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Cowardly Jets rear their cowardly heads

Posted on: January 11, 2012 10:10 am
Edited on: January 11, 2012 2:19 pm
As if the Jets could be even more dislikeable, we have this: Multiple players ripping starting quarterback Mark Sanchez in the most gutless way possible. No, not on Twitter. See, using Twitter would have required attaching their name to it.

The Jets? They ripped Sanchez anonymously through the New York Daily News.

And this is not me defending Sanchez. It's not. He could well be "lazy," as one gutless wonder told the newspaper. He could be a "baby," as another gutless Jet said. It's entirely possible that "he goes in a hole when someone tells him the truth," as someone sniveled.

But there's a right way to do things, and a wrong way, and damn if the Jets don't take the wrong way every ... single ... time.

No need to list the transgressions here --'s server holds just 14.74 kajillion megabytes -- but idiots are aplenty. Rex Ryan, Santonio Holmes, Bart Scott and all these gutless wimps ripping Sanchez anonymously ...

The only person in the organization with any gumption is the backup quarterback, Greg McElroy, who attached his name to some fierce criticism last week. Everyone else? Gutless. No wonder the team choked all season.


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Posted on: January 11, 2012 11:02 am

Cowardly Jets rear their cowardly heads

Thank goodness CBS has the toughest sports writer in the land to get in the grill of these cowards. Doyel doesn't mess around when he calls out a bunch of NFL punks. You go dude. I would like to watch Doyel stroll into the Jet's locker room just to see these vermin scatter.

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Posted on: January 11, 2012 10:59 am

Cowardly Jets rear their cowardly heads

How could you be an owner of a billion dollar franchise and tolerate this nonsense?!?!?! If I'm Woody Johnson I take every possible means available to me to find out who the unnamed sources are and cut them - no matter how good they are.  It's decisive and hurts your team (especially since the cap hit makes it impossible to cut Sanchez).  Man up Woody and do something about this mess!  Jets fans want the dissenters gone.

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Posted on: January 11, 2012 10:56 am

Cowardly Jets rear their cowardly heads

It's been a long time since I've seen a team so totally implode from the inside out. Everyone pointing fingers ar everyone else. It's my humble opinion that a culture of this type starts at the head, or in this case the head coach. With such divisiveness ad division, and everyone being thrown under the bus, how can a team not make a head coaching change? It's time for a house cleaning, beginning with Rex, Holmes and any other selfish crybaby on the team. Of course, losing the selfish crybabies may only leave 16 real men on the team, but ya can't go forward maintaining the status quo.

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Posted on: January 11, 2012 10:46 am

Cowardly Jets rear their cowardly heads

Not much to add as Doyel is 100% correct.  If you want to rip on someone, at least man up and say to their face.  The bottom line is that the Jets act like punks, talk like punks, play like punks, and that is why they will never win a Superbowl under Rex Ryan.  The only way Ryan will ever take his players to the big game is if he buys them tickets and air fare.

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Posted on: January 11, 2012 10:45 am

Cowardly Jets rear their cowardly heads

Seems to me that the Head Coach should be held in the most contempt here.  Ryan has created a culture of 'self-worth' in his players that they mistakingly believe their talent will carry them thru.  Rex, evidently, has left hard work out of his the equation for success.  And as human nature rationalizes....I'M working my buns off and it's always the other guys fault.  McKenzie has just set the bar height in Oakland.  Rex should go next.

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Posted on: January 11, 2012 10:39 am

Cowardly Jets rear their cowardly heads

I think that point Doyels' trying to make is that, while Jets are very likely right about Sanchez, they should have attached their names to their criticisms. If you're so pissed off about the lack of openessn the organization takes with Sanchez, at least say: "My name is so and so, and you can tell Mark that I called him a baby".

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Posted on: January 11, 2012 10:39 am

Cowardly Jets rear their cowardly heads

Ya, there's no character issues in that locker room.  Shut up Greg McEllroy, what do you know?

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Posted on: January 11, 2012 10:38 am

Cowardly Jets rear their cowardly heads

Apparently this team is in need of a complete overhaul.  I mean from top to bottom.  Brian Shottenheimer is gone and Rex Ryan should go as well.  They should also get rid of the cancer in the locker room- this means Santonio Holmes and Mark Sanchez need to be traded or released if possible.  Bart Scott on the other hand is a leader and should be retained to be the QB of the defense.  I like that he is a no BS kind of guy.  Holmes is just worried about Holmes and Sanchez has been exposed both as a sub-par QB and a sub-par leader.  Get 'em out the door.  Greg McElroy showed some serious stones in saying what he did and although he may not be their QB of the future, I would keep that guy on the roster as a back-up for sure.  If the NY Jets are going to be relevant and a legit playoff team again, they are going to need leaders, not selfish crybabies. 

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Posted on: January 11, 2012 10:36 am

Cowardly Jets rear their cowardly heads

The Jets don't have any leaders on OR off the field. I don't think the players respect Rex Ryan anymore because he keeps shooting his mouth off and putting his players in the crosshairs.

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Posted on: January 11, 2012 10:23 am

Cowardly Jets rear their cowardly heads

They probably complained all year, that's why you saw Holmes blow up at the end of the season, it wasn't having an effect. Mason went to the coaches and they just shipped him out immediately for it. Obviously talking to Sanchez wasn't working, as he would just ignore you, put on a pouty face, and then un-follow you on Twitter (as he did to all the Jets reporters).

If that's what your leader does, and you witness 3 years of that, and the organization makes him a Captain and makes it clear that if you aren't fully on board they'll cut you (even did it to the OC), what choice do you have?

Sanchez sucks. No player wants to play with a shitty QB that is lazy on top of that. Basically they were stuck with JeMarcus Russell. What was your opinion on Russell Doyel? Would it have been okay for players to say something negative about Russell, who was obviously lazy himself?

These players have a lot of pride in what they do, and they have a limited time to make money. If somebody is dragging you down, why would you be happy with that? Every man has to take care of himself and his family first, nobody else can judge him if he's legally trying to take care of himself and his family.

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