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What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

Posted on: January 6, 2012 10:16 am
Edited on: January 6, 2012 10:42 am
Penn State people are mad, no furious, with the reported hire of Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien as the man who would replace The Man. Which means Penn State fans just don't get it.

And look, PSU people, I'm not mocking you. Not taunting you. Not enjoying your anger or frustration. You're going to see plenty of those people in the next few days, media people and otherwise, people who were so shaken by the Sandusky scandal that they take it out on anything and everything representing Penn State. And I understand their rage, I really do. But I'm not one of them, so don't miss what I'm writing here.

I'm trying to help. Honest. And what occurs to me, from my point on the periphery, is that there are people at Penn State -- even a truly intelligent insider like ex-PSU linebacker LaVar Arrington -- who are so close to the situation that they can't see it for what it is.

And what it is, for Penn State, is impossible.

The administration had no chance to win the press conference, as it's called when the new coach is introduced to acclaim. Whoever that guy is, he wasn't coming to Penn State. Not so soon after ... Sandusky.

It just wasn't going to happen.

The initial hint came way back in November when Joe Paterno was forced out, and the first name to surface was Mike London of Virginia. That's a humble name, Mike London of Virginia. Career record at UVa: 12-13. Four years total as a head coach, the first two at Richmond. And when London was connected to Penn State by media reports, he backtracked as if Penn State was something he almost stepped in.

That was our sign. That was your sign, Penn State fans: This job wasn't going to be filled easily, and as the following two months showed, it wasn't filled easily. Penn State alums didn't want it. Outsiders didn't want it.

Meanwhile, the Penn State administration was trying to conduct its coaching search in privacy, even secrecy, because there was no way the school was going to hire someone with a great resume if that hiring was leaked before it became official. So Penn State did what it could on the down low, and for that Penn State people are mad. I've been getting tweets all morning like this one from a Penn State fan lamenting the "secrecy and arrogance" of the search.

As if there's any other kind, these days.

There are Penn State supporters, LaVar Arrington among them, who insist the job should have gone to interim coach Tom Bradley. And that underscores my earlier point, about some people being too close to the situation to see it clearly.

Tom Bradley was never going to get this job. It would have been outrageous if he had gotten it. And that's not a shot at Tom Bradley, who gets high marks from every media person I've ever talked to about him. But he spent years on staff with Sandusky, and was on staff when this story exploded, and was even the face of the program for the month after the explosion.

That guy can't be given the job on a permanent basis. Not if this school is sincere in its desire -- and the administration sure seems to be sincere -- to put behind it one of the ugliest stories in college football history.

It couldn't be Bradley. It wouldn't be Mike Munchak. Even the sub-.500 coach at a basketball school in the ACC wouldn't touch it.

Other than Bill O'Brien, who was Penn State going to get?

Nobody, that's who. The complaining today from Penn State people is as misguided a reaction as the riot by students the night of Paterno's firing. It's anger for the sake of anger, but it's aimed in the wrong place. Sandusky should be the target. Sandusky, and those who didn't do nearly enough to stop his alleged reign of terror.

This is not Penn State President Rodney Erickson's fault.

This is not Bill O'Brien's fault.

Want to be mad, Penn State? Get mad at Sandusky. Get mad at former president Graham Spanier and former athletics director Tim Curley. Hell, get mad at Joe Paterno.

But if Bill O'Brien truly is your next coach, get behind him, and do it now. You are ... Penn State. Remember?

Time to act like it.


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Posted on: January 6, 2012 2:16 pm

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

Doyle is right...but he left out one additional issue that made this job so hard to fill. Add the fact that hardly any coach wants to follow a Legend to the Sandusky scandal, you have a toxic situation. Penn State fans should look at themselves in the mirror instead of getting mad at their administration. When Penn State fans started marching in the streets and leaving flowers in the yard in support of Paterno...they made that job even more difficult to fill. 

As a Buckeye fan who had to go through the taunts we got for our own programs' bad behavior, I have a great deal of empathy for Penn State fan right now. But Doyle is right: Penn State fan should not be hammering their administration for how this hiring went down. They were in a can't win situation with not a great deal of options.  

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Posted on: January 6, 2012 2:06 pm

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

I would like to see Doyel's twitter feed, I bet it looks like a slot maching just rolling out the hate from PSU folks.

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Posted on: January 6, 2012 1:40 pm

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

Perv State is filled with losers, liars and jerks. You get what you deserve. And you will never get any better.
Hope your program rots in hell.

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Posted on: January 6, 2012 1:39 pm

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

You are quick to defend a coach that did very little, if anything at all, to address claims that a member of his staff was assulting children.  You are quick to dismiss the fact that it happened at all.  I don't see how 8 different kids saying Sandusky is baseless, but I do see a person who doesn't want to believe that their school was involved in something so horrible, they lash out at everyone and everything, trying to forget the horrible events even happened.  You are misguided in thinking that anyone with ties to Sandusky deserves to stick around.  The guy wrecked PSU's reputation forever.  Doyel didn't, the board didn't, "those people" didn't.  Sandusky's actions and the football staff's lack of actions did. 

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Posted on: January 6, 2012 1:39 pm

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

Charlie Weis and now another Pats O-Coordinator will owe half his salary to Tom Brady!

Penn State needed a house industrial strength enima to rid the program of anyone or anything that had even a slight connection to Jerry Sandusky! The problem PSU alum, boosters, and explayers don't seem to realize that everyone connected to the program has ties to Joe Paterno and thus Sandusky! Maybe if Joe Paterno would have left 10 years ago things would be different!

All I do know is I would not want to be the man replacing Joe Paterno or trying to rehab the programs image! 

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Posted on: January 6, 2012 1:32 pm

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?


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Posted on: January 6, 2012 1:30 pm

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

Doyel, stop trying to act like you understand Penn State fans' frustration.

We are angry because there were other, more qualified candidates that wanted to be here (Greg Roman).

We are angry because just like when the Sandusky scandal broke, their is a lack of leadership and accountability from anyone in Penn State's administration. This story has been out for hours now, and there hasn't been one peep out of Old Main.

We are angry because the story broke without the current coaches being formally let go. After decades of service, after working hard and recruiting even though they knew they would be fired, they deserve better than finding out from an ESPN report.

We are angry because our AD lied to our faces last night. He said they were still looking for candidates, that people were still expressing interest in the job, and that he hoped to have a new coach by Jan 13. If you have already made this decision, don't say anything at all.

We are angry because it is evident O'Brien is more interested in the Patriots than his new job. We want a coach who can't wait to get here and start work, not one who is content to wait until his current team is eliminated from the playoffs.

We are angry that it took two months for this caliber of candidate to be picked. This coaching search dragged on far too long. And all during it, our AD came off as smug, arrogant and pompous.

So again, don't act like you know what we're feeling. You don't have a clue. Like you said, We are Penn State. You aren't.

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Posted on: January 6, 2012 1:26 pm

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

I don't understand the uproar over any and all of this. Sure, Bradley was not going to get the job. He was there with Sandusky and Paterno. If for nothing more than public relations purposes, Penn State could not hire him. Former players wanting Bradley? They all played for him and know him. Not such a stretch for them to want him to get the job. To be angry enough, like Arrington, to more or less disassociate themselves from Penn State? Childish. But do as they wish. O'Brien not a Penn State guy? Good. He is exactly what Penn State needed. The program has been long stagnant under Paterno, who should have retired years ago. He was too loyal to his coaches, a few of whom should have been dispatched long ago (Jay Paterno and Galen Hall, for starters). Those two, along with Joe, are responsible for Penn State having such a feeble offense with horrendous QB play. Penn State didn't need continuity of that. Would Bradley have kept those guys? Who knows. But I know for sure O'Brien won't. As for Mike Munchak, I don't think he didn't want the job. I think he did. However, Munchak is an honorable man who was just given a big opportunity and vote of confidence from the Titans, an organization he has spent a long time with. I think he felt he owed it to them to not jump ship after just one season. Penn State folks need to get on board with O'Brien and give him a chance. Some of you who don't like Penn State's "WE ARE" need to quit being so jealous over their graduation rate, academic standards, and lack of NCAA sanctions for violations.  And you need to quit blaming players and the university for the scandal. It's childish, narrow-minded and reeks of ignorance. WE ARE - STILL. Whether you like that or not.

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Posted on: January 6, 2012 12:58 pm

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

Doyel, why do you have to take cheap shots at Mike London? He inherited a bare cupboard from Al Groh, went 4-8 his first year, then went a surprising 8-4 this year, winning ACC coach of the year and leading UVa to its first bowl appearance in four years, a loss to Auburn in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. Oh, by the way, at Richmond, the other job you mentioned, all he did was win an FCS national championship. So before you impugn a man's reputation in order make a point about an entirely unrelated situation, do a little research. Condiering you get paid big bucks to churn out a few 5 or 6 paragraph opinion pieces, that shouldn't be so hard, should it?

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Posted on: January 6, 2012 12:54 pm

What's with the misguided anger, Penn State?

"the greatest, most honorable coach in the game's history..."

WOW.  that is scary... 

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