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Steve Smith scares me

Posted on: August 1, 2008 11:08 am

He fights anyone. Everyone. Five years after he beat the ass of an offensive teammate, receiver Anthony Bright, he has now beaten the ass of a defensive teammate, cornerback Ken Lucas.

Actually, he doesn't scare me at all, assuming he didn't sucker-punch me like he sucker-punched Bright in 2002 and like he might even have sucker-punched Lucas (just a guess) on Friday. Smith and I shared a radio studio several times in 2003, and I was so unimpressed by the size of his biceps that I challenged him to arm wrestle. We arm-wrestled to a stalemate, at which point he said he was more interested in the triceps than the biceps, because receivers don't need big biceps.

Apparently not. Not to catch a football, and not to whip a teammate's ass.

Grow up, Steve Smith. And mix in some curls, you dumbbell.


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Posted on: December 1, 2008 11:37 pm

Steve Smith scares me

"We arm-wrestled to a stalemate, at which point he said he was more interested in the triceps than the biceps, because receivers don't need big biceps."

What a complete lie, have you ever seen Steve Smith in person?  Hes a small guy but hes also a strong guy.

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Posted on: August 18, 2008 10:53 am

Steve Smith scares me

Yeah class.

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Posted on: August 9, 2008 2:49 pm

Steve Smith scares me


Once again, you're WAY OFF THE MARK.  First off, I was there for this "skirmish", which wasn't a fight at all, fights tend to be two sided.  It was no big deal, its football.  These two guys argue and jar at each other all the time, including that infamous morning practice.  Steve is the #1 WR, Kenny is the #1 CB, they go against each other EVERY SINGLE DAY in practice.  Its competitive nature.  The two men involved

As for the assault on Steve's personality, that's bush league.  Doyel, you don't KNOW Steve Smith.  He does charity and humanitarian work, raises money for charities, and is a God fearing man.  That is Steve OFF THE FIELD.  This incident was ON THE FIELD (and don't give me that sideline BS).  I support Steve and the team will be closer than before.  It was big of Kenny to let the situation slide.

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Posted on: August 3, 2008 12:55 am

Steve Smith scares me

Okay, I'll comment to my ownself.  At first I was appalled that Steve will be sitting the first two games of the season, but after further review, I think the penalty is quite appropriate.  An example has to be set!  Past behahavior, no matter how far removed, has to have bearing.  Hell, I got JaKe Delhome as one of my top QBs in fantasy football.  No info has come out to date on what prevoked Steve, but damnit, you have to remain professional.  Maybe behind the scenes, Ken Lucas was the Jeff McGinnis of pro football, screwing Steve's wife or a revered coach's woman.  But given the history of the Panthers, much less Steve's on situation with Bright, you HAVE to handle things differently.  What pisses me off most, is I am a Carolina Panthers PSL holder.  Just when I'm feeling positive, this crap has to go down.  I just forked out nearly $800 bucks to sit in the endzone just below Jerry Richardson.  Well, you know what, I'll be there come the second week of the season vs Chicago, but the Panthers are on thin ice with this PSL owner.  Ya, I committed somewhere b/t $2500 and $3000 in the mid 90s for a mid level PSL, but the further that PSL fee is removed, the futher I am starting to think about a sunk cost I am willing to part ways with.  Little Kensian economics might just starting to sit on the Panthers and the NFL in general.  Good luck Stevo......

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Posted on: August 2, 2008 5:44 pm

Steve Smith scares me

I wish you would tell Steve Smith in a ring on UFC that he doesn't scare you. Come on man... challenge him to a fight on UFC!!

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Posted on: August 1, 2008 5:04 pm

Steve Smith scares me

Steve Smith wasn't practicing on-field when the incident occurred. It was on the sidelines and not dring a competitve activity. Thus, it seems like it was something personal, not a result of practice "intensity". These guys went just over the line for acceptable camp behavior.

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Posted on: August 1, 2008 4:45 pm

Steve Smith scares me

Who cares

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Posted on: August 1, 2008 4:06 pm

Steve Smith scares me

Great column Doyel.  Your arm wrestling with Steve Smith is so applicable to the fact that he got into a fight with a DB.  If you havent figured out, this story SHOULD BE about the competitive natures of Steve Smith and Ken Lucas.  The level of competiveness that turns a  third round draft pick from Utah into an All-Pro.  Thats what this article should be about, but I'm sure your arm wrestling story acheived your agenda of name dropping and sensational journalism.  (Steve Smith has small arms!!!  Look mine are bigger!!)

Spare us this drivel and find something better to write about rather than just trying to tear guys down and get them fired (See last Joe Pa article).

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Posted on: August 1, 2008 4:04 pm

Steve Smith scares me

Yes it is two different positions - but - it is still competing bud - WR VS on ones? team drills? skell? each time i'm sure they "compete" against eachother

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Posted on: August 1, 2008 3:26 pm

Steve Smith scares me

They should trade him to the Bengals, he'd fit right in.  Doyel, I'm going to assume with all your recent MMA training that 5 years later you'd be able to take Smith in that arm wrestling contest, or just slip him into an arm bar.

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