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Some answers would help, but not counting on it

Posted on: February 14, 2009 12:58 pm
Edited on: February 14, 2009 1:00 pm

I, along with many others here in the CBS Community, have been marvelling at the wonderful new changes taking place in our Community. Reputation ratings going down overnight for no reason (banal and inane explanations aside), ridiculous posts receiving ridiculously high scores, intelligent posts receiving undeservedly low scores, no way for Community members to judge Community feedback, and more.

The Powers That Be tell us that they receive and act upon feedback from the Community all the time. Yet, I have not read one Community member who has said they had any input into the changes that have been taking place. Conversely, I also have not seen anyone from CBS say they would act upon reasonable suggestions for change coming from Community members. Who would know better how to improve the Community than Community members who regularly post and try to follow the other edicts of the TOS and the guidelines for achieving status in the Community? A lot of people who have played by the rules for a long time have had nasty surprises in the last few days.

Asking for transparency from CBS is akin to looking for water in a desert. You're not likely to find it. We are to be reassured that these recent "improvements" are only a small part of the work being undertaken by CBS. So does this mean things could get worse?!? Since no one will tell us what CBS is considering, the Community remains in the dark, like citizens in the middle of a power outage.

This is why I sport the avatar from the Royal Order of Mushrooms. We are kept in the dark and fed crap all the time. Hooray for us mushrooms!


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Posted on: February 18, 2009 12:16 pm

Some answers would help, but not counting on it

Check this out - straight conversation I had with CBS sportsline help yesterday:

Is it really CBS intent to go after all 100,000+ people that posted a blah thread last week and warn them for trolling? Surely you have better things to do than ban people that intentionally posted on those threads. The users on those threads knew what they were doing. There is nothing in the TOS that says that I can not make a post - and the intent of these posts was not to cause scrolling problems, or make it difficult for other users to read the material.

Would it not be better if you actually focused on real trolls? Those people who have come onto this site with the intent of constantly harassing other users?

It's bad enough that your "user dump" and inactive members becoming active have caused faithful sportsline participants to become unable to glog like they used to, but to then have us lose ratings points because of an error on your part is quite simply wrong. I and the other users being warned by admin#8 and so forth should not be punished for CBS' programming errors. We only did what was being allowed under the CBS site. If you don't like it, why not simply delete the applicable threads and posts like CBS so often does anyways?

I don't expect a resolution - CBS has been slow to act all week. I fully expect my warnings to stand and my reputation to go down. If I were not already involved in fantasy baseball, I would probably say adieu to this site, as many other users are as well.

To make changes for the better is one thing. To abuse the members of this community at your beck and call with unjustified warnings and unannounced changes that negatively effect the way in which we use the site - the dropping of many superstars who were avid gloggers is one example - is unfair. Maybe CBS should rethink what users should be allowed to glog games.

One last note - while this help line does not review warnings. I should fully expect to see all of CBS Admins warnings relating to trolling for a poster who used blah to be overturned. It would be a shame if CBS can not see the fallacy in their own logic over this ordeal.

To boot - you still have not fixed the problem, and any number of entries can still abuse your scoring system. It was better when the max was a 100 and you could see who had reviewed you.

Thanks for your time and consideration - as I hope that whoever reads this will actually stop to ponder and do something about it.


And this is the response from CBS

Thank you for your email.

Please click on the following link to learn some useful information about your rating:

Preview your post to get an overall idea of how your post is going to score. You can see the estimated ‘Score’ on the bottom of the preview page.

Note: The estimated score does not factor in reputation. If you're an amateur or rookie, your score will be close to what is displayed on the preview. If you're a superstar or all-star, expect the actual score to be higher because it adds additional points if you have a great reputation to begin with.

Also, make sure you familiarize yourself with the following frequently asked questions too:

Have a great day.


That is all well and good - except this response did not address a single one of the issues at hand. So I am trying again. Want to bet I still don't get a good answer. Hooray for peon ineptitude.

This still does not solve the issue that CBS and specifically Admin #8 are being prejudiced and biased in who they warn and when. While you have effectively targeted anyone who spoke out on the feedback message boards - many people were allowed off scot free. If you are saying that those links you provided legitmize CBS being allowed to profile and specifically target only certain people who abused a CBS error, than I am afraid CBS is in the wrong.

Please remove all Admin #8 warnings related to these blah errors for every user given one or go through all 400,000+ users and warn every single one who made a blah post for trolling. Your choice - one or the other - there can not be an inbetween here. If a few of us are guilty of "trolling" according to the TOS and Cole than all of us are.

It seems that in this case justice really is blind and applicable only to a few when many are guilty. I guess I should just give up on being able to get anything accomplished here. Maybe it is time for me to a make a new id - like a troll would do?

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Posted on: February 16, 2009 8:19 pm

Some answers would help, but not counting on it

My apologies gatordude.  I will be sure to reference your blog in the future and now:

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Posted on: February 16, 2009 3:42 am

Some answers would help, but not counting on it

Funny, I see that this blog has not been pulled yet. Almost everytime I write about how the changes are screwing everything and everyone up, except for the trolls, they yank my posts. So far I have posted 10, or 11 posts that have disappeared into thin air. Because they did not toe the party line here which is to: 1. Kiss troll heinie; 2. Not complain about the trolls, 3. Accept the screwed up changes, 4. Not complain about that, 5. Sit by idly while the admins and other powers that be screw this site up so badly that it makes me wanna puke, 6. Accept any and all harassment by the trolls and not complain about that either, 7. And do not engage the trolls to defend your own honor and reputation or another poster who is a friend. Any positions to the contrary end up being sensored and yanked from the posting areas. Then when we ask for explanations, we get some weak excuse of an answer. Usually by one of the Admins who I do respect, but is still just feeding us the party line. That answer usually if not always contradicts the rules for receiving ratings in the TOS. When will the double-talk end, real answers be given, and the horse pucky that you keep spreading around as fact end. We really would like no-nonsense answers. We are not all sheep that you can just parade around for the advertisers as loyal customers, especially when you allow certain users to have upwards of 100+ ID's and SN's. That just doesn't cut the mustard. We want real answers, real solutions, and fairness for all. I served my country so that we could have freedom of the press, of speech, of religion, and all of the other inalienable rights that are guaranteed by the constitution for all people in this country. Last time I checked, we were in the US, Owned by US citizens and businesses, and subject to that constitution. Please answer the Questions? You have ducked more questions in the short time that these changes have been going on than all of the politicians in the recent presidential campaign, combined. We really just want answers, ones based on real facts, proveable facts. Show us you really do care, we want to believe, but you have given no real proof, or results of how this site has improved because of the changes. All we are seeing is the constant complaints by our fellow users about the negative effect that are taking place. I read on most threads, where long-time users are leaving, multiple threads, not one or two. If you lose multiple users, how do you continue to operate, last time I checked, in one of my business textbooks, is says that if you lose customers, you usually lose business, if you lose business, you lose money, if you lose enough money, you go out of business. Now CBS is a large company, so the thought of going out of business, is almost preposterous, but the losing money, especially in an extremely weak economy, is not good business. Where will you make up the revenue from the lost business? I don't know, but it would not look pretty to have ot go and explain that one in the boardroom. Some one might want to look at the multiple complaints on the threads, address each thread for posterity's sake and find out what the members of the CBS community are really saying and feeling about the changes, before any new ones are implemented. Get the opinions of the ones who post here all the time and not those who just harass others and make trouble by posting one liners, to antagonize and degrade others, or the ones who just come on here to warn others, but never post anything. There are a lot of those type SN's in your ranks under the multiple troll SN's. The SN's that the trolls don't care if those SN's get banned. Get the opinions of the people who stay on the threads, even if they go off-topic threads when their season is not active. You really might want to consider that CBS. Just food for thought.

Just another Mushroom. Peace Out E.

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Posted on: February 15, 2009 7:09 pm

Some answers would help, but not counting on it

I wondered why my score plummeted as well, but in the end, who gives a good GD?  One post I made got me a whopping negative 800 and something! 

I read blogs and comments by people that inform, entertain or amuse me and ignore the rest.  All in all, why worry about what anonymous trolls with nothing better to do than hand out 1's when they don't like the same team you do think?  I hope this doesn't cause some of my favorite members to cease contributing. 

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Posted on: February 15, 2009 12:20 pm

Some answers would help, but not counting on it


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Posted on: February 15, 2009 12:05 pm

Some answers would help, but not counting on it

I have spent way too much time on this subject already.  This is another admirable attempt by the respectable posters here to ask for an explanation from the admins, and maybe some change too.  As usual, no reply from the overlords.  See my post on the Community group.

Then, go to Group Home and note the off topic posts that have been posted recently on that group.  Do posters get called off topic for posting stuff about the Super Bowl on Community Improvement group?  No, of course not.  Note the reputation of these posters, then come back the next day and note their reputation again.  Guaranteed it will be higher.

I am done complaining about this site.  Maybe I will just leave.

Hey great write up Respect!  Sure hope the admins prove your SN wrong!

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Posted on: February 15, 2009 2:53 am

Some answers would help, but not counting on it

Great written blog IgetnoRespect !  You are a much more skilled writer than I.  Yours makes sense. 

ronskidog:  LOLLOLLOL  the link you posted is a situation where the Jets fan copied my blog. Kinda funny.  At least he got a good score !  Power to him ! 

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Posted on: February 15, 2009 1:51 am

Some answers would help, but not counting on it

hey I wrote a nice little informed piece on a F1 thread and got -5...  yeah baby yeah

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Posted on: February 14, 2009 11:45 pm

Some answers would help, but not counting on it

I found a thread that attempts to explain some of the "wonderful new changes":

I can't say I agree with the reasons for the changes.  I subscribe to IgetNo's mushroom theory!


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Posted on: February 14, 2009 10:28 pm

Some answers would help, but not counting on it

I’ve been reading the posts on the Community Message Board, watching wild post numbers being scored with no actual content, and seeing member’s reputations sliding over the past week.  I don’t see it getting better any time soon.  Personally, I think the hit everyone is taking is due to the new scoring system.  How many quality 100+ post do you have to make to match someone who posts blah, blah, blah and scores 10k, 50k, or 100k.  I remember reading some where that the quality of your post has to due with your reputation as well.  So, those members who are taking advantage of the blah, blah, blah ratings are actually lowering the reputations of the other members.  I don’t see that there is anything we as a community can do other than voice our opinions.  Quite frankly, I think that everyone who pays for the fantasy games that are played on this site, paid for this community and are the real owners.  It is sad to see all the advertisement that we are bombarded with everyday.  Maybe the answer is to complain to the advertisers on this site and send them a petition or just boycott their products.  When it comes to money, and impacting someone’s bonus maybe we will get a response.  - Respectfully, Another mushroom in the crowed.  Wow a 35, I should just posted blah, blah, blah (lol).

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