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Friday Bight Review

Posted on: September 11, 2010 2:34 am
What a night, NASCAR in the new style cars and an overtime game.

I was happy to see Kevin win at Richmond this evening. It was a good race and I love seeing the new style cars. They actually look like what they do in the show rooms. Any time we get to see Delana is a good evening.

Kyle Busch in the pink car w/ kittens, a unicorn, baby seal and an ice cream cone is a good thing. That was awesome. To the girl that designed may she get a huge prize.

What about Marshall and West Virginia going into overtime? It seemed as if Marshall had the upset in its back pocket. Gotta love overtime. I am still trying to figure out how dude missed it wide right. It looked good to me. Must have been the angle. It was worse then The 'Noles' kickers.

I will be damned if the Yankees did not lose another one. This is getting too close for comfort for me. I know that it was the Rangers, but come on. Never should have lost 2 out of 3 to the O's.

I am leading in my fantasy league at the moment but I am nervous. A lot of games yet to get played.

The U vs. The O, kinda looking forward to that. I am sure that OSU will take care of business. Bama vs. Penn State, guess Bama will win that one. I am guessing a Bama/tOSU National Title game. I know, not really going on a limb, but just saying. More than likely my Gators will get beat by Bama twice this year.

Going to have a race in Richmond for the Cup guys tomorrow which will be the final race before The Chase. Not sure what is funnier The Chase or actually thinking that anyone gives a damn. I love NASCAR but it just seems that more "fans" just keep ignoring the sport.

Not sure how to fix it, but if NFL goes on strike next year, who knows the stands might get filled up again at the race tracks.

By the way, I am raising my middle finger to the players that think that unemployed and pay check to pay check fans care that you are getting screwed by the owners. You knew what you were getting into. Yeah, wish that I could be out of work for a few months and lose $250K but knew that I would get the rest of my $36 Million contract when it was done. There is a reason why they are called "owners".

When was the last time that WWE "wrestlers" went on strike? And to try and compare yourselves as regular workers is an Eff'n joke.

On a happy note, my grilled chicken and drinks were awesome this evening.

That is all for now, I have got to wake up early so I can watch a lot of pre game shows and get ready for a great day of College Football !!!

QOTB - "Tak'em behind the wood shed." <not sure who said it first>
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