sense to shut his mouth rather than open it and make healing even harder.

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Posted on: January 8, 2012 6:20 pm

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

This article is not about Greg Doyle, it is about the real culture at Penn State.  So get off of hounding Doyle, and try to understand the current situation at hand in the football program at PSU. I personally think this is a very well written article by Doyle and it gets to the real point of this mess at Penn State, concerning the hiring of a new football coach. As the old saying goes "many of us can't see the forest for the trees". The hiring of coach O'Brien in my opinion was an excellent hire, and it's time now to come together and give the new coach your full support by being great Penn State supporters. I don't need to start pointing fingers in this mess with Sandusky, that will come out as court proceedings get underway down the road. What I do know; there is a new football Coach at Penn State today who had nothing to do with the Sandusky tragedy, and thank GOD for that. Now's the time for all good Penn State supporters to get over your personal gripes, and support the new coach, his staff, his team and the Penn State administration. Thank You !

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Posted on: January 8, 2012 6:14 pm

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

Still waiting for an educated editorial from someone at cbs sports, espn, fox, and every other outlet involved in modern day witchtrials in the media.  The morality issue has been played so stop confusing opinion with fact.  If you believe Paterno should have done more that's your opinion, but still only an opinion.  It's no more valid than any other.  Tom Bradley filled in remarkably, given the circumstance, and to suggest he should not be considered for the position for being on Sandusky's staff is follish.  He was, and remains the perfect man for the job.

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Posted on: January 8, 2012 2:30 pm

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

"Anyone with an ounce of morality would have informed the police, not their boss."

Anyone with an ounce of morality would fact check a statement such as this to make sure they knew what they were talking about before slandering a great man and institution.

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Posted on: January 8, 2012 1:41 pm

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

The anger over this hiring is misguided. The anger should be directed at PSU and what they did in solicitating donations by November 1st, a week before the charges were announced. Penn State put out a Press release that their November donations hit a record of 3.9 million more than the normal 1.4 million for the month. This was all planned out ahead of time to keep the donations up and to spin this to the media that their support grew after this garbage.  PSU offered incentives to donors if they made their donation by November 1st, knowing full well when the charges were going to be filed. They have since refused to refund the donations saying it was against their policy, though I know that it was done in the past.
What I would really be angry about is if any of the people who were in on this scam and yes it was a scam, are still at PSU in any capacity. If they are still there I feel that they were more cocncerned with monetary concerns than they were with the handling the crimes that took place. The fact that they refuse to refund the donations tells me these people are still in place at PSU or that the new powers that be have only one thing on their mind and that is the almighty dollar.
How about someone investigate and write an article on what they did and why they did it. Instead most of you only throw your opinion out there instead of getting the facts and reporting on what actually took place and if these people are still in power at PSU. How about an article on PA Gov. Tom Corbett and presidential candidate Rick Santorium and their financial ties to the Second Mile. No one has the guts to step on the political toes.

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Posted on: January 8, 2012 1:17 pm

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

Oops, my bad. However, I think you just proved my point

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Posted on: January 8, 2012 1:03 pm

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

The board of trustees fired Joe Paterno without reason. It has been proven that Joe Paterno did exactly what he should have done (and more than this dope or most people would have done) with the information he had.
Joe Paterno did the bare minimum the law required him to do, which is not exactly what he should have done.  Anyone with an ounce of morality would have informed the police, not their boss.  Like almost everyone involved with the situation, Paterno effectively swept it under the rug to product the multi-million dollar business that was PSU football, ruining the lives of countless more children in the process.  If that is not reason to fire everyone involved in this mess, I don't know what is.  If your only moral code comes from the exact letter of the law, I feel sorry for you.

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Posted on: January 8, 2012 12:46 pm

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

I think it was a terrific hire, even without considering that no prominent coach wanted anything to do with this school and the apparent coverup.  You have to commend the BOT for being decisive in their action, and getting rid of a coach who demonstrated a lack of ability to perform the duties associated with the position.  Well done.

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Posted on: January 8, 2012 10:37 am

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

Sorry for the cut off.

Penn State will fail their students, alumni and faculty if they do not seek to set the record straight. Black Shoes Diary is keeping track of such articles and comments. Not all articles and comments from but not limited to the before mentioned group of people constitute slander or libel, just some. Some push the line to the edge deliberately using the concept of an "opinion" as cover for their obviously criminal intentions. Penn State would very likely succeed in some cases, fail in others and settle most matters out fo court, but they must set the record straight. We know the media will not do it on their own. We know the journalists certainly won't. We know the general public is too intellectually dishonest to do it themselves because if they weren't, Penn State wouldn't even be a part of the Sandusky scandal because they would have sought out and demanded the fact for themselves and seen that Joe Paterno and Penn State did nothing wrong and everything they should have done with the information at hand.

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Posted on: January 8, 2012 10:27 am

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

As usual, Doyel simply doesn't understand the issue. People are mad at the process not the hire. The board of trustees fired Joe Paterno without reason. It has been proven that Joe Paterno did exactly what he should have done (and more than this dope or most people would have done) with the information he had. Some hack will say otherwise but they are lying, misinformed or willfully ignorant of the legal facts. These same fools with say the same about Penn State but the University but are very likely wrong for the same reasons. People are upset because a trustee resigned and stepped in at AD putting himself above everyone else and ran the coaching search alongside a big time booster without input from others. This is how they do things in the SEC, as Brandon Short pointed out, not how they do things at Penn State. And Penn State does things the right way.

As I said, it is not the hire they are mad at, it was the process.  The board did Joe Paterno and Penn State a grave disjustice by bowing to a factually devoid media witch hunt comporable if not worse than the one that was waged against the Duke lacross team years ago just as the Duke administration did. They should have fought the lying fools in the media on televisino, in the press and in the court room by taking people such as the Pennsylvania Attorney General, Doyel, Dodd, Cowheard, Robinson, May, and every other person who told a malicious lie, jumped to an erroneous conclusion not supported by evidence (almost every member of the media who has commented) and every single outlet that published their work. Yes most of those people were commentators mascarading as journalists but that doesn't mean they can commit crimes without punishment. Libel, slander and defamation are real crimes and Penn State must set the record straight and pursue the immoral cowards who have defamed Penn State.

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