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Notes from the LeMoyne game

Posted on: November 16, 2008 9:52 pm
Edited on: November 17, 2008 4:57 pm
First, it was LeMoyne. Second, it was the first game of the season, so I am sure Beoheim went in with the same game plan he would with a "real" opponent. This team still cannot make free throws, and they force, but also allow, a lot of turnovers. Expect this team to score over 75 a lot again. They spread the ball around, because everyone on the court is a threat to score. Boeheim went to a "three guard" - or at least I call it a three guard lineup - with Mookie, and Harris on the floor with Rautins, Devendorf, and/or Flynn. I also saw a lot of brief man-to-man mixed into the zone from time to time. Overall, good start.

Johnny Flynn - He's as good as expected thus far this season, and he went to the hoop more than I thought he would. I thought he would act more as a facilitator, and pass first. Flynn's still pass first, but is nice to know he will still take the ball to the basket, and put it in the air on occasion, he could score 20 + a night if he wished.

Arinze Onuaku - Ok, so it appears I jumped the gun a little bit when I said he would average 16 a game earlier today (four, or five players will average right around 12, or 13 points, each taking over at different times throughout the year. Onuaku was pretty silent in this game, but scoring in double digits. He will become more important when Syracuse plays bigger teams.

Rick Jackson - He is defense, and rebounding only. He is not a viable scoring threat. So, Jeremy McNeal.

Andy Rautins - One of the best complete players on this team. No longer can you call Rautins a one-dimensional player. He can pass - can someone say nine assists? - plays good defense, causes turnovers, plays with spirit, and is still a good shooter.

Eric Devendorf - Should not be starting. Rautins deserves to be the starter, he has improved in all facets of the game. Devendorf still shoots too much, and is horrid with the ball in his hands. He traveled three times, taking a step before he dribbled, at some point you have to figure it out. He also does not play with the same passion as Rautins. He is, however, still good at getting to the basket, but settles for the jump shot too much.

Kristof Ongenaut - I like him. He plays harder (works harder) than anyone else on the court, and just has a knack for rebounds. He also creates turnovers, and made most of his shots in the shoot around. But, Boeheim played him very little, despite starting him both halves. He certainly deserves more minutes.

Paul Harris - Made his jump shots, 'nough said.

Kris Joseph - The better of the two frosh this game. Joseph was one of the first players off the bench. Joseph plays with some energy, and can rebound, and pass well. He has some range in his game, but does not make that shot consistently, yet, he likes to keep it close to the rim.

Mookie Jones - He is not afraid to pull the trigger. He made all of his outside shots during shoot around, but missed most in-game. Plays with a lot of intensity, and is extremely athletic.
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