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Looks Like A Chili kinda night...

Posted on: September 28, 2010 1:06 am
Well I did not post last week due to being busy as hell, but there were a few other reasons. All was already said by the great sportswriters. I would have had nothing to add to the fluff that was said about a Bronco offing himself and a Jet getting a DUI.

I do want to say this, and I mean this, if I knew that I could get drunk everyday and night and have my bosses pay for the ride w/ no questions asked, I would never F that up. That might just be me. I would use it just to impress the honey down the road that one of my ex wives might not like. Just saying.

I always wonder where sports fans come from. I mean I know that there are die hards like me that sport tat or wear team colors for every game. We are easy to pick out and to make fun of. I am OK w/ that. I just wonder what the hell happened to some of the Vol fans that are now cheering for Bama to beat The Gators just so they have a chance to win the SEC East title. Are you serious?

I guess I am lost because I pull for my few teams that I like but I have never pulled for a team that I hate, like Vols hate Bama to beat anyone. That is like me back when UT and FSU played for the National Title. I sat back, had a few cold ones and watched some idiot named The Rooster F it all up.

I can not stand FSU nor Georgia. I will never pull for them to beat anyone or anything.

Now onto brighter things in sports and life,

Yankees are still not cleared to being in the Playoffs, but I am still hoping that the pitching staff starts to get back to where it was. I wish that I had nails to chew to make it to the end of the season.

Gators beat Kentucky and all that is good and grand but when you have a Freshman QB scoring more TD's in a game than Tebow, phew talk about a lot of extra hype that he does not need.

Denny Hamlin is mad about everything again and gets into a cussing match w/ Harvick. Yeah let me know how that works out for you. JD Gibbs even said that Denny needs to shut up.

Clint drops from 2nd to 12th in The Chase, but keeps the win. I still never understand how that makes sense.

What is it w/ the Jets and Dolphins? One of the best games of the day. Oh wait, they always play great games.

I won my fantasy game this evening by a few points. I am so glad that Driver did not have a great game.

Have a great Tuesday and Cheers to all.
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