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Live Blogging Day 1 of The Tournament

Posted on: March 18, 2010 12:32 pm
Edited on: March 18, 2010 3:18 pm
I'm going to be watching the games anyway. So, I've decided why not jump onto this blog here--which I haven't looked at in months and jot down my thoughts. Worst case: I have some organized thoughts which I can share in discussions with my friends. We'll be arguing about these games and I'll be prepared. Best Case: Some college basketball fans come and join me at some point today and we begin an active. If you happen to drop by this page and read the above sentences, I urge you, please join me in discussion. This kind of comradery is what the tournament is all about.

Opening thoughts:

The Florida-BYU game is on with 16:30 left to go in the first. Florida is up 8 to 6. I've liked Florida's talent from the beginning. You can sift through my infrequent posts and read a quick blurb on the Gators, in which I penned them one of my underrated teams to watch. I love Chandler Parsons, Alex Tryus,  Macklin, Walker and Boynton, all of whom average double digit points. I have picked the Gators in my bracket--however, I don't have them going any further.

This is the game I'll likely stick with through the first series of games. Villanova-Robert Morris? No thank you. And I prefer this Gators matchup to Notre Dame-Old Dominion, in which I've picked the Big East team. Even with Harangody coming off the bench, I think the 'Irish have proven down the stretch in big east play, they have the drive to push forward. They're a team of perseverance, with momentum coming in. These types usually do well come Tourney time.

Your thoughts on the first series of games? Let me know.


After 2 computer crashes, I've determined that my (4-yo) laptop can't handle both streaming games and constant page updates and posting. So, all I can do i live blog what CBS shows me.

Some quick hits:


Despite my disappointment, I have to admit, this was a terrific game. Florida came back down the stretch in regulation, had the lead at times and endured through overtime. However, BYU pulled off... well... they just pulled out a win. Florida was technically the underdog. I maintain, Florida was the better team today.

NOVA-Robert Morris

Game just ended in overtime 70-73. The Referees gave this game away to Scottie Reynolds and Villanova. They should not be celebrating as much as they are. They lost, everywhere but on the scoreboard...

Vanderbilt-Murray State

I've scene none of this game, but I see that Murray State has the lead. I'm going to assume I'm headed there next though. None of these current games interest me as much as the first round of games--or the later games--so, I'm taking a little break. I may even head to the gym for a couple hours. If/when I'm back full on live-blogging, it'll be on a new page. Enjoy the rest of today's games.

My picks for the current set:

Vanderbilt, Baylor, Kansas State... yep chalk. Nothing special. I do have UTEP over Baylor later though.

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Posted on: March 18, 2010 10:19 pm

Live Blogging Day 1 of The Tournament

We've also seen mad brackets get screwed over.  Very few people had Ohio beating G-Town, and Washington beating Marquette.  & Nova was almost beaten, which could've been terrible for many brackets

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Posted on: March 18, 2010 2:49 pm

Live Blogging Day 1 of The Tournament

My computer just crashed... twice. So, there goes my live update of the first overtime... lost.

Now I'm finally up and running to catch two things:

1) Florida is losing 87-83 to BYU??? in OT2


2) Some refs are giving a game to Scottie Reynolds and Villanova. Robert Morris has legitimate beef, if/when they lose this game, 23 secs left NOVA's ball tie game... not looking good.

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Posted on: March 18, 2010 2:24 pm

Live Blogging Day 1 of The Tournament

With the ND, or should I say Old Dominion game over, Florida game as moved to CBS. Meaning less to do on my comp. so I can move to a new comment.


18 secs left. Florida's ball. They can win with the last shot... miss by Parsons... BYU timeout with a second left? Or is it going to overtime? They won't be able to get a shot off. So, we're going to overtime. Which means more tense-filled live-blogging, feel free to join me.

-NOVA down 48-44 with 6:30 to go--

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Posted on: March 18, 2010 2:20 pm

Live Blogging Day 1 of The Tournament


Parson's makes the and 1, 68-66 now.

--25 secs left in ND-OD game. OD up 3!--

Offensive foul on BYU. Florida with a chance to tie with 3:30 left.

Macklin scores, 68-68!

3 to go. Air ball by BYU! They are being deconstructed.

Boynton hits a 3! Florida has the lead 71-68!!!

2 to go. BYU answers with a 2. 71-70

Florida has mixed it up with a balance of Boynton 3s and inside scores by Parsons and Macklin.

Parsons hits a 3! 74-70. BYU answers with one by Emery 74-73.

--Notre Dame down 1 with 12 secs to go--
--RM still up on NOVA 44-38 with 9:30 to go-- Somebody tell me something of substance about these games, please.


With 1:22 to go in the game, I'm not going to submit this post and move to another. I'm sticking with it till the end, barring a long TV timeout.

Offensive foul by Macklin. BYU with a chance to take the lead.

--OD on the line up 50-48 with 10 secs to go-- 51-48. But i can't look away from this florida game, it has me captivated.

Rebound by Florida with 40 secs left. score still 74-73. Macklin on the line... misses first badly... makes second.... 75-73


30 secs left. BYU ties it at 75. Florida will get last shot... Timeout called. Notre Dame loses.

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Posted on: March 18, 2010 2:11 pm

Live Blogging Day 1 of The Tournament


Boynton is exhausted! He sat through one of Fredette's 2 FTs, he made both. He then hopped back onto the court. I've grown to love this kid during this second half. He's showing some heart today, leading this team, as a freshmen. Parson's drives to the basket, scores and 1 opportunity. BYU up 68-65 with 4 to go.

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Posted on: March 18, 2010 2:07 pm

Live Blogging Day 1 of The Tournament


Boynton--not Walker--converts the three point play. BYU offensive foul gives Florida the ball back... and they turn it over.

BYU throws up an airball for 3. Florida ball.

Boynton hits a 3. They're down 57-61 with 6 min. left. BYU on the FT line... 1... 2. Emery hits both. 63-57. 


Florida hits another 3! 60-63. BYU answers, 66-60. Announcer just said "Holy Toledo"... come on.

5 to go
Florida ball. Boynton scores from 3! he has 23 pts. has improved to 4-8 fro 3. It's 66-63 with 4 to go. THIS GAME IS NOT OVER!

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Posted on: March 18, 2010 1:58 pm

Live Blogging Day 1 of The Tournament


Just caught Erik Murphey of Florida convert a 3 pt. play (and 1) Florida scores again. It's now 61-51. And 1 opportunity for Florida, looked like Walker. Under 8 Time out.

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Posted on: March 18, 2010 1:54 pm

Live Blogging Day 1 of The Tournament


"submission error" ruined my last update. But, I can easily sum it up, "Florida TO leads to BYU points, again and again."

That's not quite it. Vernon Macklin continues to impress converting an -and 1- he's up 9 pts on the day. He's only missed one shot.


BYU still up, 51-46. Florida misses a 3--GET INSIDE! BYU hits a 3. 54-46... this is not going well. 11 minutes to go.

Tyus and Murphey both miss shots, but get each other's misses. Foul on BYU, Florida will inbound. Bad 3 miss again by Boynton. ugh! This is starting to get tough to watch. BYU's star, Fredotte? now has 20, BYU up 56-46. Walker drives in dishes out to Boynton, another miss from 3... another missed 3. BYU hits a 3 on the other end. 59-46, a 10-0 run for BYU. GAME OVER! DAH!

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Posted on: March 18, 2010 1:39 pm

Live Blogging Day 1 of The Tournament


Gators have 4 turnovers in the first four minutes of this half! It's now 43-40. If Florida can stop giving up the ball they will win this game. BYU isn't doing anything to improve their lead, despite Florida's inability to get a shot off. 16 min. to go in that game.

I see that ND-OD is on CBS now. OD has taken the lead 31-30! Wow,m they must have gone on one heck of a run. This is where another member would be helpful to fill me in on what's been going on in that game... anyone care to share their thoughts??

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Posted on: March 18, 2010 1:33 pm

Live Blogging Day 1 of The Tournament


BYU started the half off with a score, but Parsons drove to the hoop to answer I like them immediately going to hoop. Walker (i think) just threw the ball out of bounce after penetrating in. I like the idea... he just did it again... COME ON! 37-35 still. Walker just hit a three, had to run around the arc with the ball to get open though, to make the score 38-41, BYU. Another Florida turnover, its now 43-28. NOT GOOD for Florida.

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