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Karma's A B!$@# !!!

Posted on: February 19, 2008 8:25 am

I'm not unreasonable. I know how things work in the real world. All college programs have some skeleton's  their closet...smewhere. Whether it's flat out rule breaking, or a bad kid, it happens. That's life.

But now, after ALLLLLLLLL the crap OSU football and it's fans have gotten, the pendulum has swung the other way.

Say goodbye to your starting QB, LSU. CBSSportsline reports

"LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux was suspended indefinitely for an unspecified violation of team rules, leaving his status unclear for the start of spring practice Feb. 29. "

While he could be back by the first game of the year, whenever you here "indefinitely", it's never good.

I write this today to remind ALLLLLLLL the LSU fans that were ripping us OSU fans and making the jokes that we can't win the big game, and shouldn't be there, that tomorrow, it can be your team under the bus. I'm not perfect. Believe me, I'm enjoying Michigan's lack of victories over the "Sweater" more than anyone, but see this as Karma for the "Skunk Bears" after their arrogance during the Cooper years (I can't believe I actually typed his name!). I lived through too many 7-11 jokes to count, and you Michigan fans know EXACTLY what that means.

It's unfortunate for any program to have to go through this. I even feel for the kids playing basketball at Indiana. They are the losers in that situation. The AD and anyone else who hired the coach there should have known better than to hire a guy who had ALREADY had recruiting violations.

Bottom line, time to eat some crow, LSU. Maybe next time you guys will be a little more gracious in your wins.

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Posted on: February 28, 2008 11:46 am

Karma's A B!$@# !!!

Basic, I could not agree more.  LSU lucked out in getting the "BCS" National Championship, which i think should be titled, the Bull$hit Championship series.  Its all about who has the most money gets to play in it, no matter how many losses they have.  I hate LSU, and I was LMFAO when I saw that Perrilloux was suspended.  Mr. Cool himself.  He's had trouble with the law before.  I guess some people really are that dumb that they think cause they're a big-time athlete, they can get away with anything they want.  Well not anymore.


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