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Freeman's a knucklehead

Posted on: August 18, 2008 10:46 am

How can the Redeem Team beat the Dream Team, as Freeman thinks could happen, if the Redeem Team is inferior at every single position?

PG: Magic over Jason Kidd or Chris Paul. You're not going to argue this, are you?

SG: Michael Jordan over Kobe Bryant. Again ... no argument please.

SF: Larry Bird over LeBron. This is close. But I'm taking Bird.

PF: Charles Barkley over Carmelo Anthony. This is not close.

C: Patrick Ewing over Dwight Howard. Duh.

Sixth man: Drexler and Dwyane Wade ... hmm. I'll give that to Wade. But the rest of the bench is all Dream Team: Karl Malone, Chris Mullin, John Stockton, David Robinson, Scottie Pippen. I might even take that five over the Redeem Team's best five.

Only edge is in coaching. In this setting, with egos to manage, Coach K is the best. Chuck Daly? No thank you.

Which means the Dream Team would win by ... 20.



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Since: Sep 4, 2007
Posted on: August 21, 2008 12:30 am

Freeman's a knucklehead

Obviously your the fool and never saw Bird play.  He moved in slow motion and could barely dunk at 6'9'  I grew up watching him.  You must one of the "great white hope" crowd.  It was a compliment not a dis.

Since: Jul 8, 2008
Posted on: August 19, 2008 12:16 am

Freeman's a knucklehead

I think Doyel might be the knucklehead. First of all, Bird at that point in 92 was completley broken down and just retired, Magic wasn't in the league and even if you think MJ's better than Kobe, it's close. The bench of the 92 team was better but not by much. Plus, this team was put together with roles in mind. Tayshaun Prince is a much better defender than anyone on the 92 bench and the 08 team is so far ahead of the original Dream Team on defense it's not even funny. Malone, Mullin, Bird, Magic and Barkley were so weak defensively that this years team would've scored at will .The competition is so much better now anyway so it's hard to compare. But, if it's me, unless Jordan takes the game over, the 08 team stands a good chance to win.

Since: Jan 17, 2008
Posted on: August 19, 2008 12:13 am

Freeman's a knucklehead


      You are an idiot !  Come on .  Couldn't jump , run , etc.   And lucky huh ?  Obiviously you never saw Bird play basketball . Fool !!!


Since: Sep 4, 2007
Posted on: August 19, 2008 12:00 am

Freeman's a knucklehead

My only problem is that Bird was never athletic.  He had what we called "white boys" disease.  He was slow, couldn't jump, couldn't run, etc.  Somehow he became one of the best  five players I have ever seen.  I think he would outplay Lebron.  The guy was too smart and had some of the most uncanny luck.

Since: Mar 1, 2008
Posted on: August 18, 2008 10:17 pm

Freeman's a knucklehead

Freeman's not nuts . . . . just wrong!

Dream team all the way!!!

Since: Mar 5, 2008
Posted on: August 18, 2008 9:33 pm

Freeman's a knucklehead

im with you on this one. freeman is nuts

Since: Aug 31, 2006
Posted on: August 18, 2008 6:57 pm

Freeman's a knucklehead

You had me at knucklehead.

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Posted on: August 18, 2008 5:56 pm

Freeman's a knucklehead

Agreed. Bird was a legacy choice for the dream team, and if you were going with actual talent level in 1992, there would have been at least 15 guys chosen before Bird. And this will probably sound like blasphemy, since I have the autographed #33 jersey hanging in the den, but I have a hard time believing ATHLETICALLY that Bird could hang with LBJ. Mentally might be a different story (and maybe not as much of a disparity as some think), but the selection of Bird isn't a no-brainer.

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Posted on: August 18, 2008 3:58 pm

Freeman's a knucklehead

momluvsfootball, you would think of the other option because you're a Steelers fan and that is how Steelers fans roll.

jd1973...really original, but what do we expect from a Browns fan?  (Sorry to my Browns fans btw)... come on, seriously, there's a reason they call Brown's fans the Dawg pile and it's not because of football. 

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Posted on: August 18, 2008 3:27 pm

Freeman's a knucklehead

I mean, come on, who was there, really, outside of a handful of good internation players? Sarunas Marciulionis, Andrew Gaze, Oscar Schmidt and Drazen Petrovic to name a few.


You forgot to mention the greatest actor to never win an oscar in Vlade Divec (can't remember if he played or not) or Detlaf Schrempf (sp?).

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